Poptropica Worlds

Joy to the world, Poptropica Worlds is here!

Hey, Slip here with some very exciting news…


It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Poptropica Worlds is finally here!

Poptropica Worlds - Explorers Wanted!

(UPDATE: Poptropica has officially announced the release!) Although we haven’t heard any official announcements from Poptropica yet, the game is finally released on the main Poptropica website, along with iOS devices, and it came out in open beta for Android this past weekend.

Poptropica has revamped the homepage with the Poptropica Worlds banner as a welcoming of the new game! The site features links to various pages (Parents, Membership, etc) and there’s even a button to play the original game.


Poptropica Worlds is quite similar to the open beta version, and since it’s recently released, you may find that it’s still prone to some bugs. To begin, you can create a new character or import your account from the original game.

Once you’re in, you can decorate your own home, play Crisis Caverns, and try out new stuff from the Store! You can say that it’s a whole new world out there, right? 😛

This certainly marks a new chapter in Poptropica’s history. What a great day to celebrate! For a closer look at what’s currently available, check out our post below about the Android beta. Yet, there are still more things that Poptropica has in store for us, and it’s only just the beginning…

Meanwhile, here at the PHB, we’ll continue to update you with the latest Poptropica Worlds news and updates! We’ll also be working on a walkthrough for Crisis Caverns (UPDATE: It’s here!) and a more in-depth review of Poptropica Worlds, so stay tuned!

Stay awesome, Poptropicans of the world!

~ to infinity and beyond ~


98 thoughts on “Joy to the world, Poptropica Worlds is here!”

  1. I hope they’ll continue updating islands on poptropica original, even though it seems unlikely. New Poptropica Worlds looks fun though!


    General thoughts:

    I really like how the membership doesn’t make everything free, but just slightly discounts it. Makes it feel fair to everyone.

    My house and costume are messy as heck, and I LOVE IT. Username: xplus1 …Can you visit other players? Or even friend them?

    Crisis Caverns is fun, though had some bugs. It might not be the best tutorial Island either. I got stuck near the end and didn’t notice a certain hole :/

    Also in the visitor’s room, when you click on an image to view it in more detail, you have to Ben standing right next to it. A little to the left or to the right and your character just keeps on walking and eventually even fall off. Really annoying

    The lack of interactability is also disappointing. Not many areas you can jump upon, characters you can talk to. How come we never went through the old mine or cabin?!

    What happened to the professor guy who went down into the caves exactly?

    also, when restarting the island, the hint book thing goes back to 0% and stays the same the whole time. Even the hints disappear.

    For a while I thought that the little statue that was there in the trap room was actually important. I guess not.

    The character’s idle animations are hilariously unfitting. For example when the cave creatures come and take you to their king, Sticky Clown was just dancing around and scratching his back and kicking the ground. It’s great, but unintentionally so.

    I wish I had my old closet with me but oh well

    I also wish we started with a bit more money (1000?) because there’s only one island so far and the only way to earn more is to either restart it (which would get boring after a while) or spin the wheel of goodies (which is only once a day).

    The physics in the cavern was slightly wonky at times, and I felt operated on rag doll physics

    Hail Cthulhu 🙏

    Overall, I really enjoyed playing this. I forgot how much I loved Poptropica <3333

    I give it 3 stars and an asteroid out of a moon. Keep it up team, but bring it higher 👍💋

    Yawn is it 4 in the morning! I don't care I'm not sleepy at Alleeedejdnd fh u eb

    1. I also felt like the island was kind of short, but I think originally Worlds was meant to come out in the winter? Don’t take my word for it. Anyway since it came out now they were probably just busy and had to delete some storyline, take out characters etc. just to make the process faster. It kind of reminds me of how early poptropica was like, the shortest island ever but after that the islands progressed and got longer(like skullduggery lol that island took me FOREVER) so I’m sure there will be better things to come!

  3. Yo, Fishy. You want a guide for Crisis Caverns? I got your back.

    Except for pictures. You get ’em yourself

    Alright here’s SC’s Super Cool Guide for Crisis Caverns
    (Note that this guide is more practical in nature, so I won’t be covering dialogues and filler and stuff)

    Alright, so you jump down and there’s a tremor. Your character’s all ‘What the h*ck?’ but the lady says ‘LOL no big deal here’s a dumb souvenir you cretin’. So your character accepts the honorary badge and next thing is you gotta go to the visitor’s room building to the near right. Once you enter the place go up the stairs, and jump up the platforms till you see the ranger guy near the elk. He tells you all about the stolen antlers and ya gotta go get them.

    So now you go to the far left and jump onto the spring things till you make it to the cave. There’s a guy outside who’ll tell you that some ladies are trapped but you don’t need to talk to him. Just enter the caves and pick up the antlers near the entrance and go back and give it to the ranger, who’ll make you a junior ranger for the day with a special badge because retrieving fake antlers means that you’re a responsible officer I guess.

    Anyway go to the right where two professor people are talking fancy stuff. Pretend to listen to them and then show them your well earned junior ranger badge and get the fancy magnet belt. Now go back to the caves and go down. You’ll see two dumb grandmas fighting about god knows what. There’s a nice hole right next to the oddly square rock thing that they can’t push for some reason. Anyway click on the square rock, and hold it. You can now move it to the left where it’ll fall into a perfect hole and the two grannies go back to playing bingo even deeper in the caves because they’re irresponsible elders. But who cares?

    Next up you wanna go back to near the entrance where there’s a ledge above. Jump onto it and you can see more magnetic rocks. Jump up and click-hold the rock to get attracted to it, then jump to the tent site and go to the right. The right is basically simple. There’s some holes that you need to fill with some square rocks which are nearby with your magnetic belt, I mean magic.

    Soon the number of squarocks will increase and the space will decrease. Three of these dumb puzzles later, you make it down. But there’s a spring! Who cares, pull the squarock from above and put it right into the spring and it’ll stop. Move on forwards and you’ll see a rope. Go up using the magnetic rocks and you’ll see some miners who aren’t important in the slightest. Now you’ll get onto a ledge and have to make a huuuge jump using the magnetic rocks and then another one. Then there’ll be another squarock, which you’ll pull back with you all the way down, where there’s a DRILL MACHINE! Get on the squarock and jump to it to examine it except you fall further in.

    Then you go into this weird pink crystal place where the thermal you were supposed to be looking for from the start disappears, along with three important drilling parts. Thankfully you can find the three drilling parts by exploring. Use the green mushrooms to jump higher and use the magnetic rocks to propel yourself towards. Then get drill1.jpeg, drill2.jpeg, and drill3.jpeg (which are all in the right side corners). There’s also a mud spring, which you can once again stop with a squarock. Then jump back up with the green mushrooms and back to the drill, where you’ll suddenly appear in a place full of traps.

    Next up is a room full of traps. There’s a tiny statue first of all, which you don’t have to get and you should not get because you die. Use the squarock to jump up higher, then open the rock gate by clicking on it. Then use the other squared by moving it under the large piston so you don’t get squashed. Move through it and then you’ll be at a slope. Just run down until you see a rectangular rock for once, near lava. Push the rectangurock with your attraction powers into the lava. Then the boulder at the start of the slope is freed, and you have to quickly jump onto the rectangurock and then onto the ledge, and then down. Then all you have to do is jump over some lava, and you’re onto the next area.

    The next area consists purely of a sliding puzzle of the sun. All you have to do is envision it as it originally was, and put it back into place. Think of the 3×3 grid as 4 2×2 connected grids. Then swap them all (I recommend doing the corners first) to get the original picture. Then it opens up, and you get the inferno thing. But then spooky cave creatures show up and take you to their king. Then wait for the cutscene to finish playing, and then show them your dumb souvenir you got at the beginning. Then they’ll explain some stuff about their rivalry with the Cthonians, which I’ll just call Cthulhus. Then the Cthulhus show up and eat the king!

    So then run for your life’s in an auto scrolling section. The first part is simple. Just hold down to the right and you’ll be fine. But then platforms show up and you’ll have to quickly jump through them and make it to the end as fast as possible. Then somehow you’ll make it to the palace again. Talk to the queen and she’ll let you behind her throne. Then you just enter. Run across the quickly falling bridge and down. There’ll be a moving platform. Jump on it when it reaches your side and don’t move till it reaches the other side. Then go down and then up some geyser platforms. Then quickly dodge all the Cthulhus and then you’ll see another one of them come from the bottom. Quickly run when it’s past you and into the hole where it came from.

    Then you’ll have to jump on some more geysers and then you’ll make it to the king. Talk to him and he’ll say you need their Egg. Go back out and back into the throne room and take the egg and then come back.and use it near the king. Then they’ll escape and then you have to leave through the newly opened hole. Quickly run through the obstacle course, attract all the squarocks, and you make it back out. The scientists will say something sciencey and you get 500 credits and a cool trophy to put in your house. The end lol

    That was a guide. Have fun.

    1. We’ll release a walkthrough very soon, complete with pictures! In the meantime, check out SC’s guide a few comments up.

      Our Crisis Caverns walkthrough is now available! Check it out under the Island Help tab! 😉


    Jeff Kinney, you’re awesome! 😂😂😂👌👍

  5. smhhh too many bugs im suffering i literally cant get past a part because it wont let me take the egg from the throne room im dead

    1. I go to stuck there too. You have go down in the place with the Cthonians. There’ll Ben one will comes out of a hole at the very bottom. Avoid it and go into the whole, jump on the geysers, and go to the king and talk to him. Then go back to the throne room and now you can take the egg,

      1. lmao yeah i did that like 7 times i just restarted the island and replayed it but thanks

  6. Okay, I think I’m missing something…on my computer, if I hit ‘Play Now’, the Poptropica Worlds symbol shows up on my screen and does…nothing. Worlds doesn’t actually load. If I’m lucky, a blue bar will show up under it and start to upload something, only to disappear three seconds later without having finished. How’d everyone else make it on?

      1. I did, because if I try on Chrome, a pop-up telling me to use Firefox shows up. So I tried Firefox, and it’s the same thing–I can’t get on.

  7. I love the whole concept! The house the shop the whole lot!


    (ahhh there’s the but)

    For Pete’s sake, why on earth do games find it necessary to make “bored” animations
    when the character isn’t doing anything?! The character should always be engaged with the adventure that they are in, even though they might be standing for a couple of seconds. I suppose this would be a great feature if you had a short attention span but seriously? ugh.

    I guess it’s gonna take some getting used to, but the character design and speech bubbles and stuff like that is just unsettling. It just doesn’t seem…right.

    Those are just a few of my complaints. Not to mention how small everyone is, along with the terrible quality of the characters and difficult house customization (I still have a semi-transparent piano stuck on my wall) and shoot can you even customize your character??? I have no idea. Is anyone else able to???

    I know I shouldn’t be so harsh since this is the initial release, but I really must state the issues just to let them be known.

    1. Well it could be worse, I mean my name exists but my avatar is nonexistent! It kinda clear the creators rushed this, here’s my list on what they screwed up on:

      1. You cannot change your skin or hair color

      2. Controlling your guy doesn’t feel as smooth as the original

      3. Home Island is missing plenty of stuff

      4. Some of the costumes in the Pop store are for members even though they have been in the store ever since the game existed (almost)

      5. It is very glitchy in not a very fun way

      6. There are no common rooms

      But hey, the game is kinda fun. Though it’s not perfect yet, but I guess we’ll have to wait for more updates (I only played half way through crisis caverns so…). 😉

      1. Agreed! The loss of the customization feature really bugs me, and the new island just seems..wrong somehow(aside from the smaller characters like you mentioned). The new cursor is kinda weird to see. Even though crisis caverns is well done despite it being rushed, the awfully square corners and glitch-y animations when the people talk making it worse. Fun game though and since its still the open beta, hopefully the creators will be able to improve on it 🙂 ! Feels a bit like its another “new Poptropica” stage with all the feedback about the game coming in .

    1. Nope, you’ll have to start with a new look because most of the clothing parts from classic Poptropica haven’t been re-created in Worlds. However, you can probably find an outfit you like among the new clothing options. 😛

  8. Well, at least it’s… *reads comments on this post* OH MY GOSH, CAN’T CUSTOMIZE, GLITCHY, BAD CONNECTION, DIFFERENT APPEARANCE, UGH! Man, I can’t believe this.

    1. It’s only just been released, so not everything is likely to go smoothly, but it’s not all bad. Give it a try and decide for yourself! Even if it’s not as great as you hoped, hang on for what’s in store for the future – it’ll probably get better. 😛

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  10. oooooo i am surrounded by ladies!(2 actually) and a pirate…………………………….(awkward)


  12. There was indescribable disappointment when I couldn’t throw my fish up in the air…

  13. I love Poptropica Worlds so far, the house, new poptropicans and clothes. But my main problems were that Crisis Caverns felt kind of rushed which is understandable since they were probably low on time and also the girl/boy options for customizing your character. I’m a girl so that’s what I made my character so I looked through all the options and they were okay. I looked through the male options just to look I guess? I just felt like the female cloths were a little sterotypical and I liked the male ones more. I wish all of the clothes options were open to everyone. Anyway Worlds was great overall!

    1. Also hear are some minor problems(sorry to bug ya but I can’t help myself!):

      Bad quality characters

      Those geyser things you “have” to use to get into the cave. Kind of like the ones on mythology. Except you can just ignore them and jump on the rocks(just try it it’s hard to explain. Also this is a very MINOR problem)

      Your character keeps walking after you click on a sign unless you’re directly in front of it.

      The island didn’t feel like a tutorial(now I’m just being picky XD)

      I said it above but it was kind rushed so the story was sort of just pulled along and the entire time I was just like “What?” I got the basics of it though.

      The hands on the characters are kind of odd. (also a minor problem)

      This isn’t really a problem but the only glasses in the store are member only so how am I supposed to rock some glasses???

      And of course the girl/boy character customization thing I didn’t really like

      The houses are awesome though. I already have a computer and an easel so I can chill out. Life is complete. I love the trophy idea too. But is there empty space behind the locked doors or some kind of secret. I’m guessing you have to unlock the doors with a mini game or a special island? Or maybe you have to buy them open for an insane amount of credits. Or maybe you have to be a member(awwww I want more space!). But the house is already three stories so why would you need more space?(shoes OBVIOUSLY. How could anyone even say “why do you need more space” when there are shoes?” OR MAYBE — I think I’m just going to stop myself here. But I really hope the PHB does a theory about whats behind those doors and how to get into them.

  14. I think PW is great. I like my new avatar a lot and the hands are pretty cool. There are some things to be desired and also some glitching but with time the creators will add stuff and iron out those glitches.

  15. I found a glitch in new pop, when your in the water on home hold down your mouse and go to the shore, you will be swimming on land!

  16. So many comments…about something I would LOVE to check out, if only I could ACTUALLY GET ON.

  17. I played PW! I like it! It’s a bit glitchy but I think it has a lot of potential 🙂

  18. I hate to criticize more, but Crisis Caverns was not as in depth as I intended. I was hoping a plot like Twisted Thicket but kinda the other way around since I was all in for the original concept art of the Mole King (of who looks quite menacing). Speaking of which, I wish they didn’t scrap all the other concept art, like the fortress/factory entrance or some of the other caves like that giant skeleton of some beast (can’t really recall what it looks like). Instead you just be like “oh, that’s the problem? Ok. Bam! Done!”. I get this is just the first island for the reboot but there have been islands that have been tougher than Pelican Rock or Monster Carnival. This one could have been like a two skull difficulty.
    Although it did do a nice work on putting in a special item (but no item card like before 😕), the magnetic belt (of which you can’t wear, just have) with quite a unique function like opening stairs or using it as a grappling hook.

    Overall, this island isn’t that bad, but just not as exciting or climatic as I hoped for.

    I give this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Out of ten stars. 😐

  19. It’d be nice if you were able to remove wallpapers. This definitely isn’t supposed to happen

    1. It’ll also be nice if you can turn on the 50 foot wide screen HD TV (which surprisingly you don’t have to buy). I mean, there are plenty of channels they could put up there like Reality TV, Game Show Island, or even the news on the missing balloon kid.

      1. I thought it was pretty obvious that TV was for adds. I mean, why else would they give you such a huge TV to poptropicans for free? Or more educational videos like in the movie theater.

      1. Not with the way I put it. It will just continue to overlap like all of those other bricks at the bottom. It does, however, disappear after you leave the house and go back in.

  20. Sadly thanks to my 11 year old computer I cannot play Poptropica worlds 😦 I even want on firefox and still the Poptropica worlds logo is just showing but not the game. Gosh this is really bad because i was planning on making videos on Poptropica worlds but for now my Youtube Channel will be inactive until I can play Poptropica worlds again…

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. 😦 Have you tried updating your web browser to its latest version? Also, try contacting Poptropica support for technical help. If your computer is simply too old, you may want to try playing on a newer/faster computer (perhaps a friend, relative, or library can provide you access?).

      1. Oh ok thanks Slanded Fish! But that would mean that I still cannot make videos on Poptropica worlds… But hey if I get to play Poptropica worlds great!

  21. Also did anyone notice the balloon boy and the 24 carrot hat in the throne room? I thought it was a pretty cool Easter egg.

  22. The initial excitement of new release of Poptropica Worlds was fun while it lasted. Couple things I’m complaining about(well, not really complaining, more like reporting, ehh,): in the caverns, when in the top left corner, you’re supposed to click on the rock to get up there. It was very unclear to me what I was supposed to do.

    Either I really didn’t notice, or I was supposed to jump for 10 minutes and accidentally click on the magnetic rock. I haven’t completed the island yet, but I have a feeling it’ll turn out amazing, like all the other islands on the normal Poptropica have.

    Something else: the character’s mouth does not move while talking, and you cannot customize the speed when talking. Whenever I’m clicking on that guy who takes you into the cave, I’m stuck listening to that for more than I needed to.

    I don’t understand why we need a house, either. When I heard of the house, I was thing a cozy little customizeable spot. Instead I was given a giant home with a tv already in. I was thinking you might be able to upgrade, too.

    In the visitor’s center, when you click on something, you could be reading while your Poptropican walks off the edge of the platform. Another thing became clear to me: I would not be able to do a running jump. Instead, I would run off the platform instead of, well, running-into-jumping.

    The platforms are also way fuzzier than I’m used to. When I’m able to jump on a low-quality wood floor, but not a desk, it’s confusing.

    And.. why is there a quest log? It kind of spoils “mystery solving”. I’d like to be able to figure out what to do instead of it being there for me.

    But it wasn’t long before that old feeling of getting into a Poptropica island engulfed me. While the things I listed above did dim my experience, the new character design–oh look! I have hands and actual legs and feet! And eyelashes!

    And the new way of communicating with NPC’s–love it!

    All in all, GOOD JOB!

  23. Argh I keep dying in lava because of my poor control over my Poptropican ;-; Although what’s Poptropica without some struggles? Honestly, I’m beginning to like the old design of my character better :0 I played the normal Poptropica a while ago, and I felt so light compared to the new design.

    A few questions: are there going to be new islands? If so, will they all just be squashed together or will there be different pages? Y’know, like the new map update on normal Pop? Also, are you going to update both apps or eventually terminate(*shudder*)the old one? Sorry if I have some false info, I’ve only seen the trailer and some theories from my friends.

    1. Thanks for your comments! It’s cool to hear descriptive opinions. As for your questions, we don’t have official information on those matters yet, but my guess is that the focus will be on the new Poptropica Worlds (including the app) while the older one will remain playable, but probably not get updated.

      The new map update on original Pop, with the textures, is because of a recent ad for Pirates of the Caribbean. When Pop Worlds gets more islands, I imagine the map will also become scrollable.

  24. Omg, Poptropica Worlds is so disappointing! First of all, I can’t even get into the rooms of my house. Then I finish Crisis Cavern, and I don’t have anything to do. Even the characters look different. I was so disappointed when I saw that THERE IS ONLY ONE ISLAND! What happened to the original? I hope the team can get it together! 😡👿👎😾😿

  25. I’ve talked about some of the cons of poptropica worlds already, but after thirty minutes of playing, it starts to slow down my computer! This didn’t happen with Poptropica Original.

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