Shrink Ray Island

Shrink Ray concepts from under the living room sofa…

Hi everyone, Slip here!

Poptropica recently announced the Islands of the Month for November: Shrink Ray and Poptropolis Games! As with previous IotMs, the chosen islands will give 500 credits for finishing it the first time and 300 credits for repeat finishers.

Not only will extra credits be given away in honor of these islands, but also new walkthrough videos from Captain Crawfish, exclusive costumes returning in the Poptropica Store and never-before-seen behind the scenes of the islands!

Right now, Shrink Ray’s exclusive members-only costumes, the Milk Box and Bottle Cap Costumes, are back in the Store for a limited time.


Poptropica has also released some behind-the-scenes concept art from Shrink Ray Island! Most of these were ideas that never made it into the island. They involve plastic bag parachutes, a ruler-and-crayon lever, and some dust bunnies! Click on the pictures in the gallery below to view them up-close.

We can’t wait to see more concept art and scrapped ideas from the next IOTMs! It’s really cool to see how the Creators put all their ideas together just to make an island. Poptropica used to post some on Twitter – hopefully they bring that back.

That’s all of the updates we have today! Have you entered the #MyPoptropicaCostume Contest? I’ve been seeing amazing works from the community! Great job, everyone! Keep them coming!


Stay awesome.

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App-stonishing pet followers & November’s IotM!

Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here bringing you a Poptropica app update, as well as new Islands of the Month!

If you haven’t logged on to Poptropica in a while, allow me to enlighten you. 😛 Poptropica has finally added conventional pets to the store with the Cat Pack and Dog Pack! And now, these guys (as well as the plethora of other new fall goodies) are also available on the app.

And guess what? Unlike the online version, everything’s available for purchase for 0 credits. That’s right, they’re FREE! Even the pets! If you haven’t already, get yours today!

The Cat Pack includes three different variations: a grumpy black one, a fuzzy gray one and, my personal favorite, a calico cutie.


The Dog Pack also includes three different kinds: A brown one, A loyal labrador and happy mutt.


Cute, right? For a closer look at all these fall goodies, see this PHB post.

Also, an NPC on Home Island could possibly be hinting at future Thanksgiving-themed costumes. (Thanks to idk for the tip.) Check it out!


In addition to all of this it’s now November, and that means new Islands of the Month! This month’s featured islands are…


Poptropolis Games Island 🏅

Ah, Poptropolis Games – the island where you compete in various games to prove tribal supremacy. (PHB Tribal Tournament, anyone?)

The video walkthrough has been uploaded by Captain Crawfish, if you’re interested:

If you’d prefer a written guide, check out the PHB’s written walkthrough for Poptropolis Games here!

Shrink Ray Island ☀️

Once a classic and now an SUI, the journey remains the same. Pop into this adventure with Captain Crawfish’s new video walkthrough!

If you’d prefer a written guide, check out the PHB’s written walkthrough for Shrink Ray Island here!

Remember, for Islands of the Month only, first-time finishers earn 500 credits and repeat finishers earn 300 credits! That’s pretty pop-inspiring!

With all that said, I’ll see you next time! Pop on!

-Lucky Joker :luckyjoker~1:

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Happy birthday – have a pencil!

Hello, everyone!

It’s Lucky Joker here, showing you a fabulous Poptropica cake!

Over on Poptropica’s Twitter page, Poptropica has just announced that they’ll be celebrating Poptropica’s 9th birthday this month! I’m not sure what Poptropica has in store for us, but we were promised some fun coming soon! 🙂

Moving ahead now! We’ve also got some unreleased items we may or may not see in Poptropica. Courtesy to idk for the photos.


As seen above, we have a Pencil, a Shoe Box, and an Amulet. From the island logos imprinted on the cards, I’m assuming these were items that were cut during development. Both Shrink Ray and Vampire’s Curse logos can be seen, if you look closely. Maybe even items for the New Poptropica?

If I were to guess; I would say that some of the original islands may be renewed in the New Poptropica. Eh… Just something that came to mind. 😛 Here’s what creator, Skinny Moon, had to say in a recent Q&A we held.


Who’s excited? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

– Lucky Joker :luckyjoker~1:

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More Monkeys, Bad Bunnies, Boardwalk Boy, & Loot Loaded

Hey guys! Spotted Dragon here with a few quick updates.

First off, Monkey Wrench Island is now available for iOS!


If you get stuck, be sure to check out our Monkey Wrench Island Guide.

Second up, Poptropica tweeted a gif of a character from Wimpy Boardwalk Island!

Obviously he’s from Wimpy Boardwalk, but do you know exactly who the character is? 😉

Third, they’ve also shared some early conceptual work from Shrink Ray Island. Apparently, air vents were going to be populated by evil dust bunnies!


Okay, this may just be me, but that actually looks really fun and cute. 😛

Lastly, after our discussion post about the Daily Pop not being “daily” anymore, one more sneak peek has graced our presence! This character is loaded with loot, and we’re not sure yet what this could be. What do you think?

Backpacker: Time to hit the dusty trail.

That’s all for now! Keep checking back for more updates! 😉


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Engineering with a Monkey Wrench

(Hey Poptropicans! Today’s news is brought to you in a guest post by Tall Cactus, who also runs her own Poptropica blog and frequently visits the PHB chat now on Discord. Hope you enjoy! –slantedfish)

Hello Poptropicans! It’s me, Tall Cactus, and I have some news to share with you!

First of all, the name of the mysterious upcoming island has finally been revealed. If you go to your medallion list, you’ll see this… Yup, its name is Monkey Wrench Island! 

monkey wrench island

Now, this could be a code name that may later change, but either way, I was not expecting that. I thought it would be called something like Castaway Island. Maybe we’ll get an official announcement sometime this week about what’s likely to be the new tutorial upgrade!

In other news, in celebration of National Engineers Week, Poptropica is offering 300 credits for first-time completions of various science-themed islands! That’s twice as much as the usual 150! The special islands are Steamworks, Lunar Colony, Shrink Ray, and Virus Hunter Island, and again, it must be your first time finishing them to win the extra credits. (Click the island names for guides!)

However, this ends on February 27th (Saturday), so make sure to get the extra credits if you can! You could win up to 1200 credits for these four islands! I, on the other hand, have already completed all of those islands, so I get nothing.

300 credits

That’s all for now. See you guys soon!

-Tall Cactus