Survival Island

More on “Survival Island”!

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The Creators just announced the next Poptropica Island — Survival Island! Of course, we already knew what it was, but the newest post from the PCB reveals their newest plans for island — Episodes! This means more play, more often, as we’ll be playing new chapters as they become available!

They’ll be releasing three episodes for Survival at different times, the first being Crash Landing, and it’s different than any other experience before! The first chapter will be released to Poptropica Members on the 20th of March (this month), so expect multiple posts from the PHB until then. 😀

survival on map

off-topic alert: Change of plans concerning the Poptropican Portrait Livestream March 2014, we’re changing the time from 6:00 EST to 7:00 EST. I’m sorry if you won’t be able to make it. Also, Samwow5 will be about 30 minutes late, so just keep that in mind. c;

Anywho, there are a lot of things we need to go over concerning Survival Island and now Deep Dive Island. Survival and Deep Dive are definitely broken into three parts now, and all I can say is — each of these parts look like they will be as big and long as a regular island.

I didn’t say like a regular island. I said just as long. These islands look more like obstacle courses, with challenging/frightening places that you have to get past. In Survival Island, your blimp crashes in the wilderness, but we don’t know the plot of Deep Dive yet.

I’ve uncovered the creepy main theme for Survival Island on the Behind the Scenes page along with multiple other new tunes, but here’s the theme just for a taste:

Gives me chills! 😀

You will be facing many different challenges– broken trees, owls, and a scary monster… maybe a bear? You will need to assemble multiple pages out of a handbook, those pages being the mystical ones we’ve been pondering about from the Daily Pop.

We’ve been forgetting about something that has happened long before any note of this Survival Island — Reality TV Island. Before the cheaply made mini game filled island came out, it was rumored to be a huge survival camp island, with mountains, awesome animals, food from the wild, and more. Perhaps they’re fulfilling their unfulfilled island in Survival Island. After all, RTV was based on Survivor!


And, since there is a backstory to cover, I’ll be releasing a series of posts called The Survival Island FilesSound familiar? 😛 I’ll be going over the many elements that may be showing up in the Survival series. I’ll be posting them up until the release. Beware of the forest — many things await. 😉


Remember that we only know about Part 1 of Survival Island. There’s more to come. 😉


38 thoughts on “More on “Survival Island”!”

  1. Survival island… An episodic island??? Wow….

    I have a kinda logical date for the Mythology Island SUI’s release day: April 1st. Now before anyone laughs, April Fools day was the actual day Mythology Island came out… Hm…

  2. An island with episodes? What a cool twist! 🙂
    Just wondering, is this the winner for the dream island contest?

      1. i do not want crash my blimp! if this island is released, than i will quit poptropica! 😡

  3. Does anyone have the Captain America and iron Man costumes saved to their closet?
    If so, please leave your username, because i have made my own Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye and Black Widow, so i just need those two so the Avengers can assemble!

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