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Pop Petition: What We Want From Pop Worlds, Pt. 2

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Hello once again Poptropicans! Spotted Dragon here with the second installment of our new Pop Petitions series! We received a lot of feedback on our last petition post and I’m thrilled to see not only all the support expressed for this series but also to be hearing all of your shared concerns.

If you aren’t familiar with this series, it is basically a compilation of what the PHB authors and community want to see happen in Poptropica.

No one is fully adjusted to Poptropica Worlds yet and with all the changes it brought with it, there is no way we could fit all of our thoughts in just one post. I mean, we’ve already made more than our fair share of reviews on the subject. Anyway, this will serve as a continuation of our last petition, so let’s just jump in!

#1: Imported Outfits

I have a sneaking feeling that your eyes might have lit up when first reading the title of this section. We all miss our old Poptropican’s outfit, especially those of us who have an iconic look. When Poptropica Worlds was first announced, we were reassured that our accounts could be imported, but recently we realized that did not include our old costumes.

Brave Tomato - PHB Pixels
Awesome pixel renditions of the PHB team from Brave Tomato.

Granted, it’s obviously not a surprise that we lost our old style. It would be a big stretch to assume that each bit of clothing we know and love would get revamped for Pop Worlds, but that doesn’t lessen our loss. Everyone still wants their old clothes back, but the Creators have said that that will not be happening.

It was a long shot to hope for direct transportation of our original designs, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask for at leastย more costumes to purchase. Specifically, more costumes with clothing that’s as similar as possible to a lot of original Poptropica looks. Even more specifically, more costumes that are available to everyone and not only members. I mean… I just want my blue hoodie back guys.

#2: Interaction

When it comes down to it, Poptropica is a game. More on that, Poptropica Worlds is supposed to be better than the original, right? And that means improved game-play. This not only means better interaction in our quests, but better interaction in average scenes as well.


I think we all know that Crisis Caverns Island was lacking in some categories, but we go into more detail on that in our review. However, I do need to bring up the fact that the quest had very minimal elements of interaction. There were lots of things that looked like platforms that actually couldn’t be jumped onto for example.

I’m not only talking about limitations in exploration, but simple fun features too. I think it would be much more interesting to have things in our houses that we can actually use for instance. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to flip through TV channels (I’d love to watch some Bucky Lucas clips), or serve yourself some ice cream, or play pong on your computer, or design your own posters, or anything like that? Even hidden Easter eggs like the old Hypnotic Costume can spark interest.ย Little things like this can be what really make a game unique and while it’s not a necessity, I think it would enhance Poptropica World’s whole experience.

#3: Glitch Improvement

No, calm down glitching community, I don’t mean to take away your fun. Actually, I’m talking about fixing all the unwanted glitches. Of course it is inevitable for a game still in progress to have a multitude of problems, but there are some big ones that I think need addressing as soon as possible.


Yes, we are all familiar with the “Bleachy Boy” glitch by now, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Many other problems have been reported, spanning from flying through walls to disappearing items. Some of these problems have quick fixes, like just refreshing the page, but others have stopped players from completing Crisis Caverns indefinitely and have made simply enjoying the game impossible.

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until a majority of these problems get fixed, but at the moment it is causing a big hassle for just about everyone. Not only is glitching a big dilemma, but so is lag and poor game response in general. Not that all this isn’t new, but eliminating stuff like this would improve the whole experience tremendously.

#4: Islands

This one is no surprise. In fact, it is guaranteed that Poptropica World’s has more islands in its future, since it wouldn’t be Poptropica without them. I can’t stress enough that I understand Pop Worlds is still new and so still has a long way to go. We aren’t expecting new islands immediately, but it’s still something to look forward to.


Similar to importing our old costumes, I’m sure we’d all love to see some of our old favorite islands get added to this new world. Another big dream, I know, but still a nice thought. While original Poptropica is still up, it’s in the shadow of Pop Worlds now and we simply don’t want to see our old adventures fade away.

Islands and their story lines take up the majority of Poptropica’s game play. With nothing left to do in game, players tend to quickly get bored and that is what leads to the game being forgotten. New islands can’t be pumped out each week, but the countdown to new releases is something we all get excited for.

#5: Costume Closet

This one shouldn’t be a big surprise either. It ties into us wanting more customizing options as well as us wanting the Friends page back. While “saving up to 30 outfits” was always a members only paradise, some of Poptropica’s oldest players will even remember the costume collector item card that allowed for the saving of a simple 3 outfits.


While we do technically already have a “closet” in Poptropica Worlds, it only holds the clothes that we have purchased through the store. When it becomes possible to customize random Poptropicans you meet on your adventures though, how will you save those awesome looks for later?

Whether or not we are able to save more of our looks in the future, I think one thing is clear to everyone: we want more customizing! Right now, we are stuck with whatever look we chose when we first logged in. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m regretting not choosing those rainbow shoes right about now…

Despite these setbacks, we still think Poptropica Worlds has a lot of good features as well as potential for more, as outlined in our last Pop Petition post and our Poptropica Worlds Review. This post isn’t meant to bad mouth the game, but simply to let the Creators know what their fanbase wants.

What about you guys? What improvements do YOU want to see on Worlds? Shout out your suggestions in the comments below!



22 thoughts on “Pop Petition: What We Want From Pop Worlds, Pt. 2”

  1. I’ve been playing on the original Poptropica for a pretty long time, and when I realized they’d be replacing it, I was kind of sad and excited. Every blog post (which usually only happened once a month) made me even more excited. And when I saw that they had released it, I freaked out, only to find that they had been working on this for two years and it wasn’t even that… fun. I really, REALLY wish they had kept the customizing option, including a couple of the powers and especially, the gum. The costumes aren’t that great, and I know it takes time, but what happened to the clothing competition and the winner’s costumes?
    I was pretty excited for that, hoping they would create them once Poptropica Worlds was released.
    Hopefully, they will create longer islands, cause Crisis Caverns was a bit shorter than I expected. I completed the island in about thirty minutes, which is a record for me. And when I saw you could go back underground and complete the island AGAIN without restarting, I was a little shocked that the creators hadn’t done anything to stop that, because everything happened automatically, causing me to be stuck and glitching around everywhere in this island unless I quit the game and restarted the island.
    I’m still disappointed, mainly because there isn’t much to do unless you love decorating your house. And what happened to the changes in selection at the shop? Didn’t the beach dude that’s standing outside of your house say they change the stock every so often? And what about the clothing? There is still no assurance they’ll do anything about that.
    Overall, this comment has turned into a speech, so I should probably shut up.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. (I just found your comment, which was detected as spam by the auto-moderation system, but no worries – it’s here now, and you make some good points.)

      First, to clarify something: the development time was closer to a year and a half, and they did build from scratch, so it’s understandable that we have what we do have now. But you’re right that they haven’t added the winning costume designs yet, and that is something that should’ve been done with a lot sooner.

      Crisis Caverns had its ups and downs, and you might be interested in reading our review of it here. The good news is, another island was just released – a remastered version of 24 Carrot – so you might be interested in checking that out as well. The gameplay isn’t that long, either, but it still feels like an improvement from the previous.

      The shop has had a few changes since opening day, though not that significantly. A new sword item was added to the decor shop, and right now there’s a promise for 8 new summer outfits in the clothing shop, though they mysteriously have yet to show up. Last month, they also added a few new outfits to the shop. So, we can probably expect some updates there from time to time. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. I want to change my mouth so much! I don’t care much about the hair, but I can’t go around with this ridiculously huge smile! Is a little smirk too much to ask?

  2. What I like to see come back/improve:

    Power cards (torch, electricity, COLORIZER)

    More appropriate idle animations

    A little more smoother mobility

    Special actions when pressing spacebar

    This might be a stretch but part two of Legendary Swords? ๐Ÿ˜

    Nice post though! ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. The only problem with that is that there are no item cards, so I don’t know how we could have a choice of what colors we want. Plus, we probably won’t hear the most satisfying sound of all time “whoo-whoo-whoo, DING”.

  3. Definitely agree with transferring costumes and smoother, and I want more of a poptropica feel to Worlds. I’m not a huge fan of houses since mine glitches and didn’t save- emailed support but still haven’t got any word. ๐Ÿ˜ž

    1. I think houses is a neat idea, but it hasn’t been glitch-free: on mine, there are some items I’ve bought which don’t show up on the “decorate” screen. It seems that if you have a long list of items in one category of furniture, you come to a point where it stops scrolling for the rest of what you have – at least, that’s the issue I have. I’ve emailed support too, and they said they’d made note of it, but it hasn’t been fixed yet.

  4. Am I like the only one who was never really mad that our old costumes do now come back? By the way Sleepy Dragon please make a the Pop petition come out every friday. I want something to replace the Meme Face Monday. Now we can have Pop Petition Friday. How does that sound like ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I admit I’m a bit sleepy right now but it’s actually Spotted Dragon. :mrgreen: Not sure if we can make this series come out every single Friday, but Pop Petitions will definitely continue!

      I know there’s nothing like PMFM, but we do have other cool series like Community Creations and our magazine that we hope you enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. I am so frustrated! The transfer pretty much just gave me my name. What good is a name without a signature look to go with it? I had an amazing look for my Poptropican, and they just threw it away! At least the other app gave me my name and my outfit!

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