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The Long-awaited Halloween Costume Contest Results! …plus an ad.

This is it.  Hopefully, the moment you’ve all been waiting for is here!  Judges Deathstalker/Seph (the MYSTERY judge) and I carefully went through all 114 entries — yes, you read that right; 114 entries 😛 — and narrowed down the costumes until we had come to an agreement on 4 runner-ups and 1 overall winner.  Of course, it’s very hard to select only 5 costumes when there are so many entries for pick.  Especially since we were inundated with contending costumes! I’d like to start off with a round of applause for all of the costumes. *applause* This is sort of a cliché, but you all deserve a pat on the back for a job well done! Everybody pat their back. I SAID TO PAT YOUR BACK! Good. Now, for the runner-ups…

Before I go ahead and divulge the winners, I would like to notify you that we judged the runner-ups by different categories.  Basically, we decided each runner-up by “Most Ugly/Creepy”, “Most Scary”, “Best Impersonation”, and “Most Funniest”.  I apologize for this not being said in the rules, but Seph and I had to figure out a base for judging that was fair to every costume.  In future costume contests, that will definitely be specified. Now… drumroll please! I SAID DRUMROLL! *drumroll* Good.

Winning 500 credits in the very first PHB Halloween Costume Contest for MOST UGLY/CREEPY (in a good way xD) is…

QUAMBO (Invisible Tornado)! Magnificent!

The costume that really scared our collective PANTS OFF (that will also be getting 500 credits) IS…

BRAVE FLAME (Angry Icicle)! Nightmarish!

Creativity and craft were definitely favored in this competition. The “best impersonation” costume worth 500 CREDITS IS…

JUST.A.FUZZY.PEACH (Dangerous Rock)! Elvis would be proud. 😛

This costume gave me quite a hearty chuckle at best! xD Facetiousness can always be found in the awesomest of Halloween costumes. This one is no exception. The lucky 500-credit winner is…


The overall winner was decided by how much effort we think was put in the costume, the scariness, and the combined creativeness of the whole shebang.  There were many costumes that deserved this honor; if I could, I would bestow this upon all of the deserving costumes. However, the overall winner of the 2009 PHB Halloween Costume Contest is…

GREEN STARFISH! You get 1000 credits added to your account.

Congratulations to all of the winners and runner-ups! You really deserved it, at least in my eyes.  Everybody please congratulate our winners! If you entered and lost, don’t fret. I assure you that there will be more opportunities for your inner designer to shine. Especially this holiday season. *cough* By the way, to our winners, credits will be added to your account within the next couple of days!

Now that we are finally done with that, let’s get back to the latest news in Poptropica. 😀 The word on the street (Get it? Because the ads are on MAIN STREET? Ah, never mind.) is that the latest advertisement is Fuel Up to Play 60! The ad seems to be for 9-10 year old boys and girls and only on Early Poptropica, 24 Carrot, Super Power, and Spy Island. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong. 😛 Here is a video walkthrough that also shows the items you get after you complete the little mission of cleaning up the school nutritionally and positively!

For the prize at the end, you get some exercise gear and chocolate milk (TEH MILK) that you can even gulp down with assurance that your bones will grow nice and strong! Eat and drink healthy, kids!

Hippie Man approves this message. Got Milk?
Hippie Man approves this message. Got Milk?

Oh, and the PHB recently hit 2,100,000 hits. YAY! Cookies for all! But don’t forget to eat it with your milk! Milk has Vitamin D which is excellent for your body and other stuff. Enjoy!

To conclude, there’s a new poll on the PCB! It asks you what your favorite island is so far. Obviously, with the new release of Haunted House Island, the poll is almost a unanimous vote in favor of it!

Remember to have an awesome weekend and don’t forget to drink milk. Do it for Hippie Man. DO IT.

Credits: Special thanks to Stanford and Seph on the chat for helping me get the picture of Hippie Man drinking TEH MILK. 😀 Also, Super Grape was the one who came up with the Most Ugly/Creepy category so thanks to him, t0o. 😛

116 thoughts on “The Long-awaited Halloween Costume Contest Results! …plus an ad.”

  1. Congratulations to all da contest participants, especially to those who won! It’s great to have your costume prepared for Halloween! 😀

    ~Hijuyo ^.^

      1. I thoguht the same thing. What was wrong with mine? But then I realised that the only categorys were looking like a certian person, ugly/creepy, scary and halloween, so you have to choose one of those instead of being creative and having a random costume.

      1. I thought my costume would win- Anyway congrats to all winners!

  2. Yay! I won 500 credits. I thought i wouldn’t at all O_o
    BUT HOORAY! And conrgatz to everyone else who won, escpecially green starfish.

    Smockers: LOL! Congrats! Your credits will be added sometime tonight, perhaps. That also goes for everybody else who won.

  3. Smocky…. You forgot to give me credit for coming up with the ugly category 😉

    Smockers: OOPS. Sorry, SG! I edited the post. 😛 Also, Jelly09, SG wasn’t talking about getting actual Poptropica credits if you were confused by that. xD He was just saying that he actually gave us the idea for the ugly category. 😀

    1. Yeah. It says in the next couple of DAYS in the post, though. So don’t blame them, because they said not yet 😛

  4. Boo i didn’t win. OH well. I knew that anyway. Congrats to all the winners and Smockers for getting the hippie suit.

  5. How did you get the Hippie Man Costume?

    Smockers: I think you can only get the Hippie Man costume from other people by customizing it from them. At least until RTV Island comes out, that’s the only way possible. I’m pretty sure that Motion was the one who actually leaked the full Hippie Man costume and it quickly spread like wildfire.

  6. Did you know I forgot to enter?

    I am so mad I could of one.

    I am never going to be happy again

    I never 1 a phb contest

    And the 2 ones had nice prizazes a monster & a credits!

    Smockers: Sure, you may have not won, but I have said that there might be giveaways and contests in the near future! This Halloween Costume Contest is just the first of more to come!

      1. I apologize; your costume was one of the better ones in the competition. But the reason that Just.a.fuzzy.peach won was because she was impersonating Elvis in a creative way.

        In fact, I actually had your costume down for Most Scary. But we ended up going with Brave Flame since we found it more scarier. Yes, your costume was very well-composed with each piece of the costume scarier than the next. Yes, I wish I could have given all of my picks credits. But I’m not made of money, unfortunately.

      2. i agree, just.a.fuzzy.peach did a good job impersonating elvis. i didn’t read the part about the different categories. brave flame was scary though, thanks smockers! rock on!

  7. yay i won… thx for picking me as a runner up =)

    Smockers: Congrats! Yes, I will be adding credits to the account that you specified.

  8. Hey Smockers why don’t you and the PHB have a halloween party in a Multi-verse room? Like on Haunted House “except without the poison and everthing”.

    Hijuyo: Unfortunately, a Multiverse room is only limited to a certain amount of people, so not many people can come. Be sure to look for us online at the Poptropica Help Chatroom! 😉

  9. According to Smockers, my “Elmo PWNS” costume was close runner up for the scariest category. Oh well, better luck next time…

  10. grrrrr!how did I not win I was super scary!

    Hijuyo: There were plenty of great costumes; yours included! However, there could only be 5 winners.

    1. Congrats to you too! Though we both didnt win first prize.
      I still havent got the credits… Im guessing the PHB is asleep right now. Have you got yours?

  11. you can’t customize a beard I had to learn that the hard time I had a beard and the creators took it away

  12. we kidnaped him and made him drink milk!jk lol motionman leaked his clothes and everyone who was there costumized him

  13. Cool! Congratz to all that won! =D
    (Smockers, did you ever think of the lactose intolerant when you made that post? LOL.)

  14. I know a glitch!!
    After you pass the “Got Milk”
    ad, go to Time-Tangled Island and to 1877 AD, use the bike then click your treadmill
    (aka work out power) The bike will be gone and you will be running in air! 🙂

      1. And you can do it anywhere! Just jump in the air then click on the tredmill and you do the same! Thanks for the glitch though! 😉

    1. after u jump in the air and do the treadmill… press the x button and quickly jump(while in mid-air)and do the treadmill again(hard glitch but is possible)keep continuing the process and you can do infinite jumps =)… try it out quick and use it before the creators take it out =(

    1. You had to go to the Avatar Studio and type in your username. Next you highlight the website thing that is below the Link and right click, click copy and post it on a comment.

      But it doesn’t matter because the contest is over Wild Pepper.

  15. WOW, Green Starfish! Your costume was amazing!!! It looks like a skeleton-bride! Great job, and congradulations! ;D

    1. Yay! I got them!
      I already bought the costume collecter (Sorry DE MILK, youu have to go in the fridge) and i dont know what to do with the other 250. Anyy suggestions? Should i just save for the limited number items?

  16. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE I WON! 🙂 this is a great moment for me. I still can’t believe I won! I put so much effort into that costume. This has really made my day! 🙂

    …And I don’t remember telling anyone that they wouldn’t win, Golden Rider. I have no idea where you got that idea from.

    …Oh and thank you PHB for the 1000 credits! You peoples are da bomb! 🙂 Well, thank you so much!!

    Smockers: LOL, you’re welcome! Spend wisely!! 😉 You have most certainly earned it, Green Starfish!

    1. Sorry, Green Starfish, I saw someone else comment. I think the name is Green Knight or something. The person said that he had a “way” of winning the contest. But I can’t find the comment anymore. So sorry Green Starfish.

  17. I’m sad that I didn’t win… but congrats to all the winners. Hopefully you’ll have another contest like this next time! Maybe for Christmas!

  18. Huh. This is wierd. It says (censored) bought credits for me O_O I know its someone from the PHB… Though probably putting a fake name.

    Hijuyo: Congrats on winning one of the runner-up spots, Jelly! Sorry, I had to censor part of your comment to prevent revealing personal info. 😉

    1. It’s my mom’s name. >_> I used her credit card with her permission. And it’s not a fake name… it’s Vietnamese. It’s pronounced differently from what you think…

  19. 500 credits??? 1000 credits??! i should have entered *bang head repeatedly on keyboard* result:q 3v 3v2 3v4545 jnruh

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