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Popspiracy: Familiar Faces of the 40 Thieves

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Popular Raptor. Enjoy!

We know Scheherazade as the leader of the Forty Thieves from Arabian Nights Island, and Brutus as her muscular sidekick. But who are they really — and their fellow thieves? That’s my question for this post!

Remember, the culprits are always people you know in life (that’s how it is for my life, yours?). That got me thinking. What if we know these thieves from elsewhere? And then it occurred to me: Brutus looks like a more muscular version of Hercules from Mythology Island! (Sorry Herc.)

There’s also the thief looking through the telescope later in the island. Maybe it’s just me, but he kind of reminds me of the Viking on Time Tangled Island, just with some hair shaved off.

I don’t know, sometimes appearances can be misleading. Maybe the Poptropica Creators have ideas for a new island where all the “good” characters we meet are actually the hidden villains of another island, and the “villains” are actually good.

Are there any good and bad characters that you think are similar to each other?

-Popular Raptor

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Popular Raptor. If you did, you might also enjoy other Popspiracy posts we’ve shared on the blog.

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Guest Posts, Popspiracy Theories

Popspiracy: The Baron’s Backstory

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by HeartofEnder. Enjoy!

Heart here, with a slightly impulsive guest post written shortly after Baronstiltskin’s takeover. With all the new lore, I decided to write up this Popspiracy (Poptropica conspiracy) about the Baron’s potential backstory. Remember: None of this is canon to Poptropica (yet?), so take this with the tiniest grain of salt.

Early Life

The Baron was born on Fairytale Island as a member of the royal family. This was confirmed in the latest Baron visit but has been theorized for a long time. At some point either before or after Baron was born, Rumpel was causing trouble for Poptropica, playing with the world around him. This annoyed the Red Queen, so she locked Rumpel away. 

The Baron didn’t like the whole being part of the royal family thing, so at some point she ran away or announced her departure. Either way, the Royal family seemed fine with that, since we never see them trying to get their daughter back. They likely still have some sort of connection, considering that Thanksgiving picture we saw.

Relationship with Amelia

So the Baron left the royal family, now what? They turned their attention to the thing they loved the most: legends! Were they real or not? Only one way to find out, and that’s to go on an adventure!

The Baron started adventuring, eventually stopping at an island in danger. There she met Amelia and together they saved the island, becoming friends. 

Now what caused their friendship to become sour? Those who played Monkey Wrench Island would know the serious measures she took to come first place in the race. Perhaps before, Amelia and Baron had a friendly race. Amelia won, which angered the Baron so much that she ended their friendship —throwing a literal wrench in Amelia’s plane as revenge for the event that ended their friendship.

Post-Monkey Wrench

After the events of Monkey Wrench, the Baron likely crash landed on the same island we did, or landed in the sea and washed up on the island’s shores — we won’t question things too much here. 

Here, the Baron met Ack and decided to adopt the monkey as her sidekick. While stranded on Monkey Wrench, she did some thinking. Taking revenge on Amelia was not a good idea, so what now? Sure, adventuring brought her money, but were there other options?

And then it hit her. The Baron could make easy money by looting faraway islands of their stuff, and selling them to dedicated adventurers: the players! But first she needed to get off the island.

The monkeys on Monkey Wrench Island were smart enough to plan and build the Poptropica blimp, so together with Ack, they worked to build the Baron an airship.

And so, the Baron began her monthly pop-up shop on Home Island to sell her findings to the players. Soon she was offering to let players assist her on her treasure hunts with The Baron’s Crusade

With various developments surrouding the Baron and Rumpelstiltskin of Fairytale Island since then — including Rumpel’s Challenge ending on a cliffhanger, the side-quest becoming available for all, the shenanigans with the Baron’s Rumpel obsession, going missing, and now returning as Baronstiltskin — it sure seems like Poptropica might finally tie up the loose ends of Fairytale Island. 

I hope you enjoy this little theory of putting pieces together! I couldn’t stop thinking about the new lore we got, so here we are. Love how lore adds so much depth to a virtual world — it’s my favorite thing in games.

Last thing: Chapter 6 of Storm’s Calamity, my Poptropica fanfic series, is now available on Tumblr and Quotev.

Heart out!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by HeartofEnder. If you did, you might also enjoy her fanfiction series, The Witch’s Heart.

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Guest Posts, Popspiracy Theories

Popspiracy: Time Bugs in Time Tangled!

(This is a guest post by Mad APPer, an avid Poptropican in the community here to share some Poptropica thoughts. Keep in mind that the theory he presents is only a theory, not to be taken as fact. If you have a Popspiracy, see below for details on guest posting! Enjoy! –SlantedFish 🐠)


What up, Poptropicans? I’m Mad Apper, and I’m guest posting on the PHB! My theory comes from me putting some some thought into Time Tangled Island.

time tangledIn Time Tangled, the time machine takes you to different time periods and places in history. Remember, it’s a time machine. Why would it take you to different places?

I know, “Maybe it’s supposed to do that! You know, so you don’t end up there instead of in the same place in a different time.” Well, hear me out.

Professor Pendulum, the creator of the time machine and devices, can be found on Shark Tooth Island. I’ve learned this from a previous Popspiracy: Nobody said all Poptropica islands take place in the same time period.

What am I suggesting? A time bug. Pendulum might have gone to Shark Tooth via the time machine! For all we know, Shark Tooth could take place before, after, or during Time Tangled. Here’s the twist: We weren’t just traveling through time, but different islands.

Yes, you may go “Whatever” or “All Popspiracies are jokes” or “I came up with that theory a year ago!”. Again, hear me out. How exactly did a particular Time Tangled character end up on top on a Shark Tooth building? (And yes, Time Tangled was originally going to be named Time Twisted.)

It’s all Pendulum’s fault. Yep, that’s how wacky this theory is. What if the time machine was still in its testing stage? The second Pendulum tested it, he accidentally transported a soldier from the Ancient Greek period of Time Tangled Island to Shark Tooth. Simultaneously, a time bug may have switched around items from different islands, causing our Poptropican to go through the events of Time Tangled Island.

As for Pendulum himself, he can be found relaxing in the tourist building on Shark Tooth, and you won’t see him in person on Time Tangled. He and Crusoe from Monkey Wrench would’ve been great friends. But what if he got there by using the time machine?


When you break this down, this theory is really five theories.

  • Theory #1 (likely): Shark Tooth and Time Tangled take place in different time periods.
  • Theory #2 (possible): The time machine is what brought Professor Pendulum to Shark Tooth Island.
  • Theory #3 (most likely fact): The time machine was still in its testing stage.
  • Theory #4 (EXTREMELY UNLIKELY): Professor Pendulum, Crusoe, Dr. Hare, and Myron Van Buren would all be great friends.
  • Theory #5 (MORE UNLIKELY THAN #4, I DON’T EVEN BELIEVE THIS ONE): All Popspiracies are jokes.
  • Theory #6 (most likely): I am terrible at jokes and should never even attempt jokes ever again. More importantly, why am I joking in a serious theory? The world shall never know the truth!

Enough with the jokes. You may agree with one theory, but not the others. Or maybe you want to make a fan-fic where Pendulum and Crusoe are great friends. Maybe you think I’m just wasting time because I’m trying to make this post 500 words long. Good news, readers! This is the end! Feel free to run away!

This is not to be taken as fact. Who knows, maybe it is fact? Talk amongst yourselves in the comments.

May I guest post another day,

IAN, Infinity, MA, or rather…
—Mad APPer—

How’s that for a Popspiracy?

Share your Pop conspiracies in the comments or on the PHC – we’d love to hear them. If you’d like to develop it into a full guest post like this one, contact the PHB (minimum 500 words). Stay popping!

Legendary Swords

Popspiracy: Resident E. Vile 2

Hey folks, Cobalt here! Oh, and happy Easter! 😉


So, now that I’m an actual author, I suppose it’s time the series I started on the PHB not too long ago resurfaces. In short, these “Popspiracies” are what we think is cooking up behind the scenes at Poptropica HQ. You know, the things Skinny Moon would love to tell us but can’t? 😛

Here is my little theory.


Yes, I cannot let go of Legendary Swords. I never will.

This had me thinking. Why would Poptropica buy (or make themselves, we don’t know!) wall decor for an apparent Legendary Swords robot we never saw in-game? :/


We definitely didn’t see this fella in the first Legendary Swords. Why would they make this character, its design, and have them as literal wall decor in their headquarters if development on it was abandoned?

Here’s where my final points come in. Let’s look at the first Daily Pop sneak peek we had this month.


For one, that definitely feels like outer space in the background, considering the apparent portal or wormhole or whatever time universe space jazz that is.

Second, is that not a purple cave? Oh, where else did we see purple caves in space, huh?


Also, the menacing darkened entity in the background. It has glowing red eyes. Now, E.Vile does not have glowing red eyes. But – the robots do!


While it is obvious enough – we then look at the caption. “I’m only happy when it reigns.” That is a play on words, and from what we know from Reign of Omegon (the title of the third episode of PoptropiCon), this can only mean one thing. Whatever that creature is, it wants control. Probably of Poptropica and the universe, and we all know that was E. Vile’s goal, right before we kinda never saw him again

What do you Poptropicanos think? Do legends ever die? Talk about it! I want to hear what you think ! 😀

Well, I guess that about wraps this conspiracy up. Legendary Swords may still be in development! I’ll pop back in soon. Later folks, and have a great Easter!

Easter Graphic.png
Thank you SD for the picture! 😉

-Cobalt Spinner