7 thoughts on “Meet the characters of HAXE Javascript”

  1. The pre designed characters remind me of Moshi Monsters. (Of course, I haven’t actually played it, so it maybe different)

    I hope that we will still be able to name our Poptropicans though

  2. Perfect Fish here; thank you for the mention! I’m glad my screenshots were of some help, but now you’ve blown Ultramar’s cover, haha! Looking at him without his name, the uninformed might not have figured out he’s a Javascripter. He’s currently doing Monster Carnival after he was mysteriously kicked out of the HAXE world, but otherwise he’s doing all right for a clone of the original Old School template. I forgot to tell you that new customizable characters with names can still be made on the mobile app too. The selection screen is still the same as it was pre-Javascript. Anyone who wants to keep unique names and customization has a third option! Take care everyone.

  3. I dislike that they are playing into tired stereotypes. Pop used to be fresh and random and open to whatever you wanted.

    Like, why can’t the girl be “Got Game” she might be a real jock, y’know? Why can’t the guy with the afro be “Girl Power” – maybe that’s what he really believes in.

    This used to be a game where you could show up to the scary island dressed like a hot dog and it made a cool new sense. Now it’s just playing into bad cliches and stereotypes about race, gender and other silly stuff. And pushing it onto kids instead of letting them make their own way, look, style.

    1. That’s an interesting point. There was something charming about the randomized character that you’d be given during the old character creation process, which you could change both during the creation process and after.

      Now they’re trying to simplify it so the customization comes later. So, you can still dress up however you like, but it’s no longer part of step one. And this new direction may appear to bring simplicity, but other new players might want to mull over their character before committing to one.

      1. Costumizing is the one thing Pop does that is unique and innovative. And it was established in the old creation process right from the start how it works: the character is made of parts and those parts can change easily and without any barriers, assumption, nor expectations.

        Now, it was replaced with scripted characters that come loaded with assumptions but more importantly: made by somebody else and somebody else’s ideas about people.

        Pop is becoming increasingly stale and generic and I don’t see why. There was nothing wrong whatsoever with the previous process. In fact, adding more parts to the random mix means if a player wanted to they could make any of the new fixed characters. That way, if there really is something truly good and compelling about them, a player can decide that – but also, the rest of the possibilities are available too! The only thing this new system does is reduce options and what the game can do and has done. Of alllllll the things buggy, frustrating and wrong with Pop, the costumizing system was not one of them. It was liberating.

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