Snapshot Series, Spy Island

Say Roar, Cool Tiger!

Say roar, Cool Tiger! Congratulations!

Yep, a new Snapshot Saga from Vlad the Viking. Thanks for detecting that, Oumer26! And of course, here is another one of Vlad’s amazing tales:

Finding my way around in the dark was easy. I just followed a mysterious red beam that occasionally flashed down from the sky, and found my way to the streets of a grand city. The first Poptropican that I ran into was walking down the street in front of the Hair Club. I had asked how they were able to build such tall buildings, when that same red light from before burst from the sky and struck him on the head! The Poptropican’s hair was vaporized in an instant, and I had to duck through the front doors of the Hair Club to save my beautiful locks from a similar fate.

To my surprise, many Poptropicans have also taken cover inside the building to save their own hair from the cursed beam of light! I met Cool Tiger there, and I think her name was very fitting, for she did not look in the least bit concerned about the hazardous hair removal occurring outside. Cool indeed.

I took her photo to add to my collection before she left to conquer the mysterious light on her own! A very, very cool customer.

That was definitely one cool photograph! Don’t forget to check out the post below for another one with Astro-Knights Island!

19 thoughts on “Say Roar, Cool Tiger!”

    1. Go to the Tourist Center on Shark Tooth Island and some tourists will be wearing cameras. Easter egg: one of the tourists is Professor Pendulum, the man who invented the time machine in Time Tangled Island.

    1. I saw that too! If you click the link on the sidebar (on the PCB) ,that has the T-shirts, that says Poptropica; It will lead to other T-shirts. I like the one with the ninja that says “I’m Awesome”. πŸ˜›

      1. The golden touch is only for children 6 to 8 or something.

  1. It’d be cool if I got featured in Snapshot Sagas!

    On the other hand…600,00 hits? But…but.. I thought it was 0.5 just a moment ago!!! πŸ˜€

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