Winning a competition as tough as the Poptropolis Games takes more than talent. It takes a burning desire to win. Do you have the fiery passion to join the Wildfire?

official tribe colors: red & orange

Common room

~thanks to Nasan Hardcastle for the image! click to enlarge.


Welcome to the Wildfire house – if you can take the heat. A round, glowing furnace with the tribe emblem sits on the lowest floor, connected to steaming pipes and turning wheels.

In the center of this steampunk room’s top floor is a mysterious piano with a giant bird structure attached to its top. You can even play a few notes on it, and music will descend from the beak. Wings made of pipes are stretched on either side, and the head is a can with warrior-helmet attachments. Hot!

What team?! WILDFIRE!

In 2013, Poptropicans helped raise the Poptropolis Games — but the one tribe with the most points was the Wildfire. For their contributions, they have been immortalized with a monument on Main Street of Poptropolis Games Island. Congratulations, Wildfire!


Check out this concept art of the Wildfire logo from the PHB’s Daily Pop sneak peek archive, plus enjoy a closeup of the common room’s bird-piano contraption!

A poll conducted by the Poptropica Creators in 2012 revealed that Wildfire was the most popular tribe in Poptropica, with over 45% of Poptropicans showing their support. Perhaps there is something to these eternally burning flames that seems to enchant the population…

visit our Tribes page to learn more about the other tribes! 🙂
are you part of the Wildfire? show your support in the comments below!

302 thoughts on “Wildfire

    • GreedyShadow says:

      Oh yeah, I just realized that due to the new friends page, it is now impossible to go to a tribe common room unless if you use one of those common room transporters in the PBH site (not sure if it has tribe common rooms). I “think” the common room transporters are either in the “Gliches” page or the “Pop Plus” page.

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