What’s popping, Poptropican? Want to get fantastic at Poptastic? Pop on by and we’ll show you how.

To start a game of Poptastic on Poptropica, visit the Blast-off Arcade on Home Island and look for the Poptastic game machine in the lower left. This is a single player game, so it’s just you against the clock!

How to play

Pop all the balloon animals before they get too close! The more you can pop, the more points you get. Just tap the balloon creatures to pop them!

Tips & Tricks

You’ll be given 30 seconds to pop as many balloon babies as you can. (If they get real close, they’ll seem more like balloon grown-ups, and that can be a little scary.) Each satisfying pop gets you 10 points.

It helps to be aware of how the balloons move, so you can determine which ones to pop first. The red ones are the fastest, followed by the green ones, then the blue ones. The yellow balloons and the purple ones the slowest. The green frog balloons also move from right to left.

It’s best to pop the closer (bigger) ones first, as they’re more in danger of getting too close for comfort. If one of them gets too close, it’s game over!

When time is up, you’ll be presented with your score. How high can you go? Your high score is recorded on the game machine in the arcade, so you can always come back and try to beat it—along with the weekly high score!

Did you know? Poptastic first launched in 2015 on the Poptropica mobile app as an ad for the Poptropica comics.

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4 thoughts on “Poptastic”

  1. My highest score’s 770.

    Also, here’s a tip: If you have trouble moving your mouse back and forth really fast and still trying to hit your target like me, it’s a lot easier on the mobile app.

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