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Fanfic: The Witch’s Heart, Part 1/6 🧙‍♀️

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by HeartOfEnder. Enjoy!

Hello everyone! I’m HeartOfEnder, and I have been playing Poptropica for about three years now. Previously I made two guest posts on the PHB under the alias Spotted Thunder: a Pop Worlds house tour and intro of my Popsonas. If I had to say what my favorite old island is, it’s probably Vampire’s Curse

For the past few weeks or so, I’ve been writing a Poptropica fanfiction called Storm’s Calamity, about a Poptropican named Gwendolyn (Spotted Thunder) and her friends who suddenly have to save Poptropica from an ancient calamity. While writing, I had the idea to make a short story for a guest post here.

This story features Alouette Rees, or Fearless Dragon, one of the main characters in Storm’s Calamity. Alouette is Gwen’s cousin and a talented witch from Fairytale Island. But what exactly is her backstory? That is what this six-part story aims to answer. Without further ado…

The scene is the dark forest from Fairytale Island, focusing on a lone tower in the woods with a sign pointing to it saying ‘Witch’s tower, approach at your own caution.’ There is a small garden outside, but for the most part, not a lot of people visit this tower.

We focus on a newspaper titled ‘Fairytale Newspaper.’ It reads: 


Residents of Fairytale Island reported their happy endings were missing on the morning of April 22. While the how is unknown, it was discovered 10 minutes after the incidents were reported that the culprit was a mysterious man disguised as the king, who is now missing. Exact details are unknown at this time. The mysterious man later transformed into a shadow after a Poptropican who seems to be the apprentice of a witch said his name, RumpelStiltSkin, three times. 

All residents affected have received new happy endings, and Fairytale Island is safe again. Forces have been sent to investigate the real king’s whereabouts. 

In other news, Cinder’s debut song, “Take back your flipp’n glass slippers whatever-stilts-man” has reached number one on Poptify. We interviewed her about this extraordinary debut…

The scene zooms away to show SABRINA, a witch with pointed ears, black dress, and a black cat by her side. There is a cup of tea in her hands as she looks up from the newspaper. 

New happy endings, huh. How many did you even create under what? 20 minutes?

The scene focuses on ALOUETTE, a younger figure sitting on the other side of her with a bowl of cereal in front of her. 

Three. Some of them are really weird. Did you hear what happened to Cinder? Oh, and that Snow White’s true love was a goat? Out of all things, a goat?

SABRINA nods, aware of all these new endings her daughter managed to create.

All these new happy endings are amazing, Witchlet. We women can do our own things, we don’t need knights and princes saving us! That’s right! We are our own saviors! 

ALOUETTE stares at her mom with an odd look, before checking the time and suddenly standing up. 

Shoot! I promised that I’ll help Red with delivering pizzas today! I’ll get breakfast on the way, don’t worry mother! 

With that, she rushes over to a small table where a crystal wand, plus several other mysterious objects, are sitting. Grabbing them in one big swoop and putting them in a satchel, she slides down the stairs and out into the dark forest.

The dark forest hasn’t changed since RUMPEL escaped. As ALOUETTE walks through the forest, she spots something white in the bushes. 

That’s weird. Maybe it’s a broken piece of wood from someone’s house? Or that one white owl?

ALOUETTE investigates the white object and finds out that it’s not an owl, or a broken piece of wood, but an egg. It’s too big to be a chicken egg though, so what could it be? Where did it come from? ALOUETTE takes the egg and puts it in her bag. Maybe she could find out later.

The scene changes to Red’s Pizza Basket, where RED is preparing to open the shop for the day. ALOUETTE exits the dark forest and immediately heads towards RED.

Alouette! It’s nice to see you again! What took you so long? Not that I’m angry at you or anything, I’m wondering if something happened that delayed you or something. 

Not necessarily. Mother’s gloating about my recent mishap with that Rumpel guy. Anyway, found this in the dark forest. 

ALOUETTE shows RED the white egg. RED stares at it in awe. 

An egg! But what was it doing in the forest?

(shrugs) Exactly, I don’t know myself. 

Maybe we can hatch it? Then we’ll find out. 

Just then, CINDER and SNOW WHITE arrive at Red’s Pizza Basket. 

Hey we thought we might pop in and maybe order a pizza or two-

CINDER notices the white egg on the table.

What is that?! 

Aww, it’s an egg! It’s so shiny and cute!

Yea it was just chilling in the dark forest so I decided to bring it with me. Maybe it’ll hatch into something cool? 

I bet! We’ll help out too. Don’t you two have pizzas to deliver?

ALOUETTE and RED both nod, before waving goodbye to SNOW WHITE and CINDER and getting to work. 

SNOW WHITE and CINDER take the egg to the castle gardens. SNOW WHITE starts making a nest for it, while CINDER plays calming and quiet rock music for the egg. After ALOUETTE finishes helping RED, she sits by the egg and observes it carefully. 

Days pass since the egg was discovered. One fine morning, before most citizens are awake, the egg started to crack…


What animal is going to hatch from the egg? And what kind of adventures will this animal and Alouette go on together? Find out in part two, coming soon to a Poptropica Help Blog near you!

For more from this universe, Storm’s Calamity is available to read on Tumblr and Quotev. Enjoy, thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by HeartofEnder. If you did, you might also enjoy her Pop Worlds house tour and intro of her Popsonas.

The Poptropica Help Blog welcomes interesting Poptropica insights from anyone in the Poptropica community with thoughts to share. Interested in writing for the PHB? We’d love to hear from you!


9 thoughts on “Fanfic: The Witch’s Heart, Part 1/6 🧙‍♀️”

  1. Nice story, HeartofEnder. I like the characters, storyline, and the ending cliffhanger. Keep up the great work. (To me it’s always nice to hear other creative authors idea and I know how hard it is to think of the “perfect story” also it gives others ideas.) Can’t wait to see more!

  2. What a great story! I love pop tropics fan fictions so much, so anytime I find one, I read it over and over again.

  3. My favorite part of writing this was coming up with a poptropica version of Spotify. You put the word ‘pop’ on anything and boom it’s now a poptropica parody. Glad to see people enjoying my fanfics!

  4. I think I know what’ll come out of the egg. In chapter three of the Storms Calamity Allouette had a small dragon named Pearl , I think that’s what is going to hatch from the egg.

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