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Community Creations: January 2019


Hello once again everyone! Spotted Dragon here bringing you the January recap for Community Creations! January’s theme was magic and the featured work is not in any particular order. Be sure to check out all the featured artists!

No clue what’s going on? Go see our intro post.

Top 5 Picks

The Phoenix by Magniventris

Magniventris - The Phoenix.png

Amazing colors right off the bat! With Raven being a fan favorite, there’s no wonder why fans are jumping to redesign his character with fun, feathery twists. The warm color pallet used in this piece works well with Raven’s brand new aesthetic, and the posing is fairly dynamic. Plus, the deep, dark shadows give the drawing a dramatic look! Great work! Be sure to find the artist on Discord.

Creepy Brain Transformation by Meganf123456

meganf123456 - creepy brain transformation

Talk about dramatic shading! The dark lighting of this piece provides it with an intense, mysterious tone that’s hard to match. Plus, the intense lighting of the characters really emphasizes them! The bright saturation is eye catching, and the other cool effects that were implemented truly makes this one feel magical. Find her DeviantArt here.

The Legend of Ramona by shinyb1rd

shinyb1rd - the legend of ramona (plus story)

From a time long forgotten, There was a girl named Ramona who originally belonged to a struggling peasant family under the rule of a Kingdom known for its corrupt leadership and greed. One day, the Kingdom fell suddenly after abruptly coming under attack by an unknown tribe who demonstrated to have mystical powers. The tribe killed everyone in their path: including Ramona’s parents and siblings. Before Ramona’s parents were executed, however, they put a mysterious necklace on her that they had kept stashed away secretly. Ramona, just a baby, was spared by the tribesmen and was taken away from the now fallen Kingdom to the lost lands of Lezvoya (les-voy-ah), A legendary country known for beautiful forests and powerful magic. Ramona was presented to the then queen of Aktesh, the most prominent tribe in Lezvoya. The queen, named Dara, agreed to raise her as her own. It wasn’t long before the queen noticed her necklace: it had unusual markings, and made her feel uneasy when she examined it… CONTINUE READING

Super interesting! Not only does this submission come with a spectacular story, but a spectacular costume to match! Though the story is a rough draft, it shows clear potential and dedication from the author. Both the short story and outfit definitely bring their magical elements into focus right away, intriguing the viewer’s curiosity. Well done, keep it up! Be sure to catch the author in the comment section.

Purple the Magical Princess by xXLilAngel2004Xx

xxlilangel2004xx - purple the magical princess

Super cute! Magical girls are nothing new in media, but have definitely become a classic. Poptropica’s big eyes and head match perfectly with this adorable design, and in turn match with the artist’s style. The pastel color scheme is in line with the cutesy tone, and really brings harmony to the otherwise busy piece. Amazing job! Find her DeviantArt here.

Aqua Tooth Fairy by Poptropica Girl

poptropica girl (magic heart) - aqua tooth fairy

An eye-catching costume to say the least! With the growth of Poptropica Worlds, it’s super cool to see the creativity of fans in the new game. The color scheme is bright and bold—a characteristic not too unfamiliar to magic. Furthermore, the colors work very well together, and pair nicely with the more modern outfit. The simple design makes me want to know more about the character! Great work! Be sure to catch the designer in the comment section.

Honorable Mentions

Such a variety of wonderful submissions this month! Exceptionally magical! 😀

February: How do I Participate?

Community Creations is a cool series for anyone in the Poptropica community to join in on. To sum up what it’s about, it’s basically a chance to show off your artwork, creepy fan-fics, Pop clubhouses, costumes, and anything else that pops into your mind.

If we really like the piece you submit, we will feature it here on the PHB! As long as it relates to that month’s theme. So what is February’s theme? February’s theme is…


With the introduction of pets into Poptropica Worlds, it’s not surprising to see this theme arise. Moreover, pets are a big part of many people’s lives! So why not give them a spotlight this month? No matter the animal, pets are a beloved part of any family.

But what exactly can you submit then? Lots of stuff of course! Draw your IRL pet in a Poptropica art style perhaps! Or maybe design an entirely new Poptropica pet? Even write a story about the mischief your new furry friend gets into, or draw a dynamic scene of your Poptropican and new partner in crime! Anything related to pets and Poptropica goes, so get creating! 😛


  • Comment below with a link to whatever you’ve created OR share it with me (SydVC aka Spotted Dragon) on DeviantArtTwitter, or Discord.
  • Results: I will feature 5 of the submissions as well as 3 honorable mentions.
  • Limitations: Nothing NSFW, and make sure you relate to the theme.
  • Due Date: I will take any entries before the end of this month. Submit as many things as you’d like!

I will always be sure to let you know I have seen your creation. Bonus points if you make a compelling description for your piece! While quality counts, I’m mainly looking for something to simply catch my eye, so don’t be afraid to join in!

So what are you waiting for? Go make something awesome!


Pop Petitions

Pop Petition: What We Want From Islands

Pop Petition Header

Yep, Pop Petitions is making its rounds again because lately, fans have faced some disappointment. We’ve had multiple posts voicing concerns about Pop Worlds, but right now we are going to focus on the main feature Poptropica has to offer: islands.

Islands and their adventures are what Poptropica is all about, so that’s what the Creators should really be putting effort into, right? Poptropica is a game, so game play really counts. However, some of the game play in Poptropica Worlds has been lacking, as we’ve talked about in previous island reviews.

#1: In-Depth Storylines

Shouldn’t this request speak for itself? The storyline of an island is arguably its most important aspect. We’ve seen some captivating tales in the past, from Ghost Story to Arabian Nights and other fan favorites, but recent islands have been less than enthralling.


Though this is a kids game, it is still important to keep the players attention. With a story that leaves you on the edge of your seat, a player is dying to solve the puzzle and keep the adventure going. Without this, an island can seem like a chore. Things can’t be too rushed, nor can they be too drawn out.

An example that most can agree on that is lacking in storyline would probably be Crisis Caverns. While it contains an interesting idea and some cool scenes, there is no development or intriguing plot twists. The whole story seems a bit flat, which is especially disappointing when looking back at some of Poptropica Original’s in depth adventures. Further thoughts on this are expressed in our Crisis Caverns Review.

#2: Gameplay Itself

With Poptropica’s click-based controls, advanced motion is certainly limited. As previously said, the storyline is what makes most islands interesting. Still, the gameplay is a big part of a game, and it seems a bit lacking in some islands.


Some elements are definitely not bad, but also overused (chase scenes being the most notable). Minigames like these can be irritating on a slow computer, for sure, but also don’t present a huge challenge. In fact, many people report glitches in their playthroughs, resulting in having to play minigames all over again. But what else is new?

Though cut scenes and minigames are fine, I do think Poptropica should focus on one thing in particular: puzzles. Being a kids game (that is supposed to be educational), I believe puzzles would be a lot more beneficial as gameplay elements. We’ve certainly seen these before, in islands like Nabooti and Spy Island, but they don’t always get the credit they deserve, nor are they utilized to the best of their ability.

#3: Character Development

Characters are also a big part of the Poptropica world, resulting in countless pieces of fan art and fan fiction. We all have our favorite villains and side characters, but some aren’t built upon too much. There are our main four villains, along with some other diamonds in the rough, but other than that many characters are fairly 2D.


We do see development in some classic Poptropica Original adventures, but it has really gone down hill in recent islands. While this does allow fans to build up backstories and orientations with their own headcanons, we don’t get confirmation about theories or personality traits.

Character development is a big part of getting a player to actually care about the people and plot. Adding depth to even a minor Poptropican through their dialogue, significance, appearance, etc. can add layers of interest and detail. We’d love to see more of that so our fan fiction can be accurate and consistent!

#4: Easter Eggs & Interaction

Though not necessary, easter eggs and little interactive features can spark a lot of interest. We actually got to see a lot of this in Greek Sea Odyssey, from Wonder Woman’s appearance to funny treasure chests and quotes. And that’s what I like to see, no matter how small!


It may not add to storyline or character development that much, but it still enhances the entire environment. Since exploring every clickable object isn’t necessary to complete an island, it can make a dedicated player feel rewarded when a secret is found. These features can be hilarious and references to other fandoms can make fans feel great.

It was amazing to see these features in such a recent island, especially since they’ve been a bit rare in the past. However, it is important that they do not detract from the storyline! Way more effort needs to be put into the main adventure before extra elements are added.

#5: Visuals, Audio, & Dialogue

Thankfully, Poptropica’s visuals and audio have been stunning for a long time. Though some dialogue can be lacking, even it can be quite funny. Still, recent departures of well known Creators can be worrying when it comes to the preservation of these elements.


Visuals, audio, and dialogue are key in making a player really feel a part of a game. Though no more important than the storyline, they can make or break the mood of an environment. Wouldn’t it be weird if music from Monster Carnival was playing on Galactic Hot Dogs Island? *shivers*

There isn’t much to complain about here, because Poptropica is often breathtaking in this category. But let’s keep it that way! With the decline of other gaming elements, it is vital that these don’t go downhill too.

Remember that this post isn’t meant to bash the Creators, but instead voice the opinions and suggestions of fans. We all want Poptropica to be as awesome as possible!

So, what are your thoughts? Do you agree with our list? What do you want to see in future Poptropica Worlds Islands? Be sure to let us know what other Pop Petitions we should make as well!


Clubhouse, Home Island

Poptropica House Tour: Spotted Dragon

house tour sd

Remember Slanted Fish’s House Tour? Well, I’m here to continue the series and give you guys a look into my Poptropica Worlds house! While the other PHB authors frantically do some spring cleaning to make their rooms presentable, we encourage all readers to join in as well. Send in a guest post to feature your house on the PHB!

Anyway, make yourself feel at home! I don’t have membership to make the place real fancy, but I do have some pretty cool decor if I do say so myself.

The first thing you’ll see when walking in is certainly the chandelier over the front door. Gotta have something a bit fancy, right? Anyway, keep walking and you’ll find the main living area, where my friends and I most commonly hang out. This is where I keep my drum kit and arcade machine (complete with a stool for spending hours on a high score), despite my lack of skill in both areas. There’s also some wall art (to make the place more spiffy), my closet (near the front door since I’m lazy when it comes to quick outfit changes), and a soccer ball (for any quick games).

house tour 1

On the other end of the first floor, we have the kitchen for all my snacking needs. You got a fridge, table, trashcan, mounted microwave, basically everything you’d need. And with this place all to myself, I can’t eat a meal without watching some TV on the big screen.

house tour 2

Going up either set of stairs, you’ll pass some of my favorite photographs, both taken on some wild adventures across Poptropica! It’s not Spotted Dragon’s house without some photography.

On the second floor is where the magic happens. It’s a creation station! An easel for painting and a piano for playing. Complete with windows for some natural lighting, and a fan because I need a number one fan to boost my self esteem for when it gets hot. And who doesn’t love house plants? Let’s just hope I remembered to feed the one on the far right…

house tour 3

Going to the third floor, to the left is my trophy room! You may call it self centered, but I call it self love. Awards from every island are kept here (which continues to grow), along with some cool statues I’ve collected. Of course, I have another photo hung up, but I also have a tapestry I bought from another island.

house tour 6

Lastly, we have my bedroom! It’s got everything I need on a late Saturday morning. My cozy bed of course, my dresser, but let’s not forget about my books and computer! The latter I do need for work, though I admit I get distracted with video games all the time.

house tour 7

My bathroom is behind the door in my bedroom, but there’s no need to go in there on a tour… TMI. The rest of the doors in my house are mainly for storage and clutter.

Welp, that wraps things up! Good thing I showed you everything when I did, because a glitch keeps moving my stuff around and sometimes even removing it from my inventory. Ah well.

I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes glance into my life! Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to interact even more with some of our furniture in the future?

Remember to read about Slanted Fish’s aquarium house if you haven’t already, and be sure to check out how to submit a post of your own! Until next time!


Pop 5

Pop 5: Best Poptropica Worlds Features

Pop 5 Worlds Features Header

Hello everyone, Spotted Dragon here with another post on Poptropica Worlds! But here’s the twist… Lots of people, including myself, have been focusing on the game’s negative features. While those features shouldn’t be ignored, it really isn’t fair of us to negate all the positive things that Worlds has going for it!

This update has been huge and there is still a long way to go for it, so while we deserve to be skeptical, we also have to look on the bright side. Thankfully, there are still a lot of people looking into every pro and con of Poptropica Worlds, including a newbie interview that provides a very refreshing perspective on the matter.

Without further ado, let’s get into our Pop 5 Best Poptropica Worlds Features!

#5: Houses


Yes, the house brought along its own fair share of glitches. And yes, not everyone was thrilled to hear that they were being added either. Still, the idea has wandered through many minds at one point or another. The dream of a home in Poptropica has been hidden away in the back of Poptropicans’ heads for quite some time.

This feature, like others, has a lot of unused potential as of right now, but it brought something new and exciting to the world of Poptropica. It’s nice to have a building we can each call home. Who doesn’t love personalizing stuff in video games?

#4: The Quest Log

quest log

Despite the glitches it currently has, the quest log is actually a pretty cool addition to Poptropica. It gives the player a good idea of how far they’ve gotten through an island and helps to remind us what we have to do next. The latter is especially useful if you’ve been away from the game for quite some time.

Thankfully for us, it doesn’t give away too much of the story-line and doesn’t just give away the solution to any problem faced on your quest. In addition to the quest log, the new dialogue format allows for reading text at your own pace, which used to be a problem. Though it too has its flaws, these kinds of features make for less speed-bumps while you’re gaming!

#3: The Closet

closet pw

The closet we have now is not like the members only one in original Poptropica, but that doesn’t immediately mean it’s bad. In fact, in many ways it’s very useful! We can’t save outfits like we used to, but everything we buy in the new Store is organized with this feature.

Our old backpack was arranged by date and by alphabetical order, but it was still very hard to find things when the bag was bursting at its seams. At least the closet provides us with easy access to the clothes we bought, since everything is divided into categories. It’s not without glitches yet and when we all get to the point where we have too many clothes to count, there will surely be problems, but in my opinion it’s nice to have pants with pants and shirts with shirts.

#2: Buying Individual Apparel


Not something you notice right away when playing the game, but still a significant change when heading to buy clothes. In the past, Poptropicans have had to spend big bucks on costumes in the store, even if they were only interested in a certain piece of that outfit. Say I liked the shorts on one costume and the shirt of another, I would have to spend a ton of credits on both in the Store.

With the Store’s new setup, you can buy each accessory separately, at a fraction of the entire outfit’s price. I know saying that just makes me sound like an annoying ad, but it really is a big money saver when you want to create a totally unique character design.

That being said, you do have to spend a lot when you do want the whole outfit. Plus, not all facial features are for sale and many things are for members only. It’s also important to point out that you can buy any costume now too, since they aren’t gender specific anymore!

#1: Art Direction

crisis caverns explorers wanted

I know, I know, lots of you probably disagree with this one. We are all used to our neckless, fingerless, shoeless old Poptropicans. A lot has changed with our characters’ looks, that’s true, but we can’t deny the artwork’s improvement just because we don’t like some design decisions. Just a glance at the game as a whole reveals how much the design’s quality has been enhanced.

Originally, the game had a very 2D feel to it. While Poptropica Worlds is obviously still a 2D game, the effort put into shading our characters and the detail put into scenes creates a lot more depth than what was previously drawn.

This is especially shown through the animations implemented in our characters, like when they get bored from lack of movement, which gives them a more realistic, life-like feel. It’s shown in the beautiful scenes from Crisis Caverns as well, despite how you may feel towards the island’s storyline.

Do you agree with our Pop 5 Best Poptropica Worlds Features? Let us know what you like about Poptropica Worlds in the comments! Until next time! 😛


Membership, Poptropica Worlds

Is Poptropica becoming pay-to-play?

Hey Poptropicans, it’s Slanted Fish, and I’m here to talk about a question that’s been asked more and more lately: Is Poptropica becoming a pay-to-play game?

Now, Poptropica has always been a free game, and hopefully, it always will be. However, that line is becoming more blurred than it used to be, and that’s concerning.

Earlier this week, a big update was released on Poptropica Worlds, offering tons of cool new features, both expected and unexpected. We got costumes, house expansions, the Colorizer, and new furniture. There was just one major issue… most of it was for members only.

popworlds summer update 1

You might not have seen that coming from the Creators’ Blog’s breakdown of the news, which didn’t once reference membership. But let’s take a look at the facts:

  • 2 Color Changing Outfits: When you go to select the individual parts you want to buy, you’ll find that half of each outfit is for members only.
  • 8 Summer Outfits: Of these eight outfits, four of them (that’s half!) are for members only in their entirety, while the other four are completely available to all. You only find out that they’re members only when you click the costume to see the individual parts.
  • House Expansions: For members only. We did see this one coming from the descriptions for membership, though.
  • Colorizer: Those alluring “endless color options”? Members only. Non-members are stuck with a six-color palette for skin tones and another for hair.
  • Beach Decor: 19 new items, literally all of them for members only. Interestingly, the key and wallpapers are free for members, but the other items still cost coins.

Not since the Members Only Islands (which, by the way, has won “Worst Poptropica Update” in the Poppies community awards two times) has there been a massive update that’s been so… member-centric. And for many Poptropicans, that’s a huge turn-off.

Since the update, many have voiced out their criticisms, including LillySparkle$ on the Pop Blog, Purple Claw on Clawtropica, and those in the PHB comments. Some players have compared it to Club Penguin, which was notorious for a gameplay experience that amounted to waddling around and making new enemies if you weren’t a member.

The Poptropica Creators have responded on social media, but gave a more detailed reply about the situation on Purple Claw’s post:

pophq comment

It’s good to know the Creators are still taking our thoughts into account and re-assuring us that Poptropica will continue to be “a free game that can be enjoyed by all.” I definitely agree that the Poptropica Creators deserve to be compensated for their hard work, as do creators of all kinds who make quality, enjoyable content.

If you’re looking at Poptropica gameplay as being able to play islands, then Poptropica isn’t becoming pay-to-play. In fact, they’ve even gotten rid of having to wait through a members-only Early Access period for a new island on Worlds, which is a plus.

Why are we worried about membership then?

Remember, though, that the Poptropica experience is more than islands: it’s also customizing your character and your house. In that sense, the focus on membership that is so evident in this update, as well as other aspects of Pop Worlds, remains disconcerting for many Poptropicans – and for good reason.

A big reason is that, on Worlds, more of the experience has been put behind a paywall – compared to Poptropica Original, where many more aspects were accessible to all, including aspects that are now for members only on Worlds. This includes the endless Colorizer and certain costumes like the Dark Knight and Midnight Ninja, as PHB commenter GreedyShadow points out. Shouldn’t they be free on Worlds too?

Another concern is simply that it’s hard for some players to get memberships. Many Poptropica players are kids without money, who were attracted to Poptropica because it provided quality entertainment for free. Many parents may be reluctant to spend their money on a membership for their kids, and it can be hard to ascertain the value of, say, having an extra beach-themed room in your virtual house. Or as another commenter, Icy Cloud put it, “I don’t exactly want to use my money to buy pixels on a screen!”

PHB staffer and Poptropica member Silver Wolf has a different complaint: the allure for membership is worse than before, not better. “Despite paying for membership with real money, I still have to collect enough credits to buy all the items I want, rather than them being free as before. To me, it seems as if they’re just making it worse for everyone,” she says. Members do get a 20% discount, but perhaps that amount could increase.

So, what’s a Poptropica Creator to do for cash?

Honestly, it’s hard to say, especially without knowing the numbers of how much they’re getting and wanting. Given the market of kids, however, I’d advise against them putting all their proverbial eggs into one basket, that being the basket of membership. They’ve experimented with other things before, and they should continue to find ways to get financial support outside of paid subscriptions, which not all players are able to get.

They should keep doing creative ad partnerships with other companies wanting to advertise on Poptropica. Players have always enjoyed getting fun ad prizes and playing games in new buildings.

They should work on more awesome merch, from toys to books, particularly with a range of aesthetics beyond just childish: they can be cute like Disney Tsum Tsum toys or inspired by trending designs, like what you’d find in a Hot Topic store.

They could even open a Patreon or other funding page and offer exclusive perks – like specially-made costumes, house decor, or signed copies of the graphic novels. This gives those who are donating a more visible sense that they are contributing to the success of a game they love, while offering them good incentives that don’t interfere with everyone else’s game experience.

Now back to the players…

If you are a Poptropica player who loves the game and who has the means, please consider supporting the game! The Poptropica Creators do work hard to create a great and generally free product, but they still need money to keep things running.

If you can, support their work by buying the graphic novels or other Pop books, bringing home a new Pop toy, or even (gasp) getting a membership. You don’t even need a credit card anymore thanks to the apps – if you have credit from an iTunes or Play Store gift card, you can make an in-app purchase for membership. For a list of other Poptropica merch you can buy, take a look at our Merchandise guide.

Regardless of the existence of some paid content, however, Poptropica will remain free to play for all. Hopefully, the Creators will take this feedback and continue to consider the full gaming experience – not just with islands, but also with customization of house and character – in relation to non-members and the higher amount of free access we could enjoy on Poptropica Original. From the Creators’ comments, we can be assured that the game will continue to put out fun content for both free and paying players.

Thanks for reading! What are your thoughts on the colorful new Worlds updates? What might convince you to get a membership, if possible – or what’s stopping you from getting one? What suggestions do you have for the Creators to make membership an attractive option that does not detract from the non-members’ experiences?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and the Creators may check them out and consider them for future updates!

Keep popping,

~slantedfish 🐠