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Van Buren inspiration, more fan LEGO, and the PPN story!

Hi Gs,

What isn’t happening in the world of Poptropica? Prepare to have your mind blown with all the new things happening in the Poptropica universe! 😀

Van Buren inspiration

PHB reader JLBblue2003 recently discovered something about the antagonist of Survival Island — he’s based on yet another character from the classic Robin Williams movie, Jumanji. If you’ve ever seen the film, you may remember an angry hunter that chases the movie’s main characters around with a barrel shot gun and a wicked ‘stache. He bears an uncanny resemblance to Van Buren.


If that wasn’t enough, the hunter from the movie is named Van Pelt! Such resemblance. 😛

More Fan LEGO creations

Blake recently posted about a new LEGO creation made by a fan called TheFastComet, but if you check out the page of the project you’ll find even more from the set. The small rock acts a containment unit for swords! Also, check out that flag. 😛


That’s pretty neat, but if you check out Fast Comet’s other creation, Binary Bard’s Citadel, you can see how awesome LEGO Poptropica could be.


He plans to do more, so keep up to date on his E. Vile creation update page. The next project of his is the red rocket from Legendary Swords. Go support him for more awesome Poptropica creations! And while you’re at it, check out Dr. Hare (not the official one) on LEGO Cuusoo for more awesome ideas. 🙂

And it turns out that the original LEGO Cuusoo project from Poptropica was rejected because another project was chosen instead — a Ghostbusters project. Bah. 😛

The Story of the PPN

Remember the Poptropica Police Network that I posted about a while back? Turns out some evil things have happened to it, and I’ve told the story of how these things happened here. I’d love if you could take the time to read the story, it’s fully illustrated and explains everything. 😀


Sorry about the Poptropicast, guys. I was delayed — but I will get it done sometime this month. 😛


18 thoughts on “Van Buren inspiration, more fan LEGO, and the PPN story!”

  1. Finally! Someone read my comment! XD Thank you HP! But seriously, that’s creepy, right? Do you think they will do that for more island villains? Now that I think about it, (totally different subject) the famous guy on Back Lot Island could be Danny Zuko. Probably not, but I’m getting in the groove XD

  2. hey peeps im giving away my accounts because i quit poptropica!
    username: massivecreator1
    username: sirrebral154
    bye everyone!

    HPuterpop: We’re sad to see you go, BB. 😦 However, we’re not going to share your Poptropica accounts in case you want them some day. 🙂

    1. Even if we wanted them, we wouldn’t be able to get to them. You left out the passwords. But I’m quite happy with my million bajillion accounts that I already own. XD

      1. I Dont want them. you can add the passwords back. 🙂 Bye Everyone I Will Miss You. Can You Make A Post Saying I Quit Poptropica?

    2. Oh, that’s a good idea HP, but I think he wants the passes there. If you don’t want them shared, you should tell him to post it somewhere else. @Blue Boot no offense, but I don’t think they will make a post for you. Just because they’d have to do it for every PHB reader who quits to make it fair, and it would probably spam inboxes and their blog page.

    1. Comic boy? But that’s Ned NoodleHed! Maybe you did find something big. Or he changed his name because he defeated Betty Jetty, therefore making him a superhero. He needs a superhero name. He loves comics. Hes a boy. Comic Boy. But I like to go with the exciting choice and think that your on to a conspiracy XD

      1. Way back when “comic kid” posted on the creator’s blog, he was called comic kid that says comic boy

  3. Hey how did you get the spear and the crown for your avatar?

    Slanted Fish: The crown is from the girls’ Fairy Queen (in the store), but you can customize the spear from me (user: slantedfish). 🙂

    1. The crown is from the Fairy Queen costume in the store. I’m not sure about the spear, you can’t buy it. I THINK it comes from Mytholog- yup! You costumize it from Athena on Mythology Island.

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