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Zazzle T’s and More Blog Updates!

Need some new clothes? Now’s the time to update your wardrobe!

Poptropica has created some awesome T-shirts you can buy on Thanks for the update, Jake – interested in getting one? is a website where you can buy real-life merchandise from many companies, and now Poptropica itself has an account there! Check out their online store here: Here’s a picture of Shark Boy in his “Brief Encounters” shirt!

There’s a lot to choose from: I’m B.A.D., Poptropica Logo, Poptropica Laugh, and many more! Did you buy one? Tell us about it!

Want the Golden Touch?

This Golden Touchlets you turn every Poptropican you want to into gold! Thanks for this update, Mood Claws. It’s similar to the Pink Painter, which you can learn about here:

Find out how to get the Golden Touch in this post:

Both the Creators’ Blog and the Poptropica Help Blog have received a few updates. Let’s start with the Creators’ ones:

The one and only
After a Poptropica Creator finishes their post, it usually ends with, for example, “Posted by Shark Boy at 2:36 PM”. This has now changed to (using the same example): “The one and only Shark Boy at 2:36 PM”. Cool! 🙂

Love it, Like it, Not interested
You can now vote about your reaction of each and every Poptropica Creators’ Blog post! Under where it says, “The one and only…” (details above), there’s a line where it says, “Reactions:”. Next to it are 3 options, each with a box beside it: Love it, Like it, Not interested. Click on the box beside it to vote that option! Currently, you can vote for as many as you want (you can even vote all 3). If you want to take back your vote, simply click on the box again! There is also a number in parentheses beside each option, which shows how many people had voted for that option. 😛

Zazzle Widget
On the side of the Creators’ Blog is their new Zazzle widget! This currently displays some of the T-shirts they are selling, and at the top, written in white with a blue background, are the words, “Poptropica T-shirts and More!” There is also a bright star next to it, and there’s one for the “Blog Archives” section too. It looks a lot nicer that way! 😀

Now for the PHB’s updates!

Believe it or not, we have already reached 600,000+ hits! Less than a month ago, we’d reached 500,000. Amazing! I’m finding it pretty hard to believe myself, but it really is true! 😯 Check out this post for the 500,000 milestone news:

You may have noticed: We have 4 new buttons in one of our widgets on the right side! Let me explain them.

Vote for me!
This button is from, a blog directory. Clicking on that button will bring you to a page where you can vote for us, which can help us increase our number of hits and get more people interested. Vote now!

This button is also from, like the one mentioned above. This shows our ranking within the “Internet” category of, among the other Internet-related blogs that have signed up in the directory. The higher the number, the better it is! Check out the list!

This button is from, and it is also a blog directory. Clicking on the button brings you to a page that shows the top rankings of the “Gaming News” category. Check out the list!

This button is from, another blog directory. This simply proves that we are listed in the BlogCatalog website. Check out our profile there!

Other Recent Posts
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And of course, remember to check back tomorrow for another PHB Sneak Peek, which only comes every Sunday!

31 thoughts on “Zazzle T’s and More Blog Updates!”

  1. Very cool T-Shirts! Have you noticed that there is a new front to the Poptropica website? they changed it a bit. Check it out!

      1. no offense legodude12 but i rele doubt poptropica is going 2 hv its own tv show. unless a miracle happens and everybody starts to LOVE poptropica.

      1. i didnt think about what it would be about, but there r way too many video games out there already. besides you wont have to pay for a tv show. well theres the eletric bills…

  2. Sorry, i know theres a post on it, but how do you get the golden touch? I’ve looked at the post and i don’t see anything new.

    Scary Tomato: Reread the part about the golden touch again (at the top), and you’ll find a link to tell you how. 😉

    1. What you do is:
      !. Make sure your character’s age is 6-8 years old. If it is, on Spy Island, Early Poptropica Island, and 24 Carrot Island, you will see an ad building shaped like a treasure chest. If you can’t se that, make a new character.
      2. Look on Spy Island, Early Poptropica Island, and 24 Carrot Island. On Spy Island, look on top of the Agent HQ Building. You will see a pirate. Talk to him, and play the cannon game. When you win, you will get a part of a key. On Early Poptropica Island, look on top of the Pop Art Museum. There is also a pirate there. Talk to him and play the puzzle game. when you complete the game, you get another key part. On 24 Carrot, look on top of Charlie’s Surplus Store. There is a pirate there. Talk to him and find your way to the hole in the labyrinth game. You get the last part of the key. (P.S. You don’t have to do these in order. ) Now go to the treasure chest ad and walk inside. Explore, and look for a sign with a gold Poptropican that says, “Click here to get the GOLDEN TOUCH!” Click to get the Touch.

  3. Am I the only one who can’t get into multiplayer rooms? When I try, it says,” Sorry, this room is not available now.”

      1. Really? I thought it could hold more than that. Plus if a room is full, they could just put you in another one.

    1. Grey Lizard, Shaggy Tornado, Cheerful Claw –

      A multiplayer room can only hold up to 6 people at a time, as Shaggy Tornado said. Grey Lizard’s situation is a loading problem, and has nothing to do with the fullness of a room. (You might want to clear your cache to fix this.) Cheerful Claw is also right – if a room is full, they just make another “server”. That’s why it can be hard to meet your friends on Poptropica sometimes.

      Hope that helped a bit. Anyway, let’s get back on topic. 😉

  4. My fave’s the Smile Dark t-shirt! :mrgreen:
    Is the only place you can buy them online right now?

    Scary Tomato: As far as I know of, yes, that’s the only place. 😉

  5. i think the picture of Shark Boy looks really funny i think! LOL! 😆 (no offense to people who don’t)

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