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In the Eyes of a Newbie: Poptropica Original vs Worlds

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newbie eyes

Hey guys, today I am here with a rather unusual yet interesting post: we’re going to see Poptropica from the eyes of a newbie who’s never played before.

Since most of us reading this have probably been with Poptropica for a while, our opinions about the new Worlds are heavily influenced by the Poptropica we’ve gotten to know. But have you ever wondered what Poptropica looks like in the eyes of a little kid playing for the first time? Which would he like better: the new or the classic?

We’re going to dive in by introducing my friend Super Bug (that’s his Poptropican name) – a seven-year-old boy who’s never played Pop – to the game of our childhoods.

To keep things even, this commentary is only about his play-throughs of one island on each: Monkey Wrench on the original, and Crisis Caverns on Worlds.

Poptropica Original

I got Super Bug started on this one first because I think it’s always better to start with the originals. I helped him pick a name and get the basic customization. Then, he went to the tutorial of Monkey Wrench Island and figured things out on his own.

He said he enjoyed the action, specifically when the Red Baroness throws the wrench at the airplane. He liked the controls of the game, like climbing and jumping: “I felt like a ninja playing it!” He thought that “the floating head is sorta creepy and sorta funny!” His favorite parts of playing were the action, solving problems, and the puzzles, such as the one with the rock and the crab.

His only complaint was that the Red Baroness was “mean and didn’t want them to win the race.” When I asked for any final word on the game, he gave the descriptive answer of “it was good.” So there you have it!

Poptropica Worlds

Design-wise, Super Bug said he liked Poptropica Worlds because they had “necks which made them less scary.” Like the original, he said he liked the mini games and challenges. He had so much fun!

He loved the geysers (water-shooting rock formations) you could jump on in Crisis Caverns. He enjoys the jumping because it was “much further than a human jump” and made you feel “like a superhero!” He loves the idea of houses as well and had lots of fun playing around with his!

He doesn’t like the difficulty of controls that was different from the first one. Overall, he said it was “good.”

The Verdict

Before I tell you which Poptropica he picked as the winner, I want to add in how Poptropica could actually be quite educational for kids. I never really noticed it before since I am older, but Super Bug had tons of fun reading the characters and giving them specific voices. He loved solving the problems and thinking of solutions. It was a really cool thing to see, and it took me by surprise!

So, when asked which one he liked better, he chose… both!?

And I am not making this up or anything. He played through both and said he couldn’t pick! He liked both for different reasons, and he thought the game was so fun! He loved every minute of playing both games! I am really excited to see him completing more and more islands.

Well that about sums up the first taste of both Poptropicas, as experienced by a seven-year-old. And because he is only seven, his answers and reviews on Poptropica aren’t the most complex or detailed, but that’s fine. What matters is that he had fun and enjoyed the game!

Hope this was an eye-opener for you guys! Let me know in the comments if you remember any first thoughts you had about Poptropica as a kid, or just your thoughts on the whole ordeal!

 Signing out,

Lills (Maroon Jumper)

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18 thoughts on “In the Eyes of a Newbie: Poptropica Original vs Worlds”

  1. It would of been a better reaction of the seven year old played Poptropica in the olden days where there was no sound. I remember when I was 6 I like like “wow this game does not have any sound”

  2. This was a cool post to read. It really enlightened me on what younger players view the game as. I do remember playing this game at 5, and loving the fun colors and design, even though I couldn’t beat the islands.

    1. They actually don’t, which you may see if you look close enough. But it’s not quite as noticeable, since they did make the heads a little closer to the bodies, so they seem attached. 😛

  3. Enjoyed this post! I remember being seven and playing Poptropica for the first time… I thought it was funny that they didn’t have necks and that their eyes were so big. XD

  4. Does anyone know that one time when you wonder why there are no new posts but you realize the top one is “featured”… 😐

    Anyway, nice post! When I first played Poptropica, I always thought the Poptropicans looked like cartoon frogs probably because of the big eyes and oval head.

    1. Yeah, I realize that’s a misconception that sometimes happens when we feature posts, so earlier I added into the post that you could scroll down to see newer ones. If you don’t want to miss a post, you can subscribe to our blog via email (see the sidebar). Or, check the Twitter timeline (also on the sidebar) since we’ll tweet about updates like new blog posts. 🙂

  5. Speaking of crisis caverns, has the egg bug been fixed yet? I still cannot get that egg. Suggestions?

    1. I’m not sure if it has been. The Creators do know about the bug, and have said that you must click in a very specific location (where that is, they did not say) to get it, so I guess the only suggestion is to keep clicking around until it works.

  6. Hey, it was nice to read a post in a different perspective. Not everyone is a pro, am I right?

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