Flashy Fools: the real April 1st experience βš‘️

Heeey Poptropicans! So you remember all that talk we posted yesterday about a grand PHB Flash Experience? Our little Flash game of homage to the pending doom of Flash and old school islands? Well, check your calendars…

Yup. So, April Fools! How long were you clicking to “allow Flash” and refreshing the page so you could play the game? Were you convinced that your computer just couldn’t handle Flash anymore? Did we fool you?

Whether our shenanigans had you flashing with anger at game that was never meant to load, or flushing with embarrassment for refreshing way too many times, we hope that, in the end, we can still make you flash a smile. So here, enjoy the behind-the-scenes of this year’s PHB prank.

Gentle Dolphin put a ton of work into making the preview scene of a glitching bridge in our prank post. Check out the stills behind the gif, from a peaceful Red Dragon Island scene to the world falling apart with game-breaking code.

In addition to the scenery, she also made plenty of outfit prototypes before settling on the final look of our invented villain, Addo B. Flash. (And yes, he even has the Flash logo in his design!) Addo also came with views from different angles when we introduced him, which was Gentle Dolphin’s idea to add to his legitimacy as a game character.

Which of these outfits do you like most? Were you bamboozled by the PHB Flash Experience, or cautiously suspicious through it all? We’d love to hear from you in the comments! Keep on popping, Poptropicans.

β€”the PHBβ€”

p.s. Play the old school islands before Flash is truly gone, here.

p.p.s. Quarantined? We’ve come up with ideas for making the best of Poptropica in these bizarre times here.

20 thoughts on “Flashy Fools: the real April 1st experience βš‘️”

  1. How much work went into this? Because it seems like a lot. (And I still can’t get over the design of Mr. Addo B. Flash.)

    1. Once we came up with the idea a couple months back, I created the faux Flash game box by putting together several screenshots into a gif. Gentle Dolphin took on the design work of the game scenery and villain, with the rest of the team giving their feedback on the outfit prototypes you see above. So, a decent amount of planning! πŸ˜‰

  2. Um… hello, Perfect Fish again. I know what I said yesterday but I’m sorry. Due to like past emotional baggage I don’t like being fooled, but you guys here at PHB do much more good than bad. I like being a part of the community and my anger from yesterday has cooled, so I would like to ask if I can be welcomed back after all. I can see that leaving people upset is not what you wanted and I’m sorry for what I said yesterday. Take care and stay well.

      1. Dear Slanted Fish,

        Thank you so much. I would like to write for the blog at some point, especially since I have access to the new Javascript version of Poptropica through one of my accounts. Did you know today’s billboard ad to play Timmy Failure Island is actually for members in Javascript Poptropica where early access was just opened up? I have the link to make an account in post-flash Poptropica as well, it’s very interesting to be able to see what’s going on over there even though there’s not much to do as of yet. I can send an email to the staff mail, right?

        Perfect Fish

      2. We’re always looking out for guest posts to share on the PHB! Check out our Write for the PHB guide for more details about the process and what we look for.

        I haven’t seen Timmy Failure show up on the billboard recently in either the regular Poptropica or at the HAXE Javascript link, so that’s definitely something you can write about. You can email us at staff (at) poptropi (dot) ca. (Replace with @ and . ) Thanks for sharing!

  3. I think to be honest the reason poptropica is failing is because the game is going under I predict by 2021 this game will be over and will not exist 😦

  4. why else is nothing happening for the last couple of months or BEFORE the (safari world)/ sad

    1. You’re right that Poptropica hasn’t put out any islands since Reality TV: Wild Safari last summer, and they haven’t been offering as much as they used to, but they haven’t been completely silent. Check out our 2019 rewind post to see what they’ve been up to the past year. In the past couple months, we’ve still seen some minor updates: ads, store items, monthly member gifts.

      The main reason for Poptropica’s lack of major new islands is that they’re preparing for the game’s existence post-Flash, which takes a lot of work. But it’s better than no Poptropica at all, which would have been the case by 2021 if they weren’t working on this!

  5. yeah i guess your right, but i just got mad bc i have over 34,000 credits and i have every skin in the poptropica world, I think i was just bored :/ though i guess post flash is something to being working on. Sorry for the rude behavior stay safe and God bless

    1. That’s understandable. Many Poptropicans have reported feelings of dissatisfaction with Poptropica’s slowdown of activity in the past few years, so you’re not alone. It’s not easy for the Creators having to adapt to post-Flash, but it’s a sign of hope for this community!

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