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Folklore figures: wear ’em, draw ’em, join ’em

Hey, Poptropicans! We hope you’ve recovered from the flash of shock we gave earlier this month and are ready to dive into what else April has in store.

The April member gifts promise a blast to the past with three costumes based on some famous historical figures: Cleopatra, Sire Lancelot, and Pocahontas.

Speaking of the last costume, it looks oddly familiar. The Pocahontas costume bears a striking resemblance to Sacagawea in Time Tangled Island.


And what’s more, she’s fully customizable, even for non-members! So even if you’re not a member this month, you can get at least one of the member gifts. 😉 Just head on over to 1805 A.D. (the Lewis and Clark expedition) on Time Tangled Island, and you’ve got your two-for-one Native American look.

sacagawea customizable

(Creators, next time maybe don’t imply that distinct iconic characters of shared ancestry, yet different time periods, are interchangeable by their appearance?)

On Instagram, Poptropica challenged artists to draw Ned Noodlehead in their style and to share the drawings with the hashtag #NedNoodlehead. Interesting that they chose Ned, the comic shop kid from Super Power Island—one of the old school islands that have disappeared from the map.

Within a day, creative fans got to work, and Poptropica featured some of the Ned Noodlehead art on their Instagram story. Check out these magnificent Noodlehead doodles! Think you could give it a try, too?

Recently, Poptropica has been promoting Timmy Failure Island on various channels—social media, the Creators’ Blog, and even the Home Island billboard. (Did you know that Timmy Failure has its own Disney+ movie now?)

But something odd has happened: Timmy Failure Island, which was formerly free for all, is now only available to members. Unlike with previously member-locked islands, this time non-members won’t even get to play a demo before hitting the paywall message. (Thanks for the tip, Perfect Fish.)

Strangely, the message refers to “early access” for Timmy Failure Island being for members only, even though the island came out in 2015. Did they just forget to change the wording, or are they working on revamping Timmy Failure for the Javascript (post-Flash) project and letting members beta test it first? Whatever the case, let’s hope it isn’t a failure.

Thoughts on this month’s member gifts and the fate of Timmy Failure Island? Want to share a Noodlehead doodle with us? Drop them in the comments!

Also, check out the other stuff we’ve got going on in the posts below! Join us for Community Creations (current theme: “stay at home”), take the 2020 PHB readers’ survey, and get some ideas for passing the time in quarantine with some good old Poptropica.

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

—Gentle Dolphin 🐬

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Don’t trash your wallpaper!

Poptropica Help Blog currently has 1,453,000+ hits (about 1.4 million)! Bring on the cookies!

Yikes, it seems that they’re at the dumpster with someone’s missing keys! Must be another mishap in the unfortunate life of Ned Noodlehead. Thanks for the news about the sneak peek (shown below), Obiwan2324!

The story below is a sequel chapter to the “Soaring High” chapter from a previous post on the PHB. Please note that the story below is a work of fiction; written by the PHB Team to entertain its readers. Enjoy!

The Old but New Adventures of Comic Kid
Ned Noodlehead by day, Comic Kid hero by night.

Chapter 5
Trashy Day

Ned Noodlehead decided to take a break from hiking, so he went back down the hill and walked downtown, where he was hoping to get some lunch after being unsuccessful in grabbing some seagulls’ eggs. He walked around the island central, considering all the restaurant possibilities. ”Yo, Comic boy, over here!” called a voice to the side. Ned Noodlehead spun around, staring at the little crowd that had gathered before him. ”How did –?” he began, but was cut off by his adoring fans. ”Noodlehead, I’m a big fan of yours!” ”I heard that you saved an island from dangerous criminals!” ”Your comics rock, man!”

”Gee, thanks.” Ned grinned about his sudden fame among the citizens of the strange island. A kid wearing a ”Brief Encounters” T-shirt with Comic Kid’s face on it shouted, ”Can I have your autograph?” Less than a second later, he was surrounded with dozens of pens and papers. Ned tried to sign as many as he could, but his hand soon got tired. ”Guys, thanks a lot, but I really gotta run. I haven’t had lunch yet!”

Another fan, who was wearing a puppy dog costume, tapped his shoulder. ”Oh, you’ll love the Cartoon Dog. They’ve got lots of tasty stuff there. C’mon, I’ll show you.” She led the way to a building with a hand-drawn sign reading ”The Cartoon Dog: Taste the comics!” The screaming mob of fans followed them inside, but the puppy-costumed girl didn’t seem to mind. ”Table for two, please,” she told the waitress standing at the front. The waitress, who was wearing a white uniform, smiled and showed them their seats. Meanwhile, the rest of the fans had finally realized that it wasn’t necessary to hog up all the restaurant’s space, helped by the manager who had to take them all outside. The restaurant manager winked at Ned.

”My name’s Comical Dog.” She reached her hand out, so Ned shook it. ”I’m Ned–” ”Oh, you don’t need to tell me who you are. Everyone here knows you; you’re the superhero who saved Super Power Island. Ned Noodlehead, am I right?” ”Yeah,” laughed Ned, very pleased to know that others knew about his heroic efforts. ”But I couldn’t have done it without a very special Poptropican!” This day is going so well!, thought NN, thinking that good fortune was finally entering his life.

After a pleasant meal with lots and lots of cookies, Ned Noodlehead sat back, declaring that his stomach was now very well-fed. He managed to resist a satisfied burp, just when Comical Dog volunteered to pay for the meal. ”That’s kind of you,” offered Ned. ”Thanks,” replied Dog, looking down at their table. ”Hmm, we seem to have made quite a mess with our leftover cookie crumbs.” She chuckled and picked them up with a tissue. ”There’s a dumpster out at the back; let’s go.” So Noodlehead followed Comical Dog out of the restaurant.

A ghastly smell filled the atmosphere as they stepped closer towards the dumpster. ”Ick,” gagged NN. ”Don’t worry, kid,” smiled Dog, who was now standing right in front of what Ned called ”the box with bad smells”. She tossed the wrapped tissue with crumbs inside the dumpster, then said, ”Sorry, Comic guy. I have to get home now. See you around!” ”Bye,” croaked Ned, feeling unable to smell the stench for much longer. Comical Dog jogged away, and Ned decided to leave to.

It was only when he’d arrived back at the front of his comic shop in Super Power Island did he realize that he’d forgotten his keys. Without them, he couldn’t unlock the door to his store. Oh no, oh no, oh no! He remembered placing them on the Cartoon Dog restaurant table, as he was explaining to Comical Dog about his comic shop. ”Nooooooo….!!” wailed Ned Noodlehead. Comical Dog had thrown his keys away!

And so this was how he came to be down in the dumps for the rest of the day. (Thanks for the joke, Cool Wing!)

Blog Post Title: Trashy Day
Description: My day was going so well until I realized that my keys were missing. The last time I remember having them was at lunch, when I threw my leftovers away. I’m afraid they’re probably in the big dumpster out back.
Image URL:
Image Name: trashy.jpg
Posted By: Comic Kid

Show your support to the Poptropica Help Blog today! Motionman95 has created an awesome desktop wallpaper for all PHB fans to use, and it broadcasts the message ”I the PHB!” Click on the link below for the image, then right-click on it and select ”Set as Background”.

Update: The wallpaper image doesn’t seem to work anymore. 😦

On another note: WordPress has changed the smilies by default, which is why they now look different. Although it seems that some of us don’t like them too much, there isn’t an option to change them back. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. 😦

A new page has been added – ”Typing Tricks”, in the Cool Stuff section. Learn what text you need to type to add in smilies to your comments, or discover how to make your words bolded, italicized, or underlined. Go check it out now!

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Out with the Old, In with the New

🙂 Poptropica Help Blog is edging closer to the 1 MILLION! mark. I know your all thinking “OMG OMG OMG!!”
And to make it even more exciting, when we reach the milestone we will be having a HUGE 1 MILLIONth surprise!

So stay tuned. You just never know when we might reach 1,000,000 Hits. 🙂


The Old but New adventures of Comic Kid.
           Ned Noodlehead by day, Comic Kid hero by night.

_Chapter 1_
TV Time

“Turn ON i say! Turn ON! Don’t make me use my special mind abilities on you.” threatened Comic Kid as he lazily waved the TV remote at the TV. The TV was not turning on for him. After hours of button jabbing, kicking, screaming, throwing the remote at the TV (Which i don’t think you should do. It doesn’t work!), he even climbed up this huge building and asked the old super hero if he could help. But with no success he had to resort in using he masterful powers to turn it on. This amazingly did not work either (I wonder why). His ‘special abilities’ had came to a decision that it was broken. Most likely just to old.  It looked like a trip to a TV store and what better place then Reality TV Island, they have loads of TV’s there (I wonder why :P).

After a short trip Comic Kid landed in the quiet street of TV Island. Strange though. There was no one around. Just loads of broken TV’s scattered underneath rows of houses. Uhuh! Look at all the other people with broken TV’s! This must be the perfect place to find a new TV, thought Comic Kid. It didn’t take him to long to find a TV store. In fact there were many TV stores. All in the one street. Comic Kid had a problem. Which one?

Now, Comic Kid loves his TV. Of course his beloved comic books will always be number 1, but his TV can be always number 2. He had to use his ‘special powers’ into choosing the right store for him and BAM! There, in the far side of the street was a small store with a huge TV in the window. Glowing from the screen were huge letters saying, ‘Buy Me! I WUV COMIC BOOKS!”

Comic Kids mouth dropped and his eyes turned into those adoring Japanese style eyes gleaming magical stars. He needed that TV! He raced into the store threw the money at the cash clerk yelled Keep the change and ran out the store with his new TV in hands.

One hour later Comic Kid had his feet proped up on his favourite couch, a hot chocolate in his hand and his monstrous new TV was set up waiting for him to turn on and play his favourite show “X-Popmen Heroes: The Cartoon series. With a flick of a button the room filled with a white light. The sound beamed around the room. His curtains shook and his hot chocolate turned cold. Then everything went quiet.  A message displayed on the ginormous screen. “The show has been canceled to show the new series of: Sponge Pop Circle Pants!”

You can ask any one on Super Power island what happened that very night. What happened after those evil words appeared. But lets just say Comic Kid had to get another new TV. Didn’t i say earlier that throwing the remote wont solve anything!

Blog Post Title: TV Time
Description: My old TV recently broke so I had to go shopping for a new one. Luckily for me I found a store that had lots of choices and found exactly what I needed.
Image URL:
Image Name: tvs.JPG

Ah, poor Comic Kid. Atleast he got to visit the new island of Reality TV Island. Thats right this is a sneak peek for a different island besides the usual A-K Island. Thank goodness the island is still being made. We kind of got woried when Nabooti, Then Big Nate then ASTRO KINGHTS TOOK ITS PLACE! But who cares. Atleast we have loads of islands to come in the future.

Please note that the above story is completely fiction, a story written by the PHB Team to entertain the readers.

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A Light in the Darkness

Thanks, O Peg, for the “new shirt” update.

It’s a light in the darkness for Poptropica’s April weekly T-shirt, ComicKidImage:

As promised, Poptropica will be releasing a new T-shirt at their online Zazzle store every week’s Friday during the month of April 2009. In this one we see Poptropica’s logo in gold, and Comic Kid’s shadow standing into the brilliance of a bright light, yet he is also on the black background of a shirt. The words below his shadow says, “Comic Kid” in gold. The font being used happens to be Anime Ace 2.0 BB, which like the Poptropica speech bubble font (Creative Block BB), is a Blambot font. You can download Anime Ace for free here:

About ten days ago, Poptropica Help Blog turned into Club Penguin Help Blog, which you can read about here. A poll came up about April Fools’ Day on our site a few days later: Did you get fooled on April Fools day? This poll is now closed; here are the results:

Vote Option | Number of Voters | Percentage
I got fooled by Poptropica Help Blog! | 281 | 41%
I got fooled by someone else.  | 106 | 15%
I can’t remember if I got fooled. | 36 | 5%
Why would I get fooled? | 71 | 10%
I have never been fooled, and I never will! | 191 | 28%

Our poll on advertisements is back up: Advertisements in Poptropica: What’s your favorite section? Make sure you submit your vote! 😛

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Wear Me!

Or should I say, wear us!

Thanks to Cheerful Claw for the update: yesterday’s T-shirt design poll is over and the winning shirts are now available for purchase at Poptropica’s online store. That’s right, not just one shirt, but two!

Here’s Shark Boy’s explanation.

We have a winner! Since both the 1st and 2nd place designs were close we decided to make T-shirts out of both. So check out our store to get your own Secret Agent shirt. Thanks to all who voted!

Bring it on…

Poptropica Life Size Wall Prints

The T-shirts weren’t the only merchandise section to update! The Poptropica Creators’ Blog‘s “Poptropica Life Size Wall Prints” widget also experienced a change. (See the picture on the right to know what it looks like now!)

The new widget image reads, “7 feet of pure Poptropica awesomeness <Ned Noodlehead’s picture> PoptropicaLife Size Wall Prints Click Here available through”. As usual, clicking on the picture brings you to another one of Poptropica’s online stores, and this one is located at The title of the online store now reads,”Poptropica Official Partner – Buy Your Favorite Poptropica as a Life-Sized – Removable and Reusab[le]”.

On the Poptropica LTL (Larger Than Life) webpage, there are new advertisements showing how the wall decorations are, “Self-Adhesive, Removable, Reusable, Durable, Easy to Install. Peel-it! Stick-it! Repeat!” They also offer free shipping with laptop prints!

On the LTLprints blog, there is a post about working with Poptropica’s merchandise, and it includes a video. You can check it out here: Click the link below to watch the video:


Blog Post Title: Poptropica teams up with Larger Than Life prints
Description: We are pleased to announce our partnership with  Poptropica is a virtual online world in which kids can travel, play games, customize their character, compete in head-to-head competition, and communicate safely with each other.  Larger Than Life prints is now offering over-sized wall graphics made from popular Poptropica characters.  Please checkout our Poptropica catalog page and watch this short video for more information.

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