Shrink Ray Island

Shrink Ray concepts from under the living room sofa…

Hi everyone, Slip here!

Poptropica recently announced the Islands of the Month for November: Shrink Ray and Poptropolis Games! As with previous IotMs, the chosen islands will give 500 credits for finishing it the first time and 300 credits for repeat finishers.

Not only will extra credits be given away in honor of these islands, but also new walkthrough videos from Captain Crawfish, exclusive costumes returning in the Poptropica Store and never-before-seen behind the scenes of the islands!

Right now, Shrink Ray’s exclusive members-only costumes, the Milk Box and Bottle Cap Costumes, are back in the Store for a limited time.


Poptropica has also released some behind-the-scenes concept art from Shrink Ray Island! Most of these were ideas that never made it into the island. They involve plastic bag parachutes, a ruler-and-crayon lever, and some dust bunnies! Click on the pictures in the gallery below to view them up-close.

We can’t wait to see more concept art and scrapped ideas from the next IOTMs! It’s really cool to see how the Creators put all their ideas together just to make an island. Poptropica used to post some on Twitter – hopefully they bring that back.

That’s all of the updates we have today! Have you entered the #MyPoptropicaCostume Contest? I’ve been seeing amazing works from the community! Great job, everyone! Keep them coming!


Stay awesome.

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