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Popspiracy: Did Grapple-Pap really get Clareta? 🎄👹

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Blue Moon. Enjoy!

Hi there Poptropicans! It’s Blue Moon again, here to make a far-fetched, almost impossible (and a little out of date) theory: Grapple-Pap didn’t get Clareta after all. Surprise, surprise.

Contrary to the popular belief, Grapple-Pap may not have gotten Clareta—even before your Poptropican came to remind her of “what Grapple-Pap’s all about”. Why? The design of her house may hold clues.

Let’s take a look at the structure of her house. Though gloomy and worn-down, it’s pretty well-structured, isn’t it? But take a closer look and compare these two pictures: Isn’t the structure of Clareta’s house similar to the ones in town?

As we know, the town was designed to fit the cheer and merriment of Grapple-Pap—including the houses. Since Clareta lived in such an isolated place alone, it might be that she built her own house. And if Grapple-Pap really got her, why would she build her house to fit the style of the houses in town, which were designed to look cheery?

Also, if you look closely, you can see that there are pink hearts 💕 painted on the ridges in a pattern. Why would an old, mean, grumpy grandma like her paint hearts on her otherwise gloomy house? Isn’t she supposed to hate Grapple-Pap themes and general “happiness” or “merriment”? At least, that’s what happens to you if Grapple-Pap got you… she’s supposed to be grumpy and hate Grapple-Pap, and yeah, she fulfilled the first point, but did she really hate Grapple-Pap before your Poptropican came to remind her?

More on that point, look at the inside of her house. The huge, robotic whatever-that-is hanging from the ceiling is quite eye-catching, right? Though its appearance is hard to ignore, many would look over the fact that it’s carrying a bag of gifts and holding one in its “hand”. 🎁

Upon further inspection you will find that the appearance of the whatever-that-is (Krampus?) is similar to the creature painted on the booths of the Salty Nugget. 👹 Again, the whole town is designed to fit the cheeriness of Grapple-Pap, and Clareta was supposed to hate that stuff, so why would she hang a huge, gift-carrying thing that resembles something merry in town? Hmm, weird…

Also, did you notice that there are multiple silhouettes of garlands hanging from the ceiling of Clareta’s house? Garlands, like the ones from the Baron’s airship’s December visit, see? The question is the same: Why would Clareta put anything decorative in her house, especially something Grapple-Pap-related, when she’s supposed to be mean and anti-Grapple-Pap at the moment?

I know, I know. Even I must admit that this theory is quite ridiculous. There’s even evidence that goes against the points above—the burning Grapple-Pap gifts in the fireplace. But there’s still plenty of evidence that shows considerable traces of Grapple-Pap in her house… and that was before she turned nice. Quite a conflicting house, isn’t it?

So, if my theory is true, what does it mean? If Grapple-Pap did not get her, then who (or what) did? What caused the caring and compassionate Clareta to turn into a mean old hag? And most importantly, who and when will these questions be answered, and what will it mean to the holiday and legend of Grapple-Pap?

Until next time~ Blue Moon 🌚

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