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Pop Petition: What We Want From Pop Worlds

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Hey Poptropicans, Spotted Dragon here, and I’m here to kick off a new PHB series!

Pop Petitions, a new PHB post series, will focus on what we (both the PHB team and all of you, the community) want to see changed or added in Poptropica (and/or its surrounding community). Or should I now say, Poptropica Worlds?

Yep, the cat is finally out of the bag and, as of this week, Poptropica Worlds was released the public. It’s not completely polished up yet, but we can at least see what direction the game is headed in from our first look at it!

There have been a lot of changes to what we all know and love from the classic game, but are all these changes necessarily bad? Lots of mixed emotions from everyone in the community on this, that’s for sure. So today, we’ll talk about some of the things that we want to see added to Poptropica Worlds.

#1: Costumizer

Yep, we all noticed it was gone… the Costumizer. We got to see a lot of cool new characters in Pop World’s release, along with a ton of new outfits, but no real way to get all of them. Sure, there was the customization of your character when you first log in, and there will always be the clothes in the store, but what happens when we get jealous of the people we meet on our adventures?


It’s a classic feature that I’m sure everyone wants back. Right now, I think it’s been tricky for everyone to get their Poptropican’s original look back, and adding this feature would be a step in the right direction, considering that some store apparel is limited to members only.

#2: Colorizer

Another classic feature that allows for infinite customization: the Colorizer! We all know the struggle right now of how tough it can be getting exactly the right skin and hair color for our avatars. Just like the Costumizer, the addition of this feature would really help us personalize our Poptropicans, so I for one hope it gets brought back.


I mean… what happens when I get the urge to virtually dye my hair? We’ve had a Colorizer on Home Island in the past, so it doesn’t seem like a stretch for it to be put back in the game.

#3: Friends

Adding friends, as well as customizing your own profile, has become a large part of Poptropica. It was fun to customize what your friends were wearing, earn photos from different islands, add costumes to your closet if you could, and so much more. But where has it gone?

Friends, statues, fires and babies.

Before, not only could you add friends, but you could also create multiverses, show off your personality, and more from your profile. Perhaps there could be better ways to personalize your account, and that might be something they’re working on, but it was definitely a nice feature to play around with when taking a break from an island.

#4: Multiverse

Similar to adding friends, Multiverse rooms have always been a fun way to meet up with your pals. Whether it was a random room or an intentionally created party room, Multiverses have always been a big part of the game. You could battle other Poptropicans in head-to-head games, or just relax and chat if you wanted to.

jan2014 multiverse

Adding onto Multiverses, I think it would be cool to have more options when it comes to interacting with friends. Maybe we could invite people to our cool new homes to party?

#5: Home Expansions & Home Island Features

One big new thing that Poptropica Worlds brought us was definitely our houses. Which makes sense, since we have a “Home Island,” right? Anyway, there are currently ways to customize your house, but only with what’s already there. What if we run out of room for our merch? It’s a problem I strongly relate to in the real world.

I think we could definitely benefit from house expansions, and if the locked doors inside our houses are any indicator, perhaps this feature is already on its way – so start saving those credits!


Not only would I like to see more house options, but I’d also like to see more features on Home Island itself. In the past, we’ve had the “New You” shop, the “Shop” (store), the photo booth, arcade, and most recently, a movie theater. While the theater was disappointing to most, it would be nice to make the island feel more like a home, with more interactive buildings (a Multiverse perhaps?).

These are just some of the perks that we (the PHB team) want to see, but what about you guys? What do YOU want to see added to Poptropica Worlds? Anything you aren’t liking so far? The new style is here to stay, but that doesn’t mean we can’t throw some other cool ideas out there.

But first things first, right? Let’s see more ISLANDS get added! 😀



52 thoughts on “Pop Petition: What We Want From Pop Worlds”

  1. I agree, but I feel like some of the features listed above should have been added at release…there’s just barely anything to do on Worlds after you complete Crisis Caverns…

  2. I totally agree! They need to port everything from the Classic Poptropica to Poptropica Worlds! I mean, I can’t even find my normal outfit anymore! ):

  3. Finished crisis Caverns 7 times decorated my house, logging in every day to get free coins from the pirate weirdo Scuttlebutt, Now what? Ideas anyone?

  4. Dude, colorizing was a torture back in the day when all you got was the balloons in Early Poptropica and the color hair drink from 24 Carrot.

    Although what I like to see is a more reasonable chose on member items, like costumes that are not the midnight ninja (with no nunchuck😥) and the black astroknight, which have been in the store before membership even existed.

    On the other hand I would really like to see the lightning shoes come back. Maybe in Worlds they actually make you faster! 😃

  5. The creators said that on twitter that on Twitter there will be house expansions and will debut soon. Also I think the colorizer isn’t necessary. Sure dyeing your hair is cool but you could’ve already done that in 24 carrot island (which possibly could be a upcoming world…) But coloring the Poptropican’s skin is not worth it. I also think that multiplayer should be something to be worked on more. Maybe have Islands that you can play with a friend? It’s something to think about because it would be cool to have more communication with players instead of just going to a common room to chat with pre – scripted dialouge tht is pretty plain and play minigames and than friend them ( And probably never seeing them again). And if we are able to have a chat system in Worlds than their should be pre scripted stuff that we can choose from. Phrases like “Hi” or “Have you finished Crisis Carvens?” should be added to make the conversation more alive. Either than that I think the list is pretty decent! The creators will probably read this as they always love to listen to ideas.


    1. Excuse me but did you know how pathetic it was to go back and forth finding the right color for yourself, taking an eternity finding it! I get it might be unnecessary in some matters, but it gave us more freedom of costumizing, perhaps the creators might even update it so you can change your eye color! 😉
      I’m just saying it’s more convenient to some players who might want to color their Poptropicans because this is a world (pun not intended) where everybody can do what they want. 😉

      1. Uhm… I’m sorry. i was just trying to state my opinion that I don’t like green or blue on my skin. I just don’t like it really.

      2. I agree. My character in the original had purple hair (because of my username xD). Kinda bummed that we couldn’t change it into what we want.

      3. I agree. My character in the original had purple hair (because of my username xD). Kinda bummed that we couldn’t change it into what we want.

  6. More. Interactability. I felt like I didn’t really get to do any extra stuff in Crisis Caverns, honestly. Some areas I couldn’t even jump on. Even the home decor lacks that. Imagine if you could actually get some ice cream from your machine, or turn on the HDTV. That’s all that I really ask for.

  7. Completely agree with everything,although the house expansion seems like it’s coming soon and the multiverse isn’t really too much of a priority. I wish the cursor could be switched back to the old blue and yellow arrows though.

  8. i agree with everything on here also i think we should be able to play with friends also chat. When they said our data will transfer into the new world i thought they almost meant my credits had to start off at 750 i would like for them to transfer that at least…..Also add more costumes in the store so far the design and animations of the world is great but i cans ee them improving more things soon!!

      1. They are coins it’s just that they are actually pronounced as “credz”. 😉

        P.S: bring back the Sky Hawk and the special actions when pressing the spacebar,
        also the item cards too which were a genius idea. It’s just not the same when you can’t hear that “whoo whoo DING”. *so satisfying*

  9. i think that they should have more and more islands why didnt they release poptropica worlds when they had three islands cause when you finish crisis cavern you have nothing else exciting to do

  10. YES finally a good post like this. Hey PHB staff plz plz plz make a series called What We Want In Poptropica World Fridays! I want another series post like Meme Face Mondays. Please do that Poptropica HElp Blog staff plz!

      1. It really isn’t that much to ask anyway! All we want is for Poptropica Worlds to be Poptropica, but with a step up. Usually when you release a new version of a game you’d want it to be better…not…well…worse.

      2. YES!!!!! thank you! Heres one idea I want. I want hidden items to come back. Remember the hidden item in Early Poptropica? They should add more hidden items like that.

  11. It be cool if they added poptropicon comics every day, to see what the full story line of poptropicon. Also they should make it so friends could be in any part of an island, that way they can help each other. for example they could be the justice league in super power island!

    1. PoptropiCon was one of my favorite islands. I feel as if it was underrated sometimes. The comics looked cool to read through so I think that idea is pretty cool.

  12. I agree!
    Especially with the Costumizer and Colourizer!
    I just think its funny how on the official poptropica blog they stated:
    “Customize your Poptropican! With more options than ever, you can create an avatar that truly shows off your unique style and interests. The possibilities are endless!”
    But there seems to be much less options then before and no, the possibilities aren’t endless. There are only set skin and hair colours and only a few select outfits. It makes it hard to “create an avatar that truly shows off your unique style and interests”.
    I liked all the option in the old poptropica as it had heaps more options. There isn’t a whole heap in Poptropica Worlds unless they are still working on it???

    1. Thank goodness I’m not the only one who feels like this. It’s kind of messed up that they said all these things and then didn’t deliver. Just yet another reason why I feel like Poptropica Worlds was too rushed in some aspects.

  13. I agree with everything! Also,the new talking system is useful in that you can read it at your own pace, but it kind of ruins the immersion because the characters keep twitching while they talk. It might be to solve the problem of dialogue appearing too fast but the old one felt much better in that it seemed like the characters were actually talking to one another(turning to face each other, mouths moving etc.) without cutting off the outside environment. Its extremely unlikely but i do wish the talking system would go back to the old version.

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