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PHB Sneak Peeks: Zombies, Catapults, a Cave, & More

Hey, Poptropicans!

Mighty Gamer here with another sneak peeks post. Credit goes to idk for the video and xml file, which I’ll share first, and Teen Arachnid for more mini-game sneak peeks.

Crisis Caverns

Before going on about this, there’s some new information from idk that has come to light: Crisis Caverns Island is currently cancelled. Disappointing, but at least it’s the truth.

And from here on out, let’s remember to take any unofficial sneak peeks with a grain of salt – while they may be seen in the Poptropica files, they may not always become reality in the game. With that being said, let’s try to enjoy these sneak peeks!

Here’s a new Crisis Caverns video, which is of a room called “Secret Cave”, whatever that could really mean! I love the design. What do you think?

Somewhere throughout the video, you might have seen a couple stacks of stone. I thought it looked similar to the cheese in the trash can on Shrink Ray Island. I’m sure it’s only a coincidence, but it was just a little something I noticed.

You won’t believe what’s in this xml file. Yes, yes. It’s another xml file. But this one has something interesting. As you read through it, you should find this line: “Congratulations! You have completed the Crisis Caverns Episode 1 quest.” Perhaps they were making another episodic adventure, or just using that as a template, but again, since the island is cancelled (at least for now), it doesn’t matter. 😦

Game Jam

Here are some sneak peeks for Game Jam, an unreleased mini-game mentioned in a previous PHB post. In the game, you defend yourself by using musical instruments. And as you can see, there are 5 Poptropicans at the bottom (pictured below) those of which you control.


You have to click at least twice to take out the closest light blue Zomberry in a column. For the dark purple Zomberries, you have to click about five times. But if you let the zombies get to the bottom, of course, the game will end. That’s every survival game, right? Here is a popup that will appear if you lose the game:

unknown (1)

Zombie Catapult

In this mini-game that takes place on Zomberry Island, several zombies amble towards you, these are only a few of the many trying to attack you. You protect yourself with a single catapult… I guess it’s Catapult vs Zombies here, not Plants vs Zombies.

unknown (1)

This is the catapult. There is a conveyor belt right below it, bringing things like trash, bags, sinks, rocks, etc. to your catapult. To progress in the game, you must use those items to knock out the zombies coming at you.

But there’s a catch! You can’t see the zombies as their coming, so it makes it a lot more difficult to aim for them. Once a zombie gets to you, of course, you’ll lose and have to start over. Interesting game, right?

unknown (2)

That’s all for this post! What do you think of it? Like or dislike? Let me know in the comments below.

See ya soon!

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41 thoughts on “PHB Sneak Peeks: Zombies, Catapults, a Cave, & More”

  1. I guess the Creators got mad at us for leaking Crisis Caverns, so they probably either cancelled it or it will be on the New Poptropica, idk. I guess we aren’t getting a new island like I hoped this summer…
    *runs away and cries in a corner*

    1. I think that the creators are currently mad at us for leaking information and stopped the production of Crisis Caverns because it spoiled it. I mean, I certainly hope not, but it is possible…

      1. I doubt that – we’ve given spoilers in the past (for example, our Behind the Scenes Overview & Theory posts) and they haven’t done anything about it. It also wouldn’t be wise to stop the production of an island simply because there had been some leaked info about it – for one thing, not everyone is going to see the leaks, and even for those who do, they could still enjoy playing the actual island that Creators had worked hard on. It’s more likely the island isn’t finished and the Creators have put it aside to work on other projects first.

      2. I can confirm that the creators are NOT mad at us for leaking the crisis caverns info. They are just worried that we will get our hopes up and be disappointed if CC does not become an actual island. If you want proof of what I just said ask me in PM/DM on the PHC.

  2. can you please not spoil Crisis Caverns, it’s annoying and it takes the fun out of exploring a new Poptropica island

    1. Some people like seeing these sneak peeks, and if you do not, that is fine – you can simply look past it so it doesn’t spoil the surprise for you. At any rate, it appears that Crisis Caverns will not be releasing, as far as we know.

  3. Yeah,I’m pretty sure we knew that Crisis Caverns was cancelled even before its name was announced. I didn’t exactly have much hope,you could say.

    1. If you mean a while back when we stopped seeing sneak peeks of it and the Creators focused on other projects, then perhaps so. However, seeing it added to Poptropica’s behind-the-scenes files recently (within this past month or so) had sparked hope that it might return.

    2. Well actually when its name got revealed, the files were still being updated. But I do see your point, since this is the second (known) time that it’s been cancelled.

    1. Because a zomberry is made when a Poptropican consumed the bootleg blueberries that Samuel Brains bought for his Berrylicious Smoothie restaurant. Blueberries are blue, and I guess the bootleg blueberries’ color/tint got into the Poptropican’s skin cells.

      1. @WimpyKidFan I was LITERALLY about to say that even before I read your reply XD

      2. @Young Singer Great minds think a like eh? 😛
        (And great minds make up great theories right? 😉 @Teen Arachnid )

    2. Yup, but we’re still left to wonder why the Game Jam Zomberries are more blue, while the ones on Zomberry Island and in the catapult game are purple.

  4. in the new poptropica might come with new islands but could that video also be legendary swords or is this crisis caverns?

  5. There is a new ad for Cartoon Network’s special Heroes! vs Heroes, a mashup of Teen Titans Go! and The Powerpuff Girls. If someone presses he snail on the upper right, everyone gets a floatie to wear. You can also swim in the water.

    Prizes are Teen Titan Costumes which are costumes of Robin, Cyborg, and Robin and Beast Boy Power which changes your poptropican to a dog, ape, or dragon for a few seconds. Oddly enough, the prizes are only for Teen Titans Go!.

  6. Just keep swimming, Poptropicans! By that, I mean keep trying to go see “Finding Dory”,
    Because its supposed to sell out soon.
    Lets see… my breakfast was… ( reads receipt ) A small Coca – Cola, Large Popcorn ( extra butter cuz’ they never use enough ), and some junior mints. My mom said I can’t get the King size cuz’ ” I ain’t no Big Boy.” Even know I’m a girl and there isn’t a limit on candy… right? :3
    Sorry. I just had a Dory moment.. wait a minute… what’s that? WHERE’S MY FAMILY?! Jk.
    Keep swimming, Poptropicans!!

      1. Are you talking about the movie or the zomberry stuff? If you’re talking about Finding Dory, it already came out yesterday.

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