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Binary Bard and the Rocket on Ice

Note: Due to the fact that too many people keep talking about a new post on the Creators’ Blog before we even mention it, the PHB had decided, at least for this post, that we will not be giving “credits” since people are just using them the wrong way.

Also: The stories mentioned before these two sneak peeks are works of fiction. They were made up just to entertain you readers, so make sure you don’t go roud telling everyone about crashing rockets!

Custom Rockets
Zing! A decorative rocket zips through space at breakneck speed. Binary Bard desperately punches in 0’s and 1’s, trying to control his machine as it tosses him left and right. Royal blood detected, the screen flashes suddenly. “We must be getting close!” yells the bard triumphantly, just as the rocket swerves itself violently, crashing right into an icy landscape.

Blog Post Title: Custom Rockets
Description: 0100100001100101011011000110110001101111! On Astro-Knights Island you’ll be able to build your own custom rocket to explore space!
Image URL:
Image Name: astro_rocket.JPG

Yep, we’re gonna design our very own rockets on Astro-Knights Island! Isn’t that cool? 😛

Ice Fishing
“Oof!” Binary Bard crawls out slowly, not wanting to hurt himself too badly. The rocket was quite badly damaged. “Man, there’d better be an AstroZone nearby. It looks like the nueroplasmic space calibrator is broken. And besides, I wonder where I am.” He groans, but also scans the scenery around him, seeing only ice and water. Not knowing what else to do, he gingerly picks up his feet and slowly steps on the ice.

Then it happened. A fish springs out of the water, and with a big “chomp”, it snaps at Binary B., and was gone. “Wow… what just happened there?!” The bard was so surprised he almost lost his footing, nearly falling into the surrounding waters, but catching himself in time. His bright orange-and-purple clothes were now wet, thanks to the fish who had splashed on him. “That was the strangest fish I’ve ever seen!” Binary Bard exclaimed. “Was it just me, or did it look exactly like my uncle’s old helmet?!”

Blog Post Title: Ice Fishing
Description: Ice fishing is not a safe sport on this planet!
Image URL:
Image Name: chomp.jpg

Yikes! Looks like Astro-Knights Island may have a few dangers in store for us.

Binary Bard
As some of you have noticed, Binary Bard is another Poptropica Creator that made his first appearance on March 10, 2009 on the “Custom Rockets” PCB post. He is the mysterious robot jester shown in some previous sneak peeks, includingavatar image the Astro-Knights information page on, where it shows his full costume, complete with a guitar-like instrument in his hand, possibly to entertain the king and queen: he is a jester, after all! Here’s the etymology of the name “Binary Bard”:

Binary: Mathematics. Of or pertaining to a system of numerical notation to the base 2, in which each place of a number, expressed as 0 or 1, corresponds to a power of 2. The decimal number 58 appears as 111010 in binary notation, since 58 = 1 × 25 + 1 × 24 + 1 × 23 + 0 × 22 + 1 × 21 + 0 × 20.
Bard: (formerly) a person who composed and recited epic or heroic poems, often while playing the harp, lyre, or the like.
Taken from

There you have it – a basic introduction to the Poptropica Creator’s Blog’s latest worker, Binary Bard. What a name! 🙂

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35 thoughts on “Binary Bard and the Rocket on Ice”

  1. sweet post! this site gives me so much help. i can even imagine continuations of some of these stories. 😀
    P.S – im sorry if i caused some trouble. 🙂

  2. So Binary Bard means something like ‘Math Poet’?

    Scary Tomato: “Math” might also be “Numbers” in this case, especially with all the 0’s and 1’s! 😉

  3. WHAT!!!the first time i ever get to say new post first and no credit!!! i stayed up realy late to do that!!!o well soryy im off topicNEW SNAPSHOT SAGAS!!!

      1. its becuse i never eeeever get credit for things and ppl who do rub it in my face like one time a made a story but someone took credit for giving me the idea and she got the award!!!and then sh rubbed it in!!!

      2. oh, that stinks, ruthrose88. sry. but life goes on. and plus, will it get u in2 a good colege? XP

      3. Scary Tomato might look at ruthros88’s post and write about it, but he will not give credit to ruthrose88 for saying that.

    1. i doesn’t matter ruthrose. Anyway i want black rocket.p.s sorry if i caused trouble scary tomato and codien.P.P.S i change my name from mood claws to angry claws.

    2. It’s not a race, Ruthrose88, and you have to learn that. I’d also recommend that you get some sleep (instead of staying up late) rather than commenting about a new post. I mean, we can all check for ourselves, right?

      It’s not even supposed to be “something you’re good at” to alert people on new PCB updates. Nobody is going to be awarded a scholarship for it or anything, after all. It shouldn’t matter to you, so please, calm down.

      This goes for everybody else too. I hope this helps. 😉

  4. the credit junk now. 🙄 I hope that jester doesn’t do too many posts, he’s creepy to me. (shudders) XD

      1. speaking of the nose dude, did u get his nose 2 grow longer?

        Scary Tomato: It can’t. 😉

  5. The giant wall prints are back on Poptropica- on the creators blog right under the “Zazzle Bar”. 🙂
    But do you think we wil actually get to wear the rockstar costumes or was it just for the products… 😦
    I hope we can wear them!!! 🙂

    1. Oh! I almost forgot! The Pinocchio advertisement is out and it is celebrating its 70th anniversary! WOO HOO! ( Yes guys, the nose is customizable 🙂 )

  6. I wonder if the only customizable thing on the rocket is the colour? That would stink… 😦
    Way cool, though! :mrgreen:

  7. Also, i think that the instrument that Binary Bard is holding is a mandolin. It looks a wee bit like a ukulele, but that’s Hawaiian.

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