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Pop 5: Big Things That Happened to Poptropica

(Hello, Poptropicans! This is a guest post written by Magic Sinker, who has her own site called The Poptastic Blog. Keep in mind that this list represents only the author’s opinions. Enjoy!)

Hi, Poptropicans, Magic Sinker here! Today I am going to do a Pop 5 post, which is, if you had no clue, a post in which a Poptropican writes a list about a topic on Poptropica, which in this case is Top 5 Best things that have happened to Poptropica! Let’s start!

#5: In the year 2007, Poptropica was released!


Behold, the inevitable truth that many overlook. Yes, this may seem like a small fact to you, but it’s the foundation for everything we’re talking about here!

Also in this year of 2007, this was the year Poptropica founder, Jeff Kinney, published the first Wimpy Kid book! The debut of the game also came with its first and only island at the time: Early Poptropica.

#4: The First Sound-Updated Island, Episodic Island, and Sponsored Island was released!

These three Islands are: Virus Hunter Island (first SUI), Survival Island (first episodic adventure), and Big Nate Island (first sponsored island). All three of these Islands are — believe me — very different when you first take a look at them, but even with their differences, they were all special in their own ways.

Personally, my favorite Island out of these three is Virus Hunter Island.

#3: Skinny Moon became the main author on the Creators’ Blog and the social media manager!


To all the new Poptropica players, there used to be a few other authors on the official Creators’ blog, such as Dr. Hare and Captain Crawfish, but now there is only one: Skinny Moon. This didn’t only happen on the Creators’ Blog, though.

For all the fans of Poptropica over the age of 13, the Poptropica Creators are on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, and a few other social media platforms. Skinny Moon herself has also been known to stop by Discord on occasion!

#2: The Poptropica Help Chat moved to Discord!


Some of us know that the PHC, which is the PHB’s chat hangout, used to be on Xat, but I think that Discord is the more convenient server option. You may already know about Discord, since the PHC recently had a party for Pride Month, but still, this is big!

Thanks to the ease of use with Discord, many more Poptropicans (including myself) were able to discover and chat with the friendly community of fellow Poptropicans.

#1: Poptropica Worlds arrived at last!


Yes, we definitely all know this and, sorry to say, but if you didn’t, where you hiding under a rock this past time? We had been waiting for a little more than a year, and a few months ago, the Poptropica Creators posted the sneak-peek teaser video which gave us the name Poptropica Worlds, instead of the mysterious “New Poptropica.”

Anyway, in May, the long-awaited reboot game finally debuted! Yay!

So, I hope you guys enjoyed my little list, and please tell me your opinion in the comments below. Bye!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Magic Sinker! If you did, be sure check out her site, The Poptastic Blog.

The Poptropica Help Blog welcomes interesting Poptropica insights from anyone in the Poptropica community with thoughts to share. You can find some tips and guidelines on our Write for the PHB page. We also encourage sharing blog posts on the PHC.

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4 thoughts on “Pop 5: Big Things That Happened to Poptropica”

  1. Great post Magic Sinker. The big things you listed are definitely historic milestones in the world of Poptropica. I don’t really agree with #2 though, it doesn’t seem that significant to me but perhaps it is to some.

  2. Awesome post! I’m, uh, not really sure the PHC is the best choice here, but good job anyway.

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