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Stall no more: Rumpel’s Challenge for all 😈

Adventures await, Poptropicans!

Pop drop alert: Rumpel’s Challenge is now available for all! 😈 Once for members only, this side quest sequel to Fairytale Island which first launched 10 months ago is finally welcoming non-members who’ve completed the main quest to continue the story.

To get cracking on the riddles, find Rumpelstiltskin on Home Island. Alas, the lead-up with the suspiciously twitching Baron is no longer in sight. For a helping hand in your inter-island search for the true king of Fairytale, keep our Rumpel’s Challenge Side Quest Guide close! 🏰👑

Speaking of the infamous magic man, check out this early concept art of the devilish character revealed on Pop’s Twitter! My, what big eyes you have… 👀

While you’re on Home Island, you may also notice a new ad building for animated Netflix movie Sea Beast! 🐙 Like the Rainbow High ad earlier, inside you can pick a team and play a game for prizes. You’ll have to run around and find 10 little beasts before time is up –– mind the tentacles! You can play for each team to get each of their prizes: the Yellow Follower and Blue Follower (yup, how original).

(Thanks to Fearless Star for contributing to this segment!)

Also, guest writer Invisible Ring is back with a post of encouragement for finding a spirit of adventure with Poptropica. 💫 Check out her post over on the Creators’ Blog, filled with tons of postcard-perfect shots!

And more excitement is to come — check back later today for the start of our next round in the Poppies awards: the voting! See you soon!



2 thoughts on “Stall no more: Rumpel’s Challenge for all 😈”

    1. While I wait for that to sort itself out (couldn’t take two steps in the app without it crashing), I’m grateful for you and Fearless Star on the PHC sharing insights about the new ad! 💫

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