Clowns, Firefighters, and two new Creator’s Blog posts!


Codiens costume prediction comes true with the new arrival of a clown and fireman costume in the Poptropica Store.
The creators share with us their whiteboard filled with ideas, creations and mystery.
And a fun new game is released called ‘Pathwise‘ where you build a path!

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NPC Popularity Contests

Time Tangled’s Turn Today!

As the Creators mentioned yesterday, every day this week you will be able to vote for some of your favorite Poptropica characters from different islands! Medicine Man was the winner of yesterday’s poll – congratulations! It’s Time Tangled Island’s turn today, so please welcome Popularity Contest #2…

Oh, here they come!

Vote for your favorites: is it going to be A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, or J? โ“

I’ve chosen E, G, and I for my favorites, but of course they’re all cool! So far, it’s really close, but J is definitely winning. Go Aztecs!

To vote, simply visit the Poptropica Creatorsโ€™ Blog and look for the poll widget on the right side. Once you find it, read through the options and use the picture above to help you choose! Click on the box(es) you want to give a vote for, and then press Submit. Happy voting! ๐Ÿ˜†

Remember to read up on the post below, too. You’ll meet some friendly fish and Medicine Man’s pals! ๐Ÿ˜›

Snapshot Series, Web Development

Want a wall print, Shifty Scorpion?

Note: For these next few posts, the PHB has decided that we will not be giving “credits” because it upsets too many people. If you would like to continue the “credits” system, though, please show us you can handle it by not commenting about a new PCB post after one person has already mentioned it. We are getting a lot of spam recently, all to do with this crediting thing.

Snapshot Sagas: Shifty Scorpion
Welcome to another wild tale from Vlad the Viking as he tells his adventure with Copy Cat and his new buddy Shifty Scorpion! Enjoy:

I was surrounded. A multitude of black and white striped shirts and pale faces were on every side. It was strange though, for they all looked identical! I don’t know how she did it, but she was able to duplicate herself over and over again.

“COPY CAT!” The shout rang out down the street. She turned, as did all of her other clones. They all seemed to jump in unison, like the waves of the sea as they passed Shark Tooth Island. Almost instantly, a chorus of screeches erupted from the crowd that nearly shattered the lens of my poor camera.

“RATS!” she screamed, as the little beasts scurried around her feet. A man was off in the distance, laughing as he watched his army of rodents torment all of the copies of his victim. Thanks to their little skirmish, I was able to get away without too much trouble.

I walked into the newspaper building that was nearby. I had been there before, so it was nice returning to a familiar place. Here I met Shifty Scorpion. He was shifty indeed! Trying to get a photo of him was terribly difficult, but I had to photograph his interesting costume and share it with all of you!

Vlad also adds, “Keep your eyes open! You could be the next Poptropican featured on Snapshot Sagas!”

Poptropica Life Size Wall PrintsPoptropica Life Size Wall Prints
Yay! Poptropica has released some more merchandise – life size wall prints! These are huge stickers that you can stick onย your bedroom wall. There’s a new widget on the right side of the Poptropica Creators’ Blog titled “Poptropica Life Size Wall Prints” and it shows a picture of a boy posing in front of a wall with a big Ned Noodlehead picture on it! Check out the site where you can buy your own here:

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Snapshot Series, Spy Island

Say Roar, Cool Tiger!

Say roar, Cool Tiger! Congratulations!

Yep, a new Snapshot Saga from Vlad the Viking. Thanks for detecting that, Oumer26! And of course, here is another one of Vlad’s amazing tales:

Finding my way around in the dark was easy. I just followed a mysterious red beam that occasionally flashed down from the sky, and found my way to the streets of a grand city. The first Poptropican that I ran into was walking down the street in front of the Hair Club. I had asked how they were able to build such tall buildings, when that same red light from before burst from the sky and struck him on the head! The Poptropican’s hair was vaporized in an instant, and I had to duck through the front doors of the Hair Club to save my beautiful locks from a similar fate.

To my surprise, many Poptropicans have also taken cover inside the building to save their own hair from the cursed beam of light! I met Cool Tiger there, and I think her name was very fitting, for she did not look in the least bit concerned about the hazardous hair removal occurring outside. Cool indeed.

I took her photo to add to my collection before she left to conquer the mysterious light on her own! A very, very cool customer.

That was definitely one cool photograph! Don’t forget to check out the post below for another one with Astro-Knights Island!

Snapshot Series, Web Development

The Not-So-Short Penguin

Whoops, Vlad! Looks like 24 Carrot isn’t made up of gold after all! Thanks again, Neat Whale, for the update. Today Vlad the Viking met up with another Poptropican named Short Penguin and got him captured on Snapshot Sagas! This is his tale:

I couldn’t believe that I had made such a mistake. I thought to myself: what better place for a viking like me to conquer, than an island with the name of “24 Karat”? I imagined gold everywhere, it’s wealth bursting from the ground. Also, it was only a short trip from Super Power island.

I realized my error as soon as I had arrived, learning that the wealth bursting from the ground was in it’s CARROT crop… not gold.

I decided to join the group at the closed movie theater for a bit of bubblegum and a game or two, and ran into a Poptropican named Short Penguin! He wasn’t short by any means because he was just as tall as I, and we all know that I am of great stature! He was kind enough to stand still for his portrait amid the bustle of the crowd. Now I have another friend to add to my list!

Keep ever vigilant in watching for me, because you may be the next one featured in Snapshot Sagas!

This has been mentioned before, but just in case you missed it the first time…

Poptropica Help Blogโ„ข presents:

Poptropica Links!

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With Poptropica Links, you can advertise your Poptropica webpage, videos, and more. It’s free, too, and you can leave your advertisement up there for as long as you want (if you want it taken down, just contact us on that website). Or, you can look through the P.L.’s blogroll and browse the ads. Either way, it’s a fun and awesome place! What are you waiting for – check it out now!

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