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Popspiracy: Time Bugs in Time Tangled!

(This is a guest post by Mad APPer, an avid Poptropican in the community here to share some Poptropica thoughts. Keep in mind that the theory he presents is only a theory, not to be taken as fact. If you have a Popspiracy, see below for details on guest posting! Enjoy! –SlantedFish 🐠)


What up, Poptropicans? I’m Mad Apper, and I’m guest posting on the PHB! My theory comes from me putting some some thought into Time Tangled Island.

time tangledIn Time Tangled, the time machine takes you to different time periods and places in history. Remember, it’s a time machine. Why would it take you to different places?

I know, “Maybe it’s supposed to do that! You know, so you don’t end up there instead of in the same place in a different time.” Well, hear me out.

Professor Pendulum, the creator of the time machine and devices, can be found on Shark Tooth Island. I’ve learned this from a previous Popspiracy: Nobody said all Poptropica islands take place in the same time period.

What am I suggesting? A time bug. Pendulum might have gone to Shark Tooth via the time machine! For all we know, Shark Tooth could take place before, after, or during Time Tangled. Here’s the twist: We weren’t just traveling through time, but different islands.

Yes, you may go “Whatever” or “All Popspiracies are jokes” or “I came up with that theory a year ago!”. Again, hear me out. How exactly did a particular Time Tangled character end up on top on a Shark Tooth building? (And yes, Time Tangled was originally going to be named Time Twisted.)

It’s all Pendulum’s fault. Yep, that’s how wacky this theory is. What if the time machine was still in its testing stage? The second Pendulum tested it, he accidentally transported a soldier from the Ancient Greek period of Time Tangled Island to Shark Tooth. Simultaneously, a time bug may have switched around items from different islands, causing our Poptropican to go through the events of Time Tangled Island.

As for Pendulum himself, he can be found relaxing in the tourist building on Shark Tooth, and you won’t see him in person on Time Tangled. He and Crusoe from Monkey Wrench would’ve been great friends. But what if he got there by using the time machine?


When you break this down, this theory is really five theories.

  • Theory #1 (likely): Shark Tooth and Time Tangled take place in different time periods.
  • Theory #2 (possible): The time machine is what brought Professor Pendulum to Shark Tooth Island.
  • Theory #3 (most likely fact): The time machine was still in its testing stage.
  • Theory #4 (EXTREMELY UNLIKELY): Professor Pendulum, Crusoe, Dr. Hare, and Myron Van Buren would all be great friends.
  • Theory #5 (MORE UNLIKELY THAN #4, I DON’T EVEN BELIEVE THIS ONE): All Popspiracies are jokes.
  • Theory #6 (most likely): I am terrible at jokes and should never even attempt jokes ever again. More importantly, why am I joking in a serious theory? The world shall never know the truth!

Enough with the jokes. You may agree with one theory, but not the others. Or maybe you want to make a fan-fic where Pendulum and Crusoe are great friends. Maybe you think I’m just wasting time because I’m trying to make this post 500 words long. Good news, readers! This is the end! Feel free to run away!

This is not to be taken as fact. Who knows, maybe it is fact? Talk amongst yourselves in the comments.

May I guest post another day,

IAN, Infinity, MA, or rather…
—Mad APPer—

How’s that for a Popspiracy?

Share your Pop conspiracies in the comments or on the PHC – we’d love to hear them. If you’d like to develop it into a full guest post like this one, contact the PHB (minimum 500 words). Stay popping!

13 thoughts on “Popspiracy: Time Bugs in Time Tangled!”

  1. Great theory, but I personally think that every island is frozen in time, since Monkey Wrench (the official first island, you get your blimp in it) has people from islands like Astro Knights and Arabian Nights (which apparently happen in the past) before Time Tangled. Well, probably. You never know.

  2. About how you’re supposed to stay in the same place when you time-travel … well, not in Doctor Who. They’re always going someplace other than Britain! Heck, they can even go to other planets if they want to! Perhaps the blimp acts as a time-travel machine between islands? That monkey on Monkey Wrench could’ve been even smarter than we think …

    OOH! BETTER IDEA! Since our Poptropican went through the time machine on Time Tangled, maybe, since we saw ourselves in the future and we WEREN’T erased from existence (like in most media involving time-travel), this had a negative effect on time. Somehow, our Poptropican became a Time-Lord, since we were exposed to Pendulum’s time machine, which could possibly contain bits from the Untampered Schism. Thus, wherever we go in the blimp, time takes us wherever it thinks we’re needed … the blimp is our TARDIS.


    (hahaha sorry for the long comment I got carried away with my Doctor Who knowledge ^^ I may be interested in writing a post about my theory, though, and that’d be great if I could)

    (also, don’t meant to offend you, Mad APPer; I’ve actually read your blog, too, and it’s very funny!)

    1. I also theorized about the similarities of Poptropica and Doctor Who on the Poptropica Parallel Theory post. 😀

      1. Cool beans! Maybe we could to a theory together and turn it into a post? 😀

  3. Time travel has always confused me. Going back in time would mean that everything would be abandoned and you would be the only person in the world since everyone had passed over that time into the future. Going forward in time be pretty much useless, because no one had been there and the world would be the same as it is now because, well, no one was there to make new technology and progress the world. ‘Time’ travel with wormholes is a whole different idea. If you take a space walk near a wormhole, 20 minutes spent walking would actually be 40 YEARS to the people in the spaceship. So an hour spacewalk more than a century to the people in the spaceship. So you would have to spent some time walking near a wormhole and fly back to Earth by yourself to see what the future would look like BUT you couldn’t go back to their time. So, what were we talking about before this? Poptropica? Oh, um, heh heh…

    1. Any form of time travel would actually cause you to enter a new time line. For example: if you were to time travel to the 1980s, the new timeline would be what happens after that year+your involvement. Everyone you knew would still exist eventually, unless your involvement in time prevents them from being born somehow, along with other variables I can’t really list right now because I’m lazy. Going into the future wouldn’t be just finding absolutely nothing since nothing has progress- time would pass while you are time traveling. The world would change without you, since you don’t exist in space from Point A to Point B. So in the future, the world would have progressed into a far more advanced civilization, assuming it is a good future you travel to. What you brought up from worm holes is actually a matter of perspective. If I were to time travel into the year 2026 instantaneously, what seemed like 10 seconds for me would be 10 years for everyone else 😉 .

    1. There are actually a couple of Back to the Future references in Poptropica, just not on Time Tangled Island. 😛 Night Watch has a DeLorean in the parking lot, and the mall has a similar name (Twin Palms instead of Twin Pines). Poptropica also celebrated BTTF Day with a Marty McFly graphic. 🙂

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