Crisis Caverns Island Guide (Worlds)


Unravel the mysteries that lie in the caves of Crisis Caverns. A deadly supervolcano threatens Poptropica as we know it! To stop it, you must start an adventure taking you deep into the earth and explore areas that have yet to be discovered.

For walkthroughs on Crisis Caverns Island, scroll down.

crisis caverns
Released: May 22, 2017
Preceded by: Monkey Wrench Island
Succeeded by: 24 Carrot Island (Worlds)
Museum: Visitor’s Center

Island Extras: PHB Review | Trivia | Museum | Pop Places IRL

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough on Crisis Caverns Island, see below.

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written by Starving Cereal (SC) & Slanted Fish
Pictures by IceSquared, CraftyPoptropican, Green Cheetah; gifs by Happy Lobster

What’s all this shaking? Well, you’re still alive, so… welcome to Caldera State Park, located right here on Crisis Caverns Island!


Talk to the park guide, and you’ll be given a visitors’ Button. Tacky? Yes, but it’ll be useful later, so save the souvenir.


Head inside the Visitor’s Center, where you can learn about the environment of the park, from the supervolcano to the wildlife (shoddy taxidermy and all), and also about the disappearance of Dr. Crispin Vincent.

On the top floor, talk to the ranger, Rick, standing next to the “Ask Me About Elk” sign and he’ll sigh about how someone plucked the antlers from the elk taxidermy and made off with them. It is your goal to find them now.

To find those antlers, first exit the Visitor’s Center, then go left. At Ye Old Cabin and Mine, hop up to the roof of the cabin, and you’ll find the Elk Antlers.

cc antlers

Go back to the Visitor’s Center, right by Ranger Rick, and click “Use” on the elk antlers. Pleased with the task you’ve accomplished, the ranger will make you a junior ranger for the day and award you a special Junior Ranger Badge. Retrieving fake antlers means that you’re a responsible officer, apparently.


Now, head over to the right, where two professors are talking science stuff. Pretend to listen to them, then show them your well-earned junior ranger badge. They’ll give you a fancy Magnetic Belt.

Now go left, past the Visitor’s Center and Ye Old Cabin and Mine, and you’ll arrive at another scene. Navigate your way through the geyser platforms and you’ll reach Crispin Cave at the end. Talk to the park guide, Stanley, and he’ll bring you inside. Stanley will tell you about the story of Dr. Crispin Vincent and his campsite in the cave.


If you look around inside the cave, you’ll see two elderly ladies arguing about who knows what, and they’re trapped by a square-shaped rock!

There’s a nice hole right next to the odd square rock thing, which is where you want the rock to go. Activate your magnetic belt by clicking on it in your items and clicking Use, and now you’ll be able to move any of the special magnetic square rocks by clicking on them and dragging them where you want them to go!

Move the rock so it falls perfectly into the hole, and the two grannies will be free to leave and “go somewhere even more depressing: Hazel’s house.” Heh.

Next, hop up near the entrance where there’s a ledge above. Jump onto it and you’ll see more magnetic square rocks. Jump up and click-hold the rock to get attracted to it, then jump to the tent site and go to the right.


Here you’ll find some holes that need to be filled by more square rocks (let’s call them squarocks from here on) which are nearby. Click-drag the squarocks so they fall in place in the holes. Soon the number of squarocks will increase and the space will decrease. A few more of these puzzles, and you’ll make your way down.

On your way, there’s another big magnetic rock you need to click-drag onto to make it past the wide area.


Now there’s a spring! Not to worry. Pull the squarock from above and put it right into the spring to make it stop.


Next, move forward and you’ll see a rope. Go up using the magnetic rocks to the side, and you’ll see some miners. They warn you not to get any further, but this is Poptropica and you aren’t gonna listen to them, now are you?

Thought not. Keep going, and the screen will zoom out, showing you a ledge you can jump to on your right. You can use the magnetic rocks to help you, but don’t have to.

Once you make it all the way right, there’ll be another squarock, which you should push downwards – and now there’s a DRILL MACHINE! Get on the squarock and jump to examine it, and then… you fall further in…


You’ll end up deeper in the caverns, somewhere with lots of pink crystals. The thermal you were supposed to be looking for on the machine is gone, along with three important drilling parts.

Thankfully, you can find the three drilling parts by exploring. Use the green mushrooms to jump higher and use the magnetic rocks to propel yourself towards new spots to keep moving. You’ll find the three drill parts one at a time, and they’re all in various corners.

First, jump on the mushrooms on the right to get to the Battery. Then drop down and keep going right, then drop down and head left to find the Engine. Finally, go back a little right and up, where you’ll see a squarock. Pull it down and use it to stop the mud spring, then go down and to the right until you reach the Drill Bit.

Once you have all three parts, run left and jump back up with the green mushrooms. Make your way back to the drill, which will work again!

It’ll drill your way into the next scene, which is full of blue crystals – and traps! Going forward, you’ll soon come across a tiny statue, which you don’t have to get and probably shouldn’t, but if you must satisfy your curiosity, push the squarock nearby to the pedestal with the statue so you can reach it. Don’t say you weren’t warned: when you grab it, a rock will flatten you and send you back.


Anyway, push the squarock all the way right, then jump on it to reach the stone gate, which you can open by click-dragging the rock slabs on the gate. Once you’re on the other side, move the nearest squarock right so it lands on the large platform that’s about to crush you, so it’ll hold that up and you can pass by safely.


Jump down and you’ll be at a slope. Run down until you see a rectangular magnetic rock and click-drag it down into the magma with your magnetic attraction powers. This will activate the boulder at the start of the slope, so you have to jump quickly onto the rectangurock, then onto the ledge where it came from, and then down further.

You should try to be faster than me and not let the rock hit you.

Then as you keep going right, jump over some more magma, hop up and push the squarock down. Push it onto the floor platform by the gate to raise it, allowing you into the next area.


In the next room, you’ll find a sliding puzzle with an image of a geometric sun. All you have to do is envision it as it originally was and put it back into place after it shuffles itself. Remember that each piece only moves in one direction – wherever the blank spot is.

Here’s a tip: think of the 3×3 grid as four 2×2 connected grids. Then swap them all (try doing the corners first) until you get the original picture. You can tell where each piece goes by looking at where the frame is on each piece.


Once you’ve completed the picture, it will open up, revealing the laser interferometer from the drill.

But just as you try to grab it, some spooky cave dwellers, or mole people as they are known, show up and take you to their king. They’ll demand that you give them something to justify your presence in the caves. Fortunately, you’ve got just the thing: the button from the beginning of the island!

The leaders of the mole people, King Mondo and Queen Bondo, will tell you about their rivalry with the chthonians, which are wormy creatures living in the caverns with them. They don’t know why the chthonians want war with them – and then, suddenly, one such worm creature shows up and grabs the mole king!


You and the mole people will, of course, run for your lives. Keep running right, and jump when you see little yellow tentacles poking up from the ground – if you run into them, a chthonian will jump up! They can be avoided if you don’t touch their tentacles, but if you do touch them, they may send you back to the beginning of the scene.


As you keep running, the ground will start to break up into platforms, and you’ll have to jump quickly onto them and make it to the end as fast as possible. If you fall, or take too long, you’ll start over at a checkpoint. At the end, click to go right.

You’ll find yourself back in the mole royalty’s throne room. Talk to Queen Bondo and she’ll open up a room behind her throne, which you can enter.


In this volcanic room, run across the platforms, which will fall as you step on them, and jump down. There’ll be a moving platform. Jump on it when it reaches your side and don’t move till it reaches the other side. Then go down.


Now go up some geyser platforms. At the top, keep going forward and down, dodging any chthonians that get in the way.


Wait until the chthonian at the very bottom goes right, past the hole, then jump down and enter the hole.

In the next volcanic scene, you’ll have to jump on some more geyser platforms to avoid magma. Run right and you’ll make it to the king, who’s been tied up by the chthonians with a sticky substance he can’t get out of. Talk to him, and he’ll say you need to return the chthonians’ egg from the mole people’s stash of hoarded stuff.


Go back out from the way you came by passing the geyser platforms again. When you reach the first volcanic room, climb the rope to your right and keep going up, then run left and head back to the throne room. Take the Egg from the stash, then go back to King Mondo and click Use on the egg.

With the egg returned, the chthonians will free King Mondo, but now there’s a more pressing problem at hand: the supervolcano is about to erupt! The mole king and queen urge you to return to the surface, while their plan is to stay underground to stop the eruption by sealing the earth beneath.


They’ll run off, and you’ll have to leave through the newly opened hole where the king was freed. Quickly run through the obstacle course of cave settings, using your powers to move squarocks to help you jump to places as needed. The magma will start to rise higher and higher, so move quickly before it gets to you!

Eventually, you’ll be pushed out of the caverns by an overwhelming force of lava and water, arriving back on the world above. The scientists by the big geyser, Old Reliable, will talk about how the supervolcano isn’t going to erupt after all. Crisis averted!


You’ll be awarded 500 coins and a cool trophy to put in your house. Plus, you can replay the island for more coins. Congratulations, you’ve completed Crisis Caverns Island!

crisiscaverns end

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂


  • Crisis Caverns Island is the first island to be released on Poptropica Worlds, but the 47th overall (if counting islands from original Poptropica). It was released to the public with the debut of Poptropica Worlds on May 23, 2017. However, the island was playable in open beta on Android a few days prior, and was also available for beta testing to a select handful of VIP Poptropicans.
  • Crisis Caverns had been in the works for many years according to many Daily Pop sneak peeks, and was even cancelled at one point due to a storyline that didn’t quite work out. However, due to high demand from players, it eventually became a reality.
  • Caldera State Park is named for the caldera, a large volcanic crater formed by a major volcano eruption and leading to the collapse of the mouth of a volcano. The “State” in the name suggests that Poptropica contains states.
  • The geyser Old Reliable is a reference to Old Faithful, a well-known geyser located in Yellowstone National Park.
  • King Mondo’s line, “Today we celebrate our indepen—” is a reference to the 1996 movie Independence Day.
  • The premise of the island may be loosely based off of the plot of Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne.
  • The stash in the mole king and queen’s throne room contains numerous references to other islands: drone ears from 24 Carrot, a colorful clown hat from Counterfeit, a toy of the Balloon Boy character who first appeared in Counterfeit but has re-appeared several times.
  • The Elk Antlers used to be inside Crispin Cave. In October 2017, they were moved to be on top of Ye Old Cabin and Mine.


These are the displays from the Visitor’s Center. Click to view the images in full size.

get me out of this cavern
or i’ll cave in


117 thoughts on “Crisis Caverns Island Guide (Worlds)”

  1. The Poptropica Help Blog hopes you find this walkthrough helpful in getting you out of a crisis! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here in the comments below, and fellow Poptropicans can try to help. Or, share your thoughts about Crisis Caverns Island! 😀

    1. Whoever wrote the walkthrough for this one is a pure genius. Thank you, for now I have truly mastered the island!

      But really, I can pretty much speedrun it now. Not that I especially want to.

    2. i need help when i login to worlds all i see is a black screen with dis yellow guy on it help help help HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah by the way i hate games that don’t have a mouse in them i like original pop better

      1. If loading is an issue, try waiting longer, as it can take a while sometimes. If it’s still not loading, try playing on a different web browser or a newer/faster computer.

    3. I’m stuck at the part where the moles run to the right. there are no yellow tentacles coming out of the ground that are written. I think i may have found a glitch. i’m just stuck in the room. The only useful thing i can do is click the egg

      1. oh wait, its because i jumped when they ran so i glitched that way. Dang. ill have to reset now

      2. and now when i reset a second time, my character told me not to touch the drill, thus making me reset a 3rd time. then on the 3rd try, the park ranger at the cave entrance vanished.

      3. I have a problem- when you run from the yellow tentacle things, when I finish that section, it takes me back to the throne room with both the king and queen and makes me repeat it over and over. I’m stuck! What should I do?

    4. I would not have completed the island without this!!!!!!!!!! Y’all are awesome!!!!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍!!!!!!!!!! GO POPTROPICA!!!!!!!!!!

    5. I’m playing this on my iPad and the island glitches into looping me at the scene where I meet the king and queen and do the run over and over again. Idk what to do I can’t progress because of it!

      1. Yeah, that happened to me too the last time I played it. Unfortunately the Creators have given up tech support for Worlds (at least for the time being) so trying to play it now, you’ll probably encounter a lot of glitches. 🙁

      2. Omg same! It’s soooo annoying and it’s killing me! Why are theirs islands so glitchy?!
        I can’t LEAVE the island, so I have no choice but to do it over and over and over…

  2. This is a really good walkthrough! Although I didn’t use it, the grid challenge help certainly was a clever way to solve it, and something I wouldn’t have thought of!

    1. Oi oi, thanks for that! I was the one who came up with that, eh? So thanks for the appreciation, mate!

      (side note: I’ve been working on my English accent because I heard that it automatically makes you classier. Am I doing good? Please do note that I am still a novice at this, so pls don’t be mean and call me a wanker. Thx)

  3. Arrrrrggghhhhh I was so excited because I beat Crisis Caverns before the PHB walkthrough even came out, and I bought ten million things from the store and decorated my house… And now I’m broke and have no islands to complete at Poptropica Worlds ;(


    1. We’ve just added an animated gif to the guide that shows you how to complete the sun puzzle, so that might help. Also refer to the tip in the guide about thinking of the grid as four 2×2 grids, and use the frame markers on each piece to figure out where they go. Don’t give up! 🙂

  4. Stiped Cactus I have the exact same issue! I have 0 coins, beat Crisis Caverns, now what? Hope Poptropica releases more islands

    1. What you can do is replay all of the islands for even more coins! I tried this out and it really helped. Also there is a daily spin so you can do that is you are patient and willing enough to wait. I’m pretty sure you can replay the islands to your hearts desire, but I’m not positive. Can anyone tell me if that’s not the case?

  5. I finished the island in 2 hours (a record for me!) , before this came out. I was playing poptropica, left to go somewhere, came back, and it said WELCOME TO POPTROPICA WORLDS

    i was just upset about the fact i had to redo my outfit

    oh well

    i ❤ poptropica worlds!

    plus, outside of the tree house if you climb it and go to the very top, there's a swing 😉

      1. It’s “today we celebrate our indepen—”, which was said by King Mondo right before he was taking by a chthonian.

    1. We don’t at the moment – playing around with your house should be pretty straightforward, but we may make a guide in the future. As for the doors, they don’t currently lead to anything, but my guess is they’ll be made into extra rooms you can purchase in the future.

    1. Yeah, I wish we’d get to hear more about Dr. Vincent Crispin as well, and I think they could’ve done more with that story. Also, you are right, they are coins now. 😛

  6. Somehow I got to the drill without using the squarock but I actually don’t remember how how i did it 😦

    1. Aaayyy Shaggy Tornado in the house!

      I actually got the squarock down without even getting up there since it flashes up to it for a moment.

      Also I’m glad squarock is a thing now <33

  7. My game glitches when I try to retrieve the egg from the mole people. My player just says that it is an “interesting rock”, but King Mondo told my avatar about the egg! I have already beaten the island, but if you replay it you get the coins and statue again. What do you think is the problem?

    1. I’m not sure why that’s happening, but from what I hear, this problem has been pretty common. It seems you’ll have to restart the island, and hopefully the next time around it will work the way it should.

  8. So I located King Mondo and talked to him about getting the egg but my computer froze and I had to refresh. When I re-logged in, it said that I hadn’t found King Mondo, but when I go back the only text is the secondary conversation, where you say you know how to help and tell him to stay there. And, I went back into the throne room to get the egg, I couldn’t pick it up, and when I clicked on it, it just had the old message: “That’s an odd looking rock.” I REALLY don’t want to have to restart the island because I’m so close to being done, so what should I do?

    1. This happened to me too, and no matter how many times I tried restarting the island, at that same point the same thing would occur. However, I was playing the island for a second time so I thought it was that kind of glitch. But I guess not; I don’t know what to do and the island doesn’t work properly even on the mobile app.

      1. Yeah, I restarted the level and it happened again; I’m stuck at the exit of the lava room and I know if I refresh it’ll just do the same glitch again. I’m going to contact support; this is getting frustrating.

  9. when is the next island coming out and what will it be a completely new island or a old poptropica island that got remastered i hope that it is a new island cause i already finished all the islands in the old pop so i really hope it will be a new island

    1. We don’t know that yet, but stay tuned on the PHB for the latest news as we find out what’s to come! What we do know so far is that Worlds will contain both brand new islands as well as remastered islands (inspired by islands from Original Poptropica but tweaked). 😀

    1. Sorry to hear about this glitch! Try the following advice from Poptropica:

      1. Try refreshing your browser.
      2. Try logging out of Poptropica Worlds and closing the browser window you have it open in – or by force-closing the app if you are on a mobile device.
      3. Go into your internet history options and clear your Cookies and Cache.

      Regarding not being able to grab the Egg on Crisis Caverns: you have to stand in a very specific place to grab it. (But they’re working on a fix!)

      If you continue to have issues, you should contact Poptropica’s customer support at Your feedback helps them identify and solve problems!

    1. I don’t think so, because I’ve done that on original Poptropica and you don’t get the 350 coins there, so it probably won’t work on Poptropica Worlds either. But you can try!

  10. Hey guys,
    I was just wondering if there is a way to get my outfit from the original Poptropica to the new Poptropica? If there is please let me know. Also, I find it a bit unfair that only members can get the nice outfits. I was going to buy one but when I clicked on the outfit it said members only. I am not a member because I can’t afford it.

    1. Because of the different art styles, unfortunately, there is no way to get outfits from the original Poptropica to Poptropica Worlds. They’d have to re-design those items for Worlds, and there are so many of them, so they’ve opted to make new clothes instead.

      The members-only clothing parts is one of the ways they try to encourage people to become members, but I do understand that not everyone can afford it. However, there are still some decent non-member options, so hopefully you can play around with that and find something you like. 😉

  11. I’ve enjoyed this very much. But with one island, it’s lost its fun. Can u plz add more islands? Also, I enjoy the house! Really cool. 🙂 But still. Just curious- r more islands on their way? 😀 Thx!

    1. More islands and other things are on their way! It’s not up to us (we’re not Poptropica Creators; just players like you), but we will keep the blog updated on new developments.

  12. I’m not having probs like the others. But at first, my game wouldn’t load or anything. R these just bugs that need fixed, or will this effect everyone else 2? One last thing- the groups. U know on old poptropica, there were the chat rooms? That u could challenge other REAL players on games and stuff? Where r those… those r my fav parts of poptropica.

    1. Loading can be quite slow, but it will probably get better as they work on fixing it. You may want to try playing on a different browser or device to see if you get better results.

      Poptropica Worlds is still quite new, but as time goes on, they will probably add features like chat rooms and game battles! In the meantime, you can still play the original Poptropica to access those features.

  13. But aren’t the doors already member only? I really wish I could unlock them. (R there curtains or something in the store? Without those doors, my bathroom’s open.)

    1. Those doors will lead to expansions for your house, a feature which will be for members only. They’re not currently available, but probably will be soon. Also, the store doesn’t currently have curtains, but new items are being added every so often, so they may be offered someday!

  14. I’m trying 2 convince mom 2 let me get a member ship. If I get one, I get 2 buy all the stuff I want. But one thing- will I get 2 keep and use the stuff I buy after the membership goes away?

    1. Yes, Joyful Crab, I think so. I was a member shortly in the old Poptropica and I got to keep all of the members-only items and could use them.

  15. I noticed Shaggy Tornado said “Also, I love the Owl City “Cave In” lyrics at the end of this” U played owl city? I though that wouldn’t be allowed cause’ its a Christian band. If this is what I’m thinking, I’m really impressed. (sorry for the randomness. Plz answer 2 my questions soon.)

    1. I like to end each Island Guide on the PHB with a phrase that has some relation to the island itself, hence the lyrics for this Crisis Caverns guide. I do like Owl City’s music, which is not usually explicitly Christian (this song isn’t), but the artist himself is a believer. Although I am one as well, it’s not why I shared this piece (nor is it a reason to oppose it), as the faith background of the artist isn’t relevant to the placement of the text. Regardless, I’m glad you like it. 😉

  16. I was doing the level for the second time, and every time I’m on that little floating thing in the water, the lava goes around, the water rises, and I end up on the left side of the Old Reliable screen and the scientists just have the basic “junior ranger” dialogue.

    1. That’s happened to me too on my second time. I contacted support, and they said they’re working on fixing the issue, so I guess we’ll have to hang tight and hope something will come of it.

    1. If “you” means me, I go by Slanted Fish, and I’m one of the Poptropica players who runs this Poptropica Help Blog (PHB). Skinny Moon doesn’t write for the PHB; she’s a Poptropica Creator whose role is to connect the Creators with the players, so she sometimes comments on here (under the name “Poptropica Creators”), but is mostly active on Poptropica’s social media.

  17. I finished everything it says to do, but my checklist says I’m missing some things? It says I didn’t unlock the palace door and get to the surface before the magma rose. I also didn’t get the 500 coins…

  18. I loved this island. It took me a few tries to get out of the volcano but I managed. Unfortunately I did not look at the treasure closely. 😦 Poptropica Worlds is really fun but I really like the Classic better. Also, Slanted Fish, where did you get your outfit? I really like it. Also I have seen many of your walkthroughs and they are very good.

    1. Why thank you. 😀 My outfit comes from a few of the costumes in the shop, though most are for members only – the glasses, satchel, and shoes are from the business casual blonde, and the red flannel and smiley shirt are from the brown-haired character with the green beanie. The fish (non-member item) is from one of the beach-dressed boys.

  19. i started the island but there are no quests that appear on the quest log how do i get the quests to appear?

  20. The first time I tried this island, it seemed awesome. I got all the way to finding the antlers and returning them to the elk guy … but when I checked the Quest Log it said I hadn’t found them.
    I continued with the island, but the Quest Log didn’t update. After finishing the first segment of quests, I checked to see what I had to do next, but because I “hadn’t found” the antlers, it didn’t update the quests.
    I decided to restart the island – I hadn’t gotten very far, after all – but now every time I restart, the quest book is completely blank and no matter what I do – talking to the scientists, visiting the mines – the quest book remains blank. Please help; this seems like an awesome island!

    1. Sorry to hear you’re having this problem. I would suggest contacting Poptropica support so they can be made aware of the issue and try to help you with it, as well as solve the bug so others won’t have the issue. If you haven’t already, you could also try playing on a different browser or computer.

  21. im stuck on the part where like right after we help the grandmas pass by after the ice block when we have to pass to the tent. i cant jump over to get to the tent i keep falling over

    1. You need to click-hold onto the magnetic rock to get up there. There’s a picture for this step in the guide, or you can also watch the video walkthrough to see how it’s done. You can do it!

  22. So I guess I had a glitch too. When the queen and the guardians ran, my Poptropican stayed. Then I refreshed the page, I ran and one of the guardians ran but the queen stayed 😀 Anyway, I have completed the island! If you have a glitch like this, try to refresh the page, it may work.

  23. I cant get past the part where you have to collect the antlers because when i get there there are NO antlers and i have resent 6 times. Argggggh what should I do??

  24. Im stuck. When ever I get on to the rock right before I shoot out of the ground it crashes. I’ve reset the game and still can’t think what do do that might fix it! HELP PLZ!!!!

  25. Hey so I’m at the end part. Isn’t really a glitch but I need some tips on how to get through faster since I keep falling into the rising magma, can you please help me a little? Thanks so much!

  26. This walkthrough is extremely useful. It is a bit tricky to find the drill parts, but I found them anyway. You guys are awesome! Enjoy!

  27. So once I exit the throne room, do the running part, it leads me back into the throne room, brought in by the guards, Mondo still on his throne, gives me back my badge and then I’m stuck in a constant loop of doing the running thing… I tried refreshing the tab (which restarted my island progress and did nothing) and restarting the island (which also did nothing).

  28. I sent a message to the support team and I’m waiting for a response. I’ll try different things in the meantime. Thanks for your help

  29. I tried the part where you have to run from the worms, and I did it without dying, but I can’t progress. Poptropica Worlds is making me do it again and again. How do I complete that part?

  30. after i finish running away from the chthodians, i end up back in the cave, and the king mole guy is still there and then i have to run away from the chthodians AGAIN, and then after that it repets again and then again and then again and so i can’t finish the island!

  31. I AM having a problem- when i run from the chthonians , and finish the section , it takes me back to the throne room with both the king and queen and makes me repeat it over and over. I’m stuck! What to do?

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