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Want a wall print, Shifty Scorpion?

Note: For these next few posts, the PHB has decided that we will not be giving “credits” because it upsets too many people. If you would like to continue the “credits” system, though, please show us you can handle it by not commenting about a new PCB post after one person has already mentioned it. We are getting a lot of spam recently, all to do with this crediting thing.

Snapshot Sagas: Shifty Scorpion
Welcome to another wild tale from Vlad the Viking as he tells his adventure with Copy Cat and his new buddy Shifty Scorpion! Enjoy:

I was surrounded. A multitude of black and white striped shirts and pale faces were on every side. It was strange though, for they all looked identical! I don’t know how she did it, but she was able to duplicate herself over and over again.

“COPY CAT!” The shout rang out down the street. She turned, as did all of her other clones. They all seemed to jump in unison, like the waves of the sea as they passed Shark Tooth Island. Almost instantly, a chorus of screeches erupted from the crowd that nearly shattered the lens of my poor camera.

“RATS!” she screamed, as the little beasts scurried around her feet. A man was off in the distance, laughing as he watched his army of rodents torment all of the copies of his victim. Thanks to their little skirmish, I was able to get away without too much trouble.

I walked into the newspaper building that was nearby. I had been there before, so it was nice returning to a familiar place. Here I met Shifty Scorpion. He was shifty indeed! Trying to get a photo of him was terribly difficult, but I had to photograph his interesting costume and share it with all of you!

Vlad also adds, “Keep your eyes open! You could be the next Poptropican featured on Snapshot Sagas!”

Poptropica Life Size Wall PrintsPoptropica Life Size Wall Prints
Yay! Poptropica has released some more merchandise – life size wall prints! These are huge stickers that you can stick on your bedroom wall. There’s a new widget on the right side of the Poptropica Creators’ Blog titled “Poptropica Life Size Wall Prints” and it shows a picture of a boy posing in front of a wall with a big Ned Noodlehead picture on it! Check out the site where you can buy your own here:

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57 thoughts on “Want a wall print, Shifty Scorpion?”

      1. they just don’t interest me. I’m more of an action/adventure person.

        Scary Tomato: At least there’s an adventurous story with each Snapshot Saga. 😉

      2. meaning something like hovering over a lava pit, or surrounded by man- eating bears

      1. Magic Monster wasn’t being impolite. He/she was just saying his/her opinion.
        I’m pretty sure we can say what we think. After all noone comes in and shoots me down when I say what I think. 😆 🙂

      1. Cookie345 – Thanks. 😀

        Popular Kid – As Cookie345 explained, it is not off topic. Even if it was, just saying “off topic” might be considered spam. 😉

  1. on the jumping girl print ive nevere seen the mouth shirt or bottums before????

    and ive nerver seen gothic girl shirt or ninja!!!

      1. Do u think the rockstar costumes were just for the products or will we get to wear them???????

        Scary Tomato: Hopefully, we’ll get to wear them someday. For now, though, nobody knows. 😉

      2. maybe hannah montana rock star costume or somethin. probably not but just sayin…

      1. But it is a new look of a gothic girl. It is a different design. It is not the same design as the one in early poptropica.

      1. nice idea. maybe french rockstars? or maybe a tribe of banned rockstars for reality tv? it could happen…. 🙂

  2. Those prints are so EXPENSIVE! ($35 for a 1″ wall print?!?!) Now there’s a link where you can buy tshirts and wall prints on Poptropica where it usually says when islands are out… what can we expect next? Stuffies???? Bobbleheads???? :mrgreen:

    1. I think they just wanted us to get adicted to poptropica, and then start selling us stuff! Whats next? We have to PAY to play poptoripca? Oh, I no! They’ll come up with ten to twenty new islands, but inorder to play, you have to pay!!!!!

    2. Maybe they just want to make some extra cash. Or maybe they want to actually make kids happy. Did you ever think of that? It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to make people pay for Poptropica.

      1. yeah definitely some xtra $$. they gotta have money to make stuff on the site. 🙂

      2. I agree Cheerful Claw.
        I guess they really care about us! 😀

  3. hmmmmm does this ninja wall print mean in the future well be fighting ninjas!!!sweet!

    Scary Tomato: Not necessarily, since fighting is violent. They might have ninja costumes on Poptropica, but it wouldn’t promote fighting. 😉

    1. maybe they will make a ninja hq or something. you have to get a secret message. 🙂

      Scary Tomato: We don’t know for sure yet. The Creators have not mentioned ninjas. 😉

      1. still nice 2 keep an open imagination.

        Scary Tomato: Yep, because of the Poptropica merchandise it’s quite likely ninjas will be coming soon! 😀

  4. I never knew the crediting comments was spam!

    Scary Tomato: Saying there’s a new post after somebody else already did is spam, but it’s not spam if you’re the first. It’s also not a race to see who spams and who doesn’t. Hope that helps! 😉

    1. I live in the United States (New York City, to be exact) and the sneak peaks usually come before I wake up. But when I woke up today, I thought “Where are the sneak peaks?”. Anyway, Codien is just a little late on making it. It’ll probably come later today or tomorrow.

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