Summer ‘011

It’s that time again, folks! That’s right! I’m pretty sure a LOT of you know what I’m talking about…barbecues, free time, fun, fun, and more fun…No, I am not talking about nomming Captain Crawfish! But pretty close to it in terms of funness! ๐Ÿ™‚

CC: Something about nomming me?! I thought I was safe here! *hides back into ship.*

Elmopwns: I’ll get you eventually, you crawfish! *prepares hot water*. So far your record for being alive is…two posts.

CC: *pops out of ship* It was longer than that! Way longer!

Elmopwns: I’ve got you now!

CC: Eek! *jumps out of ship and into water, begins to swim away*

Well, looks like our little “guest for supper” got away…for now ;). He either drowns in the ocean, gets caught by one of the authors, or he meets a race of cannibals that either make him their slave or noms him alive…ouch. In the meantime, there’s a new update on the creators blog! I mentioned the feature of this update (costume) some days ago, but of course, it wasn’t too official. Take a look at this new post, guys. This was taken straight from the PCB (Poptropica Creators’ Blog):

Bounce into summer!

Check out what’s new in the Poptropica Store!
The stylish Beach Ball costume is the perfect way to beat the heat this summer. Sure, it may not cut the most flattering silhouette, but when the temperature starts rising it’s all about function over form.
Speaking of this volleyball costume, summer is right around the corner! Some of you might be going back to relatives houses like me (back to China in three weeks where I plot world domination on a global scale…mehheheheheh), playing video games, hanging out with friends, watching TV, playing sports, going to camps, sleeping in until one, or waking up at one in the morning. So this new costume certainly will let you “bounce into summer”. Get the pun? Get it? Volleyball, bounce, Summer? Heheheh :).
The volleyball costume is pretty much a ball that goes around your body with colors in stripes of white, green, blue, and yellow. Head down to the Poptropica Store to recieve your own copy of this Summer costume. Well, just a heads up, players. This costume might seem fat based on the way you view it ;). But if you think this costume is for you, go straight down to the store and purchase it! Giant volleyball FTW!!!
CC: *washes up on foreign beach* Yes! I’m safe! I’M FINALLY SAFE!
Strange Hunter with spear: Would you like to join me for dinner?
CC: Sure! I’m starving! What do you have for dinner?
Hunter: *shows CC menu*
CC: Yummmm! What’s this say? Lobster surprise? What’s that supposed to be? What are you doing with that hot water? I don’t like the fact that that thing’sย pretty close to me 0_0.ย What the…get that thing away from me!
I called it, got nommed by cannibals :)!
Ep out!