Clowns, Firefighters, and two new Creator’s Blog posts!


Codiens costume prediction comes true with the new arrival of a clown and fireman costume in the Poptropica Store.
The creators share with us their whiteboard filled with ideas, creations and mystery.
And a fun new game is released called ‘Pathwise‘ where you build a path!


Looks like Codien was right! There is a new Clown costume and Firefighter outfit in the store! However, I must say I liked Codien’s better. The one in the store freaks me out. A post from Vlad the Viking has a picture on it, which is good, because I’m not a picture wizard.

Image URL:

I can’t stand looking at the clown! Gahh!!! He looks like a kid version of the Joker to me! The Firefighter costume’s special action is shooting the fire extinguisher stuff, while the Clown’s is shooting water through a flower. How pleasant.

And, this is the first time I remember this happening, another post on the Creator’s Blog on the same day. I guess they’ve been trying to catch up with days they didn’t post.

Image URL:

Somehow I zoomed in on it, and it turns out some of the names of people that work there are:




I don’t know what they’re planning there, maybe a new Island?

And, Pathwise is out. Thanks to Shekoth00 for informing us that Tacohead informed us about Pathwise (does that make sense?). I took a couple of pictures to show you guys.


And, a picture I took with another picture with an account of mine just to show you guys how it works.

A leisurely game of Pathwise with another account of mine.
A leisurely game of Pathwise with another account of mine.

The point of the game is to get to the other side you are on before the opponent. So if you started on the right of the screen, you would try to go across the bridge to the water again. If you started on the left of the screen, you try to go across the bridge to land again. I’ve played a couple of games and it’s fun for me. Though I doubt that it’ll replace my like for Soupwords.

The one on the right is Lone Coyote. To avoid being bombarded with questions about where I got the Monster items, a very good and generous friend gave the account to me. The one on the left is Golden Eagle.

92 thoughts on “Clowns, Firefighters, and two new Creator’s Blog posts!”

  1. Clown is feaky, scares me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ clowns in poptropica, whats next, rubber chickens? walking dolls? poptroicans with hockey masks and gladiator swords? claws? ( gotta love movie references :P) maybe even a , wait fo it, COW COSTUME! MONKEY! WHALE! th cow would maybe moo or squiart milk, monkey, use the bananna like a gun srt of, and the whale would blow water out of its blow hole, i you like these ideas, plz tell me, thank you, that is all, please stay tuned after the moo, moo.

    Golden Eagle: Clowns scare me too. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Cow outfit sounds cool, too. Would the special action be squirting milk everywhere? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. one of the things on the board say Notre Dome, could this be a easter egg o thefench island O.o, maybe, maybe not, tell me if you think so too

    Golden Eagle: Could be so. It’d be awesome if that was French Island. It would be cool to know it’s not scrapped.

  3. Okay, ummm, I like Codiens Clown better than the real one, perhaps it’s because The real one looks scary!

  4. alo says x,y ax,ay, ah math in summer ๐Ÿ˜ฆ so much math on the board, maybe MATH ISLAND! i would get a F – for sure ๐Ÿ˜› lol Binary Bard on a deserted island, WAIT, DESERED ISLAND! RTV ISLAND IS ON A DESERED ISLAND! ANOTHER EASTER EGG? WOW THIS IS THE BEST POST THEY EVER POSTED!

  5. the clown outfit looks nothing like the picture codien found. but still he was right that it was a clown! awsome!

  6. So on the board, i think they were planning Pathwise if u notice the hexagons near the middle! And Jordan is probably Jordan Leary! I wonder who Chris and Justin are…

    BTW, Congrats on your second post!(excluding ur intro post)

  7. In the drawing, Binary Bard is saying “Why me!” on a lttle island and it says “Save 05/22” and under it “06/06.” Is that a date?

  8. Pathwise looks like a combination of two games: Chinese Checkers and Othello (I think that’s how you write it). I also like the Codiens Clown costume more than the real one. And for that “Board at Work” post, it looks like the blueprints for the Pathwise game. It looks like Binary Bard lost. Also, what does the binary code translate into?

      1. man it’s like the creators secret mesagess and and on the top left part it has like math problems there and on the very top right it has a phase welcone 5

      1. my french teacher said said that notre dame was a building in paris so it might be part of the french island

      2. I also noticed that there is River near the word Notre Dame, which probably means the Seine River! There is also the word Phoebus. I wonder what that is…

  9. I GOT IT!!! I GOT IT!! See what’s written on the whiteboard? NOTRE DAME! They’re making the French themed island!

    1. BB’s on a desert island too…WOOOOOOOT!!! THEY’RE MAKING RTV ISLAND FOR SURE!!!!!!:d:d:):):mrgreen::mrgreen:

      1. Yeah, um, you see, i already said that, ๐Ÿ˜ก people, please read the comments before writtingsomething, this has happened to me too times today already :(, read commens 8, and 5 please smart berry

    1. I dont get y evryone is afraid of clowns! They arent scary or anything! And this clown doesnt look scary so i believe that ur sis says the clown is cute though i dont personally think its cute .

  10. New ad Game, Wizards of waverly place, you have to get the stone of dreams, rewards are a spell book, witch randomizes the poptropican (lol), dont wotrry, it changes back, and a wand you can hold ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Guys, dont post new stuff that happened in Poptropica here! Its considered off topic here! When the staff posts it, that is the time 2 talk about it! And if you want to get credit for posting it 1st post it on the PHF. ST said that when i made the same mistake so dont do it. Just alerting ya! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I meant ST as in Scary Tomato. but thats funny your names have the same two letters! ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. Hm.. Well what I was thinking was that when Binary Bard was on that ‘island’ I noticed that he was on grass surrounded by water. In pathfinder, its water vs grass (in a sense) and the point is to get across; but Binary Bard is stuck since he can’t go anywhere… So I was thinking it like that… Like he was playing Pathfinder and he lost.. or something like that… It’s probably not it but…
    And there’s an ad building for Wizard’s of Waverly Place for the movie. But Race to Witch Mountain is still there on some islands.

    1. ACK! I’m sorry… I deserve to spontaneously combust until I’m only atoms… and yeah; I don’t have a great memory.. blearg..

  12. the clown outfit is creepy and this is cool stuff the game and the outfits. And I’m glad the games out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. hi people. im new here.anyway, i like this post.”a kid version of the Joker”. nice one Golden eagle

    1. Cheerful Claw?!
      Oh, man, you haven’t been commenting much. I was begining to get worried…
      I know right? Clowns have always given me nightmares.

      1. how are clowns scary??? Theyre just regular people with makeup a big nose and a wig. there not all that funny but there not scary!

    1. there are a bunch of things that say evil clown there but clows arent evil! there supposed to be funny little people at the circus.

  14. It looks like a new island to me. If you look closely, you will see the words ‘Notre Dame’ and ‘River’. Notre Dame is in Paris, and there is also a famous river in Paris (the Seine). Could it be a French island?

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