Summer ‘011

It’s that time again, folks! That’s right! I’m pretty sure a LOT of you know what I’m talking about…barbecues, free time, fun, fun, and more fun…No, I am not talking about nomming Captain Crawfish! But pretty close to it in terms of funness! 🙂

CC: Something about nomming me?! I thought I was safe here! *hides back into ship.*

Elmopwns: I’ll get you eventually, you crawfish! *prepares hot water*. So far your record for being alive is…two posts.

CC: *pops out of ship* It was longer than that! Way longer!

Elmopwns: I’ve got you now!

CC: Eek! *jumps out of ship and into water, begins to swim away*

Well, looks like our little “guest for supper” got away…for now ;). He either drowns in the ocean, gets caught by one of the authors, or he meets a race of cannibals that either make him their slave or noms him alive…ouch. In the meantime, there’s a new update on the creators blog! I mentioned the feature of this update (costume) some days ago, but of course, it wasn’t too official. Take a look at this new post, guys. This was taken straight from the PCB (Poptropica Creators’ Blog):

Bounce into summer!

Check out what’s new in the Poptropica Store!
The stylish Beach Ball costume is the perfect way to beat the heat this summer. Sure, it may not cut the most flattering silhouette, but when the temperature starts rising it’s all about function over form.
Speaking of this volleyball costume, summer is right around the corner! Some of you might be going back to relatives houses like me (back to China in three weeks where I plot world domination on a global scale…mehheheheheh), playing video games, hanging out with friends, watching TV, playing sports, going to camps, sleeping in until one, or waking up at one in the morning. So this new costume certainly will let you “bounce into summer”. Get the pun? Get it? Volleyball, bounce, Summer? Heheheh :).
The volleyball costume is pretty much a ball that goes around your body with colors in stripes of white, green, blue, and yellow. Head down to the Poptropica Store to recieve your own copy of this Summer costume. Well, just a heads up, players. This costume might seem fat based on the way you view it ;). But if you think this costume is for you, go straight down to the store and purchase it! Giant volleyball FTW!!!
CC: *washes up on foreign beach* Yes! I’m safe! I’M FINALLY SAFE!
Strange Hunter with spear: Would you like to join me for dinner?
CC: Sure! I’m starving! What do you have for dinner?
Hunter: *shows CC menu*
CC: Yummmm! What’s this say? Lobster surprise? What’s that supposed to be? What are you doing with that hot water? I don’t like the fact that that thing’s pretty close to me 0_0. What the…get that thing away from me!
I called it, got nommed by cannibals :)!
Ep out!

The Long-awaited Halloween Costume Contest Results! …plus an ad.

This is it.  Hopefully, the moment you’ve all been waiting for is here!  Judges Deathstalker/Seph (the MYSTERY judge) and I carefully went through all 114 entries — yes, you read that right; 114 entries 😛 — and narrowed down the costumes until we had come to an agreement on 4 runner-ups and 1 overall winner.  Of course, it’s very hard to select only 5 costumes when there are so many entries for pick.  Especially since we were inundated with contending costumes! I’d like to start off with a round of applause for all of the costumes. *applause* This is sort of a clichĂ©, but you all deserve a pat on the back for a job well done! Everybody pat their back. I SAID TO PAT YOUR BACK! Good. Now, for the runner-ups… Continue reading

The Halloween Festivities Are Already Beginning?

Note: By the way, don’t forget to check out 2 very interesting, Halloween-related posts! One by Hijuyo about the many peculiar happenings in the world of Poptropica… and another by Golden Eagle about the many things that the creators are doing for the Halloween celebration! I COMMANDETH YOU TO GO FORTH AND READETH THE ARTICLES!

Note 2: GE asked me to say that she won’t be here mostly for 3 1/2 months due to her need to study for the SATs. 😩 (She is not leaving the PHB or the PHF permanently.) Of course, everybody is sad, but I hope everybody wishes her luck! She deserves it. Everybody here will miss you, GE! Have fun! ;D

Note 3: Added a new rule that might concern a few.


Note 5: Oh my, I promise this is the last time I ever update this post. x) Maybe. Anyway, check out the newly released October issue of the Poptropican’s 911! The scariest month of the year is here, and you should get in the know about what’s happening and what happened!

Note 6: The contest has ended. No further submissions will be accepted. Comments are now closed. No exceptions. I hope all of you enjoyed entering the contest; judging will start. Results will hopefully surface around the weekend time. Thanks for all of the entries, too! I roughly counted a whopping 114 costumes entered. Thanks again.

The surprise (that I may have divulged to some of you) is here! I’ve been working on the railroad PHB for almost a year now; my anniversary is in 4 days actually. 🙂 The ride has been fun the whole time, and I knew I couldn’t bask in the happiness alone. My only intent to work for the PHB has always been to become the most popular Poptropican in the world please the viewers and readers as much as possible. That is why the PHB is having the first EVERContinue reading

A Quick Update

Hey guys just wanted to keep you up to date with everything.

First off due to the huge amounts of people wanting to play Astro-Knights island Poptropica is experiencing a high amounts of traffic. The creators are working on the problem and say it will be back online in less then 24 hours. While this is disappointing we’re happy because it gives us time to write the guide. 😛


Secondly the winners to the PHB 1 million Monster Competition will be announced later this week and their special monster outfits will be sent to them. Although i myself must say this quickly, unfortunately i accidental lost 7 of the monster outfits and will only be able to give out 13 of them. I am very sorry but i guess it makes the costumes more rare. There’s always a positive to a negative. 😛


If you haven’t seen yet we have released our first issue of Poptropican’s 911 post. It’s filled with loads of cool stuff so check it out. You can access it from the post below or from the top bar.

The PHB Team

The PHB 1 Million Monster Competition!

The Monster Competition

ONE MILLION hits! What a milestone! And with such a milestone needs to be something great, something amazing, something nobody has seen since the beginning of Poptropica’s creation. So together the PHB Team managed to find you guys, the readers, something that would truly daze you. Are you ready?

Credits to Codien for tracking down the guy with them.
Credits to the guy that gave me the 4 different outfits. I’m sorry – I can’t remember your name. Is it Bwobby Dobby?

So, what are these outfits? To keep it simple and straight:

The PHB is giving away 20 special Monster Outfits.

All you have to do is send your name to this address:

Hahahaha! Guess who stole the competition email!
Those monsters belong to me!


That’s right all you have to do is send your name to our super-special competition e-mail address to win a genuine, ultimately, extremely rare MONSTER OUTFIT!

This contest ends once all 20 monsters have been given away! Winners will be announced and pictures of the monsters will be displayed as soon as this is all over.

Follow the Agent?

Good Luck!