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Map Mishaps, Becoming Official, and More!

Hey Poptropicans, it’s Slanted Fish splashing on!

Everyone’s excited about last week’s release of Poptropica Worlds, and if you haven’t already completed Crisis Caverns Island, fear not – we’ve got a written walkthrough right here, under our Island Help tab. It even comes with pictures and gifs!


Despite all this buzz over Worlds, it looks like the Original Poptropica (which you can access from the top-right button on the Poptropica homepage) hasn’t been completely forgotten about just yet.

If you hop on your blimp, you may notice that the map has been updated to categorize islands by pages! The categories are: Starter, Easy, Adventure (a page each) and Challenging (which takes up six pages). Check it out:

Notice anything funny? The PHB team has a few questions about this new arrangement:

  • Why isn’t Early Poptropica Island in the “Easy” category? (It’s on the fourth “Challenging” page; page 7 overall.) As the first ever Poptropica island, it’s also notoriously and unequivocally one of the easiest to complete, so this placement just seems odd.
  • Why do Timmy Failure, Escape From Pelican Rock, and Shrink Ray show up twice on the map in the same “Challenging” category?
  • Where is Wimpy Wonderland Island?
  • Why is Realms considered a Challenging Island? Shouldn’t it be its own category, much like the “Watch cool videos here!” button on page 1 of the map that brings you to the Home Island theater?
  • Why not some more categories, instead of six pages of Challenging Islands? How about a list for Sponsored Islands (such as the Wimpy Kid islands)? Members-only Islands (although that is most of the sponsored ones…)? Spooky Islands (like Vampire’s Curse, Ghost Story, etc)? What about organizing islands by geographic world locations? So many possibilities!

The last time the map was given a major update was a little over a year ago, when the Poptropica menus were becoming more button-based. Now, this new categorization system was a cool idea, but some things sure seem a little out of place…


Speaking of strange, the Wheel of Loot on the Original Poptropica’s Home Island has now been moved inside to the theater!

There doesn’t seem to be a clear reason for this, but my own guess is that, since there’s already a Wheel of Loot on Poptropica Worlds, they’re making it a step harder here so you’ll spin it there instead. Or maybe they want us to watch more videos. Who knows.

Onto some brighter news! Last week, the PHB (along with several other prolific Poptropica community content creators) were made official VIPs by Poptropica, which stands for Very Important Poptropican.

We’re honored to receive this official recognition after all these years of blogging! Thank you, Poptropica Creators, and all you lovely readers for supporting the blog! ❤️


As VIPs, we were awarded some spiffy graphics to display, which includes the sweet new VIP badge you’ll find on our blog header and sidebar. That’s pretty cool and all, but if we can dream even more, then we hope that perhaps Poptropica can one day officially link to all the VIP/official fansites on the Poptropica site itself (or at least the Creators’ Blog)!

Anyway, that’s all for this post! Let us know what you think in the comments below about the new map, moving the Wheel of Loot, and VIP officialization!

Stay popping, Poptropicans!



58 thoughts on “Map Mishaps, Becoming Official, and More!”

  1. Pretty feeling weird. I agree with you guys. The map is vprsther strange. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on most of these, but Galactic Hot Dogs and Shark Tooth Island aren’t challenging in the slightest. In fact, even beginners could do them! And why is there no medium option?

    And congrats on being officialised! Only room you guys 9 years, huh? ; )

  2. I feel like the “Challenging” Islands should be split into two categories: Challenging and Medium. Because half those islands aren’t even that hard compared to the others.

    1. does it really matter? I don’t really care about the new map, you can still play the islands

    2. I personally liked when all the islands were in the order they were made so I could scroll through the pages and see all the progress that poptropica has made. When the map was changed I felt like poptropica just put all the islands in different places. I like this idea even less. It’s not really the idea just the way they did it. Like how is early poptropica hard. The one thing poptropica can do to make this better is to make a “glitchy” section exclusively for Virus Hunter. Sorry if I sound salty I just don’t like the new map (and virus hunter. I mean IT’S JUST SO GLITCHY)

    3. Right – and with varying difficulty ratings (indicated by the number of skulls out of 3) already assigned to each island when you click on them, it would make sense to categorize them by the difficulties they had determined before.

      1. 😉😉😉 and do you know what Monty Python and the Holy Grail is? Because there’s another thing g I’m doing from that wahAHAHA

      2. Oh yeah I’m going to be on here for a bit then I’m going to keep working on the comic and you are one of the first community members appearing so please make sure to send the info to me whenever you can 😀 sorry if I sound demanding!!

      1. I’m still going to support your blog soOo good bad for you 😉💜
        Have you played new Pop yet?
        P.S. you’re in the next part of Wolff’s Bane and a huge character from then on just an FYI

    1. Your wish has been granted! The Poptropica Web Directory on the PHB, now renamed the Fandom Community Directory, now has a section for all known VIP sites/Poptropicans, among other improvements. Check it out under the Community tab!

      If you are or know a Poptropican who is officially named a VIP by Poptropica, and has a webpage linking to Poptropica-related content that isn’t on our list, let us know and we’ll add you in. Also, even if you’re not a VIP, you can still advertise your site on the directory!

  3. Im gonna be honest here I think the Movie Theater was and is useless. I mean most of the videos you could’ve found somewhere else and they could’ve at least made a Mighty Action Force seris that you could watch and their would be a new episode every friday or something? I think that would be cool cause most of the stuff on their now is pretty boring stuff.

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