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Pop Petition: Bring back credit rewards for island completions

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Giant Dragon. Enjoy!

Hi y’all, Giant Dragon here with a Pop Petition: bringing back credit rewards for island completions!

So, before a recent update, a key way of earning credits in Poptropica was to fly around in your blimp and complete the islands. But now you only get this:

You see, now the only thing you get for completing an island is a medallion and a congrats note. So now the only major way left to get credits is the daily login rewards. (You could also play arcade games and the Baron’s mini-game when it’s around, but they only offer a little.)

And I honestly think it’s not enough. First, the Pop store (Adventure Outfitters) gets updated every week with new costumes. I still think the prices are a bit too high.

But for those Poptropicans who received the 5000 credit bonus, I guess they don’t have to worry about credits for a while. Still, for those Poptropicans who didn’t, I think it’s a really hard time for them because they will want to buy new outfits from the store, and if you buy all the outfits, you will have a bill of around 2000 credits and that’s toooooo high. Not only that, but the Baron’s ship is offering great (but pricy) costumes and decor!

So if you don’t buy them, you are gonna regret it because they are so cool, and even if you do buy them, you will regret too because they cost so much. But if we had credit rewards from islands, we wouldn’t have to think about it at all. If only we could just replay islands for more credits like before. I really think the island credits gotta come back, don’t you?

That’s all from me today. Bye, and keep your eyes popped for my future posts!

~Giant Dragon 🐲

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6 thoughts on “Pop Petition: Bring back credit rewards for island completions”

  1. I totally agree! The fish-bowl decor. in the Barons Ship cost 800 credits, which is kind of ridiculous! So yeah, please bring credit rewards for finishing islands.

  2. Yes, Please bring back the credits Creators! Why did they take the credits away in the first place?!

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