Vampire’s Curse Island Guide


For centuries, a truce has existed between the people of a remote mountain village and the vampire who lives in the castle high above. Now, that truce is shattered, and Count Bram has captured a young villager. Can you rescue her from his evil clutches — and avoid being struck by the vampire’s curse?

For walkthroughs on Vampire’s Curse Island, scroll down.


Released: March 1, 2012 (for members)
or March 22, 2012 (for all)
Common Room: the barn (unnamed)
Preceded by: S.O.S. Island
Succeeded by: Twisted Thicket Island

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Island Extras

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page!

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written by Super Thunder & Brave Tomato
Special thanks to Slanted Fish & Poptropica Buddies

Welcome to Vampire’s Curse Island. First thing you’ll see is a woman crying. Talk to her and she’ll say she’s crying over her daughter (Katya) who is missing, along with her boyfriend (Christopher). Rumor is, they’ve been taken to Bram’s castle.


And you might notice if you have volume on, you’ll HEAR the thunder and rain pattering on the streets. Grand. Umbrella anyone? Oh, and if you talk to people, you’ll see the town is obsessing over vampires ever since the disappearance. Especially the teenagers.

Go to the right past the old lady. You’ll see a teenage boy sitting down. Talk to him. That’s Christopher. He says that Katya has been taken by Count Bram and to the castle. You ask him if he’s going back for her and he responds with THIS.


Um… hello? Aren’t you supposed to be the loyal boyfriend, Chris? Oh well, we’re on our own. For this next part, you can refer to this handy map regarding where to go – or see below for step-by-step instructions.


Go up a little bit and you’ll see from behind you… a WOLF.


Wolfy doesn’t like you. The first thing he does is dash and attack you. Don’t stay still. Run! Run towards the tree and click on the hole in it.


Click on the branch right when Wolfy runs towards you. He’ll be knocked over. Traverse up  and to the left. When you land on the branch, Wolfy is back, and he BREAKS the branch from underneath you. Oh, and you get a Log.

Go back up and to the left. Hang on to those vines. Go up and to the right. Quickly jump on the vine hanging over the gap and run right when Wolfy passes you from the right. When he attacks you and goes back to the bridge, click on the rope at the beginning of the bridge to send Wolfy plummeting bye-bye. Then, head to the next area on the right.


You’ll arrive at a graveyard, and the rain resumes. Go into the mausoleum with the green door, and you’ll see a coffin inside. Creepy. The Latin message translates to “Remember all the lovers.”

Grab the Teen Vampire Novel (red book) on the coffin and the Crowbar resting on the side.

vc mausoleum

Go outside and grab the pipe resting on the side of the building. Carry it over to the reddish-pink pump, and jump on it, pumping water out. Position yourself so the water goes to the little ditch there.


You should be able to swim to the other side now. Get to the other side, go up and enter through the hole. It’s an arched entrance without a door.


Now, it’s time to push some boulders around. The first boulder is right there for you to push over to the holes of spouting water to the right. Then, you’ll see another boulder stuck in some other rocks. Get that out of there using the Crowbar and push it to the right until it stays put in another hole. Go to the right and climb up the platforms. There’s the last boulder! Push it over. It’ll roll onto the last hole.

vc boulders

Go over to the remaining spout, which will now be spurting water at a much higher height, and you’ll be able to reach an open window. Enter through the shattered window.

You’ll enter into a dark room, only lit by ashes and a few pieces of coal. Click “Use” on the Log and Teen Vampire Novel. Jump on the pumper three times and the fire will be a nice size.

vc fire

Click on a purple candle and click on the fire. The candle will light, and you have a limited time before it goes out. If it goes out, light another candle.

Go over to the right and push the ladder over to the left bookshelf. Climb the ladder and jump on top of the bookcase. Jump to the left and land on the ledge on the wall, then hop up to the chandelier. Once you land, and as long as your candle hasn’t run out, the chandelier will automatically light.

vc chandelier

Repeat this with the other three chandeliers (there are a total of four chandeliers) by jumping onto them (you may need to jump on other things first to reach them). Tip: Instead of lighting your candle from the fireplace, wait until you get to the chandelier you last lit, then light it there and get to the next chandelier.

Get down from the last chandelier and use your Crowbar on the chained door. This will provide an easy exit for when you need to leave.

vc door

Go over to the left and pick up the Glass Eye on the floor that you couldn’t see before. It’s beside the suit of armor to the left of the fireplace.

vc glass eye

Go up the bookcase on the left using the ladder and use the glass eye on the tiger head missing the eye. The tiger mouth will open and reveal the Armory Key. Use the key on the door on the right to open the door to the armory.

vc eye of the tiger

When you enter, you’ll see a whole bunch of stuff… a pike, some armor, a training dummy, a crossbow… wait, a CROSSBOW? Gimme that! Well, get the Crossbow on the wall.


Go over to the cannon and click on one of the cannonballs. You’ll put it in the cannon. Go back to the hallway, get a candle and light it. Quickly return to the armory and go to the cannon. It’ll automatically light and shoot the cannonball. It’ll fling over facing the other direction. Repeat this two more times.

On the second firing, the cannonball will roll away into the hallway. Roll the cannonball in front of the fireplace to make it red-hot, then grab the poker stick and push it into the dumbwaiter.

The third cannonball will shoot straight into the ceiling. Another area will be revealed! Go up past the cannon and pick up the Bucket.

vc cannon

Exit the armory, leave the great hall, and you’ll be outside. Go over to the geyser of water and use the bucket to fill it with some water. Return to the armory and climb up to where you got the bucket.

Climb up to the top part of the plant there, then take out your crossbow and shoot an arrow at the left wall. Climb up your arrow to get to the floor above. You’ll see a sad-looking plant in need of light and water. Use the crowbar on the window to get the light in there. Next, use your bucket of water on it.

vc plant

All of a sudden, it becomes this big vine, and you can now exit through the window.


You’ll end up back outside. Follow the vine right up the stairs and into another window.

vc enter window

You’re in some sort of lab, and it’s filled with tomatoes! Sliced tomatoes. Diced tomatoes. Tomato juice. Whew. Pick up Count Bram’s Notebook on the table. Inside, it mentions some sort of formula to change vampires back into human form. Wow.

vc bram's notebook

Next, click on the tomato bat, and your head will transform into a tomato vampire bat! Don’t worry, this wears off after a while. But since you can fly, reach up and grab the Garlic on the top shelf.

vc garlic tomato bat

Exit through the door and enter through the door on the right. Go up, all the way to the top, and talk to the girl in the cage. It’s Katya! She’ll say that we need to cure Count Bram of his vampirism.


She’ll tell you to look in the library for a book called Root Causes. Leave the chamber and jump off the tower so that you end up outside the doors of the main entrance. Enter, and push the ladder over to the right bookshelf. Climb it and pick up the Root Causes Book. If you examine it, it’ll tell you that mandrake root grows in tall, dark places.

vc root causes

Go back outside, and go left, through the arch and back to the castle grounds (check your map if you’re not sure). Climb up the tree to your right and shoot arrows at the wall with your crossbow. Make a little ladder for yourself so you can jump to the platform just to the left to reach the Mandrake Root.

vc mandrake

Now return to Count Bram’s laboratory by climbing the giant vine back into the window leading to the lab. Once inside, go all the way to the right, and click on the little lever to pull up the dumbwaiter. When the cannonball comes up, it’ll roll out, and warm the wolfsbane sitting in the green jar marked by a skull and crossbones so you can now pick up the Wilted Wolfsbane.

vc wilted wolfsbane

Click on the microscope on Bram’s desk, and put this formula into one syringe:

  • 1 click of the Mandrake Root
  • 3 clicks of the Wilted Wolfsbane
  • 3 clicks of the Garlic Extract


Yay, you’ve made the Anti-Vampirism Serum!

Go back to the Count’s chamber, where poor Katya is still locked up. She’ll tell you to get her out of there, so you need to find the key. Get down and find the sparkly cane. Click on that, and use it to pull the key out. Hurry up, go let Katya out before vampires start showing up!

vc cage key

Too late, though. You’ve barely let Katya out when Count Bram shows up. And he tells his “Annabelle” not to leave him again. Whatever. You and Katya break the window and take off!


Count Bram will follow, so put on some garlic to protect you and Katya as you follow her up the tower! Once you’re at the top of the tower, Bram will turn into a bat. Why didn’t he turn into one from the start…? Anyway, shoot him with the serum in the syringe.


*dramatic pause*

vc bat bram

Count Bram turns human, then joins his wife Annabelle in the picture. Christopher shows up, and Katya is happy, and…

vc kiss

Yeah, um. They’re happy.

The point is, you’ll get your Island Medallion and credits to spend in the Store from the remains of Count Bram! Congratulations, you’ve completed Vampire’s Curse Island!

vc end

Bonus quest (members only)

Surprise surprise… Christopher is a vampire! Cactus von Garlic will show up, but not before Chris bites you and you turn into a bat. Woohoo.

Katya will knock Cactus out, because he wants to hunt you. Pretty much, now, you’ve got to make the serum for yourself. Find the garlic. It’s between the second and third chandelier, in a hole.


Go in there, and avoid the spiders. Stay up, and go left. Don’t come down until you get the garlic. Then go out the door, even though Garlic is still there. Go left and through the arch. Go to where you find the gutter, and go inside, to get the wilted wolfsbane.


Now go back into the place where Wolfy tried to kill you, and go in through the little wooden door. Go right, and you’ll find the mandrake root.


Go back to the lab, and you’ll be cured! Garlic will decide to help vampires, whatever, and done!

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂


These pictures are collected in your Poptropica photo album in the profile section. Click to enlarge.


  • Vampire’s Curse Island is Poptropica’s 25th island. The countdown started on February 28, 2012and released on March 1 for members with a demo for non-members. It was opened to all onMarch 22, 2012. The login screen had fangs hanging from the lowercase p’s in ‘Poptropica.’
  • The villain, Count Bram, is named after Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula.
  • The movie posters outside the cinema in Main Street may be a reference to the recent popularity of the Twilight series.
  • At the end of the quest, Katya and Christopher kiss – a Poptropica first. They’re standing a bit of a distance away from each other and leaning their tongues in together. It looks pretty awkward.
  • Common room: the barn (unnamed)
  • Garlic is used to combat vampires, and it is used to create the antidote in the quest.
  • In the graveyard, there are graves for Mr. Renfield, Quincy P. Morris, and Lucy Westenra – all characters who died from Bram Stoker’s Dracula.
  • The Latin text on the coffin in the Mausoleum says “meminervnt omnia amantes” and translates to “remember all the lovers”.
  • In the outdoor areas of this island, you may see the dark sky flash and rain pouring, accompanied by thunderclaps and the sound of rain falling.
  • Count Bram’s laboratory has a drawing of a Poptropican with four arms and legs in a style much like Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.
  • Poptropica Members can play a bonus quest after completing Vampire’s Curse Island. The vampire is gone, but his curse lives on. Prepare to discover even more hidden secrets of Bram’s castle — if a dangerous vampire hunter doesn’t get there first!
  • Members get an additional Vampire’s Curse Island gear pack, which includes Garlic Breath, Bat Gum, and Vampire Count and Countess Costumes. The Vampire Costumes were only available during Early Access.

it was a dark and stormy night…


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  1. slantedfish (hi.Juyo) says:

    A huge thanks to Brave Tomato and Super Thunder for writing the Vampire’s Curse Island walkthrough! 🙂

  2. Shaggy Tornado says:

    @butt: The eyeball is near the armory door.
    @Smart Lion: Use the crowbar to undo the boards, then use the bucket right outside the door for water.

  3. Karen Westcott says:

    Still not finding that glass eye. I’ve looked all around the armory door ant the suits of armor. I see fish eyes and eyes on books and stuff, but nothing I can pick up. Any help?

    Hijuyo: Try watching a video for Vampire’s Curse; it should show the exact location you should be in.

    • Karen says:

      Watched a walk through video. In my game the chandeliers don’t put out that much light. I’m thinking glitch. Thanks for the help.

      • Karen says:

        My 9 year old daughter figured it out. We weren’t lighting the fourth chandelier. Thanks agaih. We love your website.

  4. Hailie says:

    Some one help! I was doing the Vampire’s Curse and doing really good. Then I got stuck. I forgot to get the bar to open up the chains to the door before going into the mansion and now I can get out of the mansion or do anything!!! My whole Poptropica account is ruined! Please Help!

    • Shaggy Tornado says:

      @Hailie: You use the crowbar INSIDE the mansion to get the chains off. Or if that doesn’t work for you, you could restart the island.
      @Crazy Bean: It’s a dumbwaiter.

    • Eve Thegiraffe says:

      I don’t think you can do anything except restart the island. Just go to the map symbol and click restart island( bottom left corner). It will put you back at the beginning of that island.

  5. xxsamanthaxx says:

    You weren’t very descriptive when you told what to do most parts but it was okay and i finished the island!

  6. wild moon says:

    ahhhhhhhhhh i can’t find the book am i doing something wrong and if you can’t find the eye light the FOURTH chandelier!

  7. Rachel says:

    Where is the book? I put the ladder in front of the fire place, jumped to right bookshelf and it is not there!!! Help me please!

  8. Amanda Lyn Pritchard says:

    Okay, Someone please help me. I went on Vampires Curse, and everything was going great, but at the castle, I got a candle, and jumped on all four chandeliers, but nun of them would light up. Because of that, I can’t find the “Eye of the Tiger” 🙂 But anyway, I would greatly appreciate if somebody would help me resolve this problem. Thank you!

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Not only do you need to pick up a candlestick, but you need to light it as well. You can click on the fireplace to light it, or a chandelier will light it too once you’ve lit one. With your lit candlestick, jump on a chandelier to light it up. Also, Eye of the Tiger is a great song. 😀

  9. April says:

    Little problem here guys. Alright so I’m a tiny bit embarrassed but um, well I can’t seem to get off the island.
    You see, after receiving my medallion I exited the area and went left to where the wolves were. There I have no idea what to do because I go all the way to the left and I can’t leave!
    And don’t even skim what I’m saying and reply with “Well to leave the island just go back the way you came!” or “Just go up the rope on the blimp.”
    I mean, no duh, I know that but I’m seriously stuck in this area. The wolves aren’t there it’s just me. I’ve gone up and down but there’s no way I see to go left.
    I’ve tried looking on different websites to see if others have the same problem and I saw one user who was commenting and seemed to have the same problem as me. But people didn’t get what that person was saying.
    Please help.

    Hijuyo: Try using the PopTransport to teleport out of your stuck location.

  10. April says:

    Thank you! But actually I found out that you just had to go down and to the left at this one part where I was. It’s hard to explain but I just totally missed that area.
    Yeah, I’m not feeling too smart right now.

    • barney says says:

      thanks because i was stuck in this place for over a month
      and your explaining was better than other websites

      my name is: aytoon6

    • Slanted Fish says:

      You can still use it. After you prod the molten cannonball into the dumbwaiter (that’s the mini elevator), go back to Count Bram’s lab, and on the very right side, you can operate the dumbwaiter to retrieve the cannonball, which gives you the wilted wolfsbane.

  11. PurpleMonkey says:

    Hey ! The Root Causes book is not on the book shelf ! what should i do? I checked my items but it’s not there either !

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Make sure you have spoken to Katya first (choose all the speech bubbles). Also, make sure you’re looking at the right bookshelf (the one on the right). A green book titled “Root Causes” should be there.

      • Magic Sword says:

        I only clicked the third bubble, mostly because I don’t really care what else they say. The book still was on the shelf, so you only need to click the third speech bubble, I guess anyway,

  12. wolfbrotheryeahh says:

    I can’t find the mandrake root. I’ve got the picture of it in Root Causes, but I can’t find it. Any help?

    • Slanted Fish says:

      You will need to exit the castle area (on your map, you should be at the place marked Castle Grounds). To the right is a tree, which is pictured in this guide. Shoot arrows to help you climb up to find the mandrake root!

    • weird frog says:

      where did YOU find the mandrake plant??????? I don’t know where to go !!!!!!!!!!

      Slanted Fish: If the written walkthrough isn’t helping, try watching a YouTube video walkthrough for a visual guide.

  13. Fierce Hero says:

    So . . . at the beginning when the wolf chases you and you hide in the hole in the tree . . . Once you get out, how the heck do you get back up left?!?!?!?!? Can’t jump that high . . .

  14. Dogs are sooo cute! (expecially mine) says:

    Eeeerrr, I can’t exacly seem to jump up to get to the chandeliars, THEY R A BIT TO HIGH UP FOR ME 2 REACH!!!!! Yes, I am really annoyed because it means that I can’t finish this island!!!!!

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Which part are you referring to? You’ll need to check with the guide (above). To light the chandeliers, grab a pink candle stick and light it with the fire, then jump on the chandeliers (4 in total).

  15. quick lightning says:

    i cant light up the cannon with the lighted candle
    i already has light up the candle and rush 2 the cnnon
    but it still not working

  16. Nice Bean says:

    My crowbar is broken. It’s in my inventory, but it’s just a loading sign, and I can’t click “use”. I reloaded twice, logged out and back in, etc., and it doesn’t show up. Help!

    Slanted Fish: This is a glitch that you’ll have to hope gets fixed, or you can restart the island and hope it works that time.

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Go back the way you came, and eventually you should be back on Main Street where you started (and where the blimp is waiting). Check your Map to see where you are. Or, use the PopTransport tool to teleport to another island.

  17. Meep Meep! says:

    Hello and i found out an easier way to teleport. Just click on home (the little house on the top of your screen) and then you see the little screens showing new stuff? Then click on one that shows a new map and then when you appear go straight back to your blimp. It is a bit more complicated then the teleporter but I use it all the time cause i am to lazy to go back manually. Hope this helped! Great walkthrough by the way.

  18. loud thunder says:

    slanted fish!!! i need some advice. whenever i try to do the formula on the vampire cells, it always says i need to adjust the formula! help!!!!!
    loud thunder

      • loud thunder says:

        thanks slanted fish! this helped a lot. one other thing: i have tried your advice and this is the right formula, but how come every time i apply the different ingredients, the effect always goes away? please help! that means when this happens, the formula doesn’t take any effect, and im stuck. what now?

      • Slanted Fish says:

        If it is the right formula, you should have the serum you need to defeat Count Bram. You don’t need to apply it on yourself. Also, this is different from the tomato bat effect, if that’s what you’re doing. Now you’ll need to go back to Katya, get the key, and let her out. Read the guide and follow the steps there.

    • mad oh wait i got a new account says:

      stanted fish i have gotten the same problem and fixed it. what she means itshe kept clicking that but not mix it together but but it on the vampire cell that why it didnt should edit it because that is a confusing part

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    dear slanted fish-
    i friended you on my poptropica! we are friends. i love your poptropica character. she’s really pretty. anyway, call me or meet me in a multiverse room sometime. it is about 8:25 here. i am making a multiverse room now. want to join? the number is DBW14. hope to see u there!

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Leaving a comment for me to join a Multiverse room isn’t the best idea, because I may not be online. Rooms close if there is no one inside, and you probably would need to leave eventually. However, if you see me or someone else on the PHC (the PHB chat), you can both meet up in a Multiverse.

  20. White Eagle says:

    Thanks for the help even though i was late doing the island but it was very useful and the part when you hit the vampire was epic you get to fall XD

  21. biebergirla says:

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    • Slanted Fish says:

      If you are referring to the part where you drag the pipe to the tap to pump water out so that the water rises, the rising of the water allows you to swim over to the other side. Get to the other side and you’ll find an arched open entrance. There’s no door, but this is the “hole” you should get to. If you’re still confused, try watching this video (here) from our Vampire’s Curse playlist.

  22. says:

    but where is the mandrake root

    Slanted Fish: Read the part about what to do after getting the book ‘Root Causes.’ The steps are described there.

  23. anna says:

    i think my game is gliched, at the very end of the island (after defeting brom and stuff) i was trying to talk to kayata and it let me friend her (like in a common room) and then it wouldn’t give me the madalion. Please Help!!

  24. Hamza Ali says:

    this is an AWESOME guide 😀 i just need abit help though..the crowbar just vanishes as soon as the enter in that hole :/ please help asap.

    • Slanted Fish says:

      You just need to use the Crowbar (from your inventory) to get the boulder out of the “hole” (where it’s stuck in some other rocks). After you pull it out, the crowbar disappears and you should be able to roll that boulder to another hole.

      • F says:

        Help me please!! The sparkly cane is not by the door/grate thing!! is there another way to get the key? Please help!!

      • Slanted Fish says:

        The sparkly cane should be where the picture in the guide shows it is, and you’ll need it to get the key. It should be somewhere near that area, at least.

  25. Sophie says:

    Can not find the thing by the armor PLZ HELP TRYING TO FINSH ALL THE ISLAND!!!

    Slanted Fish: Are you looking for the eyeball? It should be near the door of the armory.

  26. Frezzie says:

    Thanks for the great guide! These have helped me allot!

    I feel kinda bad for the vampire. He only missed his wife. At least he turns human!
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      To get up to the chandelier you have to bounce to it from the chair/couch on the left side of the room witch you get to by jumping on the coffin. Hope this helped

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    I can’t get off the island either! I’ve tried EVERYTHING and that stupid poptransport thing doesn’t have anything for Vampire’s Curse.. Ugggggghhhhh. I think I know WHERE I’m supposed to exit after climbing all the vines, the little cave thingy right? But it won’t let me through!! Glitch, maybe? I don’t wanna be stuck here forever! It’s dark and rainy and depressing!!! Please help!

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      if you didn’t get the werewolf the first time (by hitting him with the branch), you have to exit and re-enter the area. hope this helps you.

  30. awesomeguy112 says:

    hello, super thunder & brave tomato, I just wanted to say that with this walkthrough, this island was probably easier than shark tooth. that’s how helpful it was. thank you for doing this walkthrough and spending your time doing a wonderful thing for the community.


  31. dman32397 says:

    Poptropica glitches on my computer and I can see “beyond” the screen and I passed the Smurfs 2 campaign and I saw a poptropican wearing glasses and a skull t-shirt. Is this normal?

    Slanted Fish: No, but make sure you set your web browser’s zoom at 100% to view the screen normally.

  32. weird frog says:


    Slanted Fish: Look for the tree pictured in the guide and follow the instructions on how to get the mandrake root.

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    Thank-you your info really helped,
    I never would have finished Ghost story island or Vampire curse island.
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  35. Hetalia says:

    hey fishy, can you tell me how to costumize a island poptropican?

    Slanted Fish: Click the green shirt button in the top right corner and then select the character you want to customize from. 🙂

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    I was following the walkthrough but then i couldn’t light the candles! What can I do? I need help! Please!

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    • BeckyBuster says:

      You jump from the left hand side chandiler (what is easy to get to) to the big one, to the other one, to the last one and you need to land on the chandaleir and it will automaniclly light . Then the eye is on the right hand side of the armour on the left hand side! I hope I helped 😀

    • BeckyBuster says:

      Um, well I couldn’t find it and I kept wandering around the castle untill one time I went to library after about 4-6 time of trying and then suddenly it was there 😛 idk 😛 🙂 😀

  38. sophie says:

    so i get to the part where they jump threw the window and the vampire comes out and it said i have fallen! help what do i do?

  39. Lara says:

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    Slanted Fish: Depending on where you are, find the exit if you’re inside a room, and keep going left back to Main Street.

    • person says:

      i had trouble with that too, turns out you exit the ARMORY then exit the library THEN fill your bucket with fresh water for you’re Planty.

  40. silverbones says:

    hey ….I didnt get a log after I knocked out the wolf …… I also am unable to go to the right to the next thing after cuz once I climb the vine it wont let me go on the bridge above to do that

  41. rhianna says:

    I know its been a while but if any one still looks at this can you help me? I cant find the glass eye. So I went to the exit door to unchain it then I went to BOTH armors multiple times and didnt find the eye. If anybody reads this can you please tell me exactly where it is. thanks.

  42. Trusty Singer says:

    Well help me ! Im stuck on the escaping from Count Bram part! When he starts to talk and im on the platform i dont do anything and then screen goes black and says YOU HAVE FALLEN! Help me because i dont click or move anything im stuck on it!!!

  43. pengy18120 says:

    your guides are funny and interesting brave tomato i love em i never ever had any problem finishing islands. 🙂 😉

  44. Camillexx_.1 says:

    the vines are so hard i kept getting mad and yelling like its not even funny its hard I’m on the last vine and i trying to jump on the ledge and it makes me fall and i start pounding and yelling 0_0

  45. GigiB28 says:

    I got to the keys but the sparkly cane is not where it should be. Plz help me. P.S. I think I might have an obsession with my cross bow on here I sat on here for five minutes just trying to shoo Katya with an arrow. That’s when I realized it wasn’t working.

  46. Peyton Turner says:

    Hi. I need some help with the island. When I get on the bookcase, and when I try to jump, it won’t let me get to the block, to get up to the chandelier. What’s going on?

  47. Young Runner says:

    Hello, I’m having trouble with completing the “vampire’s Curse Island” mission. I did exactly as guided, talking to Katya, clicking on the second chat bubble (despite a player in one of the comments, claiming that they hadn’t, and clicking on the third chat bubble), and returning to the main room with the fireplace and tiger mantles. Even if so, the book, “Root Causes”, were not found.

    Because I couldn’t find anything at the top f the book shelf (Also, another player commented that the book was not needed, as long you knew the ingredients to make the serum), I skipped that instruction and went looking for the mandrake root. I found it outside of the arch, grabbed it, and checked if it were in my bag. It were, however, after returning to the castle, the item disappeared. Could Poptropica be having technical difficulties?

    I solemnly swear that I’ve read the guide very carefully; I went back and re-read guide, restarted the island, watched other tutorial videos on completing the mission, and with no prevail, am still unable to move on. I’ve also tried completing other islands as well, such as counterfeit island, however, I’m also unable to move on at some point in the middle of the mission.

    • slantedfish says:

      Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. 😦 The Root Causes book should be on the right bookshelf (check both bookcases to be sure). Also, try grabbing the mandrake root again, and even if it disappears from your inventory, see if it’s there when you look under Bram’s microscope when you try to make the anti-vampirism serum. Be sure to also get the garlic and wilted wolfsbane so you can make the serum. 🙂

    • Custard says:

      Lazy whale, i feel you pain, but in between the 3 and fourth chandelier there is a ledge platform thing and then jump on it then jump on the fourth chandelier, it is a lot easier

    • slantedfish says:

      Also, don’t light your candle at the fireplace. Instead, grab an unlit candle and wait until you get to the third chandelier, then light it there and quickly hop over to the ledge platform that will help you reach the fourth chandelier.

    • slantedfish says:

      If you’re referring to the window in the castle entrance where the boulders are, you need to push the three boulders so they cover all but one geyser of spouting water. The last spout will then be tall enough to bring you up to the window.

    • slantedfish says:

      It’s inside the green jar in Bram’s laboratory. To warm the wolfsbane so it’s wilted, you need to bring the hot cannonball up through the dumbwaiter (see guide).

  48. tperk says:

    well I have gotton thru the first part but the glass eyeball is no where to be seen, is it beacuse when I entered the room I opened the door already?

  49. Olivia says:

    Hi guys! So i got to the cannonball and dumbwaiter part, but earlier I accidentally pulled the lever and so now its shut 😦 what do I do??

    slantedfish: Try going back and pulling the lever again!

  50. IMAGINATION says:

    hihihihi this island so old like my grandma im 2 and i love poptropica ive been playing this game ever since b4 i was born so cool coool hehehehehe! 🙂

  51. Jenna says:

    I’ve completed the island. Yay! …but I can’t find my balloon. Where is it???

    slantedfish: It’s back on Main Street – you’ll have to go back the way you came. 😉

  52. lloydrules says:

    so here I was going through a hole when I was transported to a place with orange buildings please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Luna says:

    If no one noticed all the ingredients are from Harry Potter.

    If someone has already pointed this out sorry I haven’t read all the comments so yea…….

    • White Ice says:

      That’s because they are ingredients from real life. JK Rowling fit them into the Harry Potter books, she didn’t invent them. Maybe because they have special qualities or peculiar names. Idk.

  54. avanrie45 says:

    Hey! I am at the HOT cannon ball and wolfsbane part. When I pull the lever in the lab (Next to the COLD wolfsbane) She says “No point in raising the dumbwaiter with nothing in it.”

    Yes, I did rolled the cannon ball to the fire place.
    And yes, I pulled the lever in the library too!

    I have restarted the island 2 times already and I STILL have the same problem!!!
    Help Please! Thanks!!!

  55. Cheerful Bird says:

    So, I try and put the cannonball into the dumbwaiter but I just say “It must move up from somewhere else.” Where am I supposed to “move up” the dumbwaiter?

    • Slanted Fish says:

      I’m not sure which part this is, but go over every step before the part you’re on in the guide to make sure you’ve done everything you need to. Also, refer to the video guide above to check how it’s done.

  56. Zippy Lion says:

    The mandrake root is a reference to Harry Potter. Saying there is a plant called a mandrake first introduced in the chamber of secrets, it is used to make one of the potoins to save a victim from petrification. Wolfs bane is also a potion in Harry Potter used to ease symptoms of being a werewolf. It also uses the Wolfs bane flower. THAT was a lot of triva!! It pays being a potterhead. Also… could I help make these guides? Sorry if not, just wondering. LOL That took a while to type!! Sorry to annoy you.

  57. golden paw says:

    hello , there is a problem with by account for it you must friend me my username is pearly475 . now as you friend me you find that i have completed 10 islands in that medlition shelf kinda thing you see that i have completed vampire’s curse island twice but i never completed it .but when you look for other thing in the slide show you find no medilition of the island. same problem MIGHTY HEART. please let me now the problem .thank you.

  58. Tall Lizard says:

    so, i’m trying to beat all islands on poptropica when i notice that vampires curse progress was almost to the end but not quite. i played the bonus quest. didn’t change. i even restarted the island and played it and the bonus quest and i know 100 percent that i completed it. it still says it’s almost complete but not to the end. its really annoying and i was wondering if you have any idea why this has happened and how to fix it. thanks so much! (your walkthroughs really help btw)
    – Tall Lizard

  59. Quick Sky says:

    Hey so umm… I tried to poke the cannonball into the dumbwaiter, do like have to click it or something? Because whenever I roll it right in front of the dumbwaiter it doesn’t do anything, when I click it my Poptropican just says “It’s too hot to touch!” Like, how EXACTLY do you put it in there?
    Thanks always! 🙂

  60. White Comet says:

    that slagging wolf came back to frag me over 2 times after I knocked it out with the branch, I know it’s part of the game and the wolfy was oddly adorable, but it was still a pain. who could mad at such a cutie though?

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