PHB Sneak Peeks

PHB Sneak Peeks: Unreleased Costumes, Quiz Game, & More

Hey Poptropicans, the PHB is back at it again with behind-the-scenes Poptropica findings! This post is made possible with the help of glitchers TechWizard and idk (formerly Hyper SW). Let’s begin.

First, from idk: unreleased app costumes! The costumes are: Mummy, Carnival Kid, Pirate, Parasailing, Creepy Turkey, Ring Leader, Bear Costume, Old Diving Suit, Zombie, and Scarecrow. Quite a few of these have not been seen in the game before. Others have been seen online. (*PHB reader Infinity App Nerd notes that the Mummy and Scarecrow are on the app.) Which ones do you like?

unreleased app costumes

Among the files, this never-released Survival Merit Hat was also discovered. Notice the five symbols pertaining to the five episodes of Survival Island. Wonder what this could have been for!

survival merit hat

Also, here’s a look at a Poptropica Quiz Game! Longtime PHB readers may remember when Codien briefly covered some findings of the same game years ago, then thought to be a game coming soon – but at this point, it seems more like another idea lost to time.

Our picture supplier idk compiled a couple of albums full of images from the files for this game, which you can find here and here. Here are a few of the more interesting pictures:

Plus, a couple of extra now-visible pages from The Mystical Weapons of Arturus on Astro-Knights Island have also been discovered! These last two pages of the book, which are half-covered in-game, can now be seen in full.

Here we have the idea that worthiness of the weapons comes from great strength, valor, and… an affinity for animals, because the love would bring the warrior to new levels. Say what? The other page speaks of a wizard named Borzo, whose elixir could cure heart burn, but the King and Queen were not convinced that it was legendary enough. Also, a man named Klaudius tried to… well, it ends there. Strange stories.

This interesting room was also found behind-the-scenes… what an aesthetic background.


But weird rooms seem to be the specialty of another glitcher: TechWizard. Let’s see what else is new.

Something else he discovered behind-the-scenes is a projectile test room. The contents are a cannon-like object, a non-functioning cannon object, and a projectile shooter that shoots green pellets. Pressing spacebar in this room allows you to shoot dots. Think it’s cooler than Tetris Land from Tech’s last post?

projectile room

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes peek – for more posts like this that have come up recently, check out the PHB sneak peeks of the Zomberry Mini-Games and Development Testing Rooms! And if you like playing around with Poptropica’s files, be sure to check out the glitching community on the PHC’s #glitchers channel for more uncovered secrets!

Stay popping, Poptropicans!


26 thoughts on “PHB Sneak Peeks: Unreleased Costumes, Quiz Game, & More”

    1. I’m sorry. We still don’t share how to find those. They’re still top secret. But like fishy said above, you can always enjoy the sneak peeks founded by those who can find them. 😛

  1. Wow, interesting stuff. Images of the Zombie and Creepy Turkey costumes were uploaded over on the Discord Poptropica Help Chat, and I must say they would have looked terrifying in a Common Room:

    Apparently, those Astro-Knights Island pages are actually in the game – the very last 2 visible pages in The Mystical Weapons of Arturus book. You cannot exactly get a good look at their contents since they are partially overapped in-game, but some of the words from the above graphics are readable:

    The Survival Merit Hat’s symbols seem to remind me of something from Pearson’s Our Discovery Island. In Our Discovery Island, symbols like that would become solid/colored as you check it off of the card, sort of like a check list. The card may have originally been intended to tally off each of the Survival Island episodes as you completed them, but this idea was scrapped in the final cut; just my thoughts on that unused card 😉 .

    The quiz game, like the quiz game in Pearson’s Our Discovery Island, may have originally been meant as an educational game-show styled Common Room game. Although the concept for the quiz game seems a tad more fleshed out judging from the graphics above in comparison to Our Discovery Island’s version:

    1. Just my thoughts here, but I think the ”Survival Merit Hat” item card is simply a customizing item card. I mean in each option it gives you some different customizing things. Pretty similar to the ”Biome Hat”. 🙂

    2. Good call on the Astro-Knights weapons book – I’ve now updated the post to be more accurate about that. Thanks! Also, interesting comparisons to Our Discovery Island! 😛

      1. You’re welcome! I’ve still got Our Discovery Island and Poptropica comparisons on my mind since I helped Spencer with the prior post 😉 . Also, I didn’t mean to have the Creepy Turkey show up in the post like that – I thought it would just be a link :l ; oops.

  2. The survival merit hat looked AWESOME!!! We should have gotten a prize for taking all of those risks to ensure our SURVIVAL. Wow, Survival Island is probably the most intense island in the map…

    1. I agree! Evil hunters, starving to death, freezing to death, and all we get are credits..

  3. There was a pic I had that showed off what the method could do besides finding silly rooms.

  4. Huh? The mummy and scarecrow costumes were released on the app a long time ago for Halloween.

    1. Ah, noted. They can be found online in the Haunted House mini-quest after-party as well – the post mentions that some have not been seen before, but not all. 😛

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