Escape from Monkeys and Balloons on mobile!

Hey Poptropicans! SR here.

I have big news for you today!

Remember the Daily Pop sneak peeks we had back in December about PopComics Island? Well, it didn’t turned out to be an island but instead, it became a mini-game advertisement on the Poptropica app! When you land on “Home Island”, you can spot the first mini-game called “Poptastic“. You may notice the balloon animals from the island Jorge and Oliver visited in the comics!

The game is quite simple. You just have to tap to pop the balloon animals on your screen before they get too close. The game runs for just 30 seconds then the animals will start to show up.

Here’s a tip: the red ones are the fastest, next are the green ones, then the blue ones, the yellow balloons and the purple ones the slowest. The green frog balloons also move from right to left.

When you successfully pop all the balloon animals, you will get a Balloon Animal Follower! There’s also a challenge left for us: can you beat the high scores 650, 600 and 580? I’m very curious on how these people got their scores in just thirty seconds. 😛

Anyways, here are some of the shots I took in-game! (Try clicking on the image to enlarge it.)

The second mini-game is called “Escape from Monkey Island”. The game is on the map and it is downloadable.

When you enter the mini-game, you may find a familiar scene—the wormhole that sucked Oliver and Jorge to Poptropica. You will be greeted by the monkeys of Monkey Island, telling you to leave and Oliver agrees with it. Jorge disagrees because he lost his things in the wormhole. Now, it’s your job to help him find it!

The game only runs for two minutes and the items are scattered around the temple.
Here are the locations of the items: the cheesy balls are by the temple entrance, the pants are on the tree at the top of the temple, the malt balls are on the tree far left of the temple, the soda is on the top right tree by the hot air balloon and the inhaler is just next to the hot air balloon. Now, click on the balloon to escape the island.

You will now receive the Coconut Power, which shoots coconuts similar to the monkey in Reality TV Island.

Here are the in-game photos!

You can also watch the new PopComics trailer! It looks awesome.

Last but not the least, we want to encourage everyone to help out in doing the island pages on Poptropica Wiki. It would be a great help!

Speaking of Poptropica Comics, why don’t you read UiPE and HP’s review on MotM Island? Don’t worry, the guide will be up soon, they’re working on it. 🙂

What do you guys think? Leave a comment below!



7 thoughts on “Escape from Monkeys and Balloons on mobile!”

  1. Hmm. I do have the Poptropica app but I’m much more comfortable using my computer to play Poptropica. I just recently got my phone so.. yeah. I have to say I love the minigames and trailers – especially that one for Tomorrowland that popped up yesterday I think. I like seeing how our favorite characters are remodeled into Poptropica avatars.. like the Aladdin one.. But these minigames look cool.. and I like the coconut prize too! I’ll probably be helping out on the Poptropica Wiki now and then.. he he.. I just noticed that most of the PHB author’s nickname starts with S, and some start with B, and one starts with U and i and P and E.. Interesting 😉

  2. I don’t have the app right now,but that Monkey Island reference was so amazing I’m considering getting it now.

    Nice one creators ; )

  3. i’m not sure about my highscore, it’s something around 200 or 300 or something, honestly, it didn’t matter, all I wanted was the cute floating balloon follower x3 And now i’ve got it

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