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Clubhouse Tour: Invisible Ring 🏡

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Invisible RingEnjoy!

Hi, I’m Invisible Ring, and this is my first guest post on the PHB! I never thought about writing for the PHB before, but when Slanted Fish saw my clubhouse and invited me to write a clubhouse tour, I got really excited and decided to go for it! 

Shoutout to Silver Horse, because without your clubhouse tour, I wouldn’t have thought of planting flowers around my clubhouse.

Poptropica challenged us to submit our clubhouses to them a few months ago, so I made a YouTube walkthrough of my clubhouse. But for this guest post, I felt like I could do better with my clubhouse at this point, so I rebuilt it from the ground up! This video shows how my clubhouse looked before I changed it. How does it compare?

While I was rebuilding my clubhouse, I saw a lot of clubhouse tours on the PHB, and the creative decorating and storytelling in all of them were a huge inspiration for me! I had a lot of fun the whole time decorating everything, and I just finished all of my new designs. So without further ado, let’s open the door and see what’s inside!

The first thing to do is to get outta bed. Hmmm… Is it just me, or does this bed look exactly like the bed of the 21st-century Powerpuff Girls? Oh, there’s my game center! I gotta get on and see what’s new on Poptropica today!

Now to head down to my dressing room. Lookin’ sharp… now what?

I suppose I should get a head start on my online schoolwork over here… Nah. I’ll do it tomorrow. I have a clubhouse to tour!

I got my own movie theater over here, complete with popcorn, soda, and a big bean bag. Oh snap, where’s the remote? Do I even HAVE a remote? Oh well, moving on. 

This is where the music happens! I got a trumpet right here, which is perfect because I actually have a trumpet myself! Oh look, there’s a karaoke corner too! “Mamma mia, here I go again, my, my…” Hold on, what am I doing? I gotta stay focused and continue the tour!

I like this part. It’s the perfect place to play pretend and film a movie! It’s a jungle over here, so watch out! I’ve got a sword and I’m not afraid to use it! And don’t even think about messin’ with my dragon or… Say, that is one awesome view outside that window up there!

Cut! Cut! Do a recount! Do a retake! Do something! That’ll never do! …Hey, who threw that basketball?? Oh right, there’s a basket right above me. I should move that basket sometime so I can film without any distractions. 

These gardens are my favorite part of my clubhouse! But I think I got lost in them again. No, wait, I see something! I think it’s a pool. Care for a swim? Don’t worry, we got the life preservers and towels right here. Just keep your wetsuit on and watch out for the Squirtgun-slingers!

Well, it’s been fun, but that wraps up my clubhouse tour. Wait a minute, I almost forgot about that lever over there! I have more rooms to tour! I guess it’s not the end — it’s just the beginning! 

Say, what time is it? Oh no, look at the time! As much as I wanna pull that lever, I can’t, ‘cause I gotta go! I have other stuff I need to do, but I’ll get to work on part 2 of my house tour as soon as I can. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the tour, and I’ll catch you guys later! Gotta run!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Invisible Ring. If you did, you might also enjoy other clubhouse tours we’ve featured, like this one from Silver Horse. Consider sharing yours, too!

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Poptropica Worlds House Tour: White Fox 🏡

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by White FoxEnjoy!

Hello, fellow Poptropicans! Recently, I shared my clubhouse tour here on the PHB, and now I want to share my house in Poptropica Worlds

I gotta warn you, this house is a lot bigger than my clubhouse in the regular Poptropica. Anyway, come inside! To your right is a closet, left is a big-screen TV, and right above are two crossed axes.

I look very different in Poptropica Worlds, don’t I?

Head upstairs, and you will be standing in between two doors. One is locked, and the other leads to the bedroom. Climb the rope…

…And to the left of the rope is a couch right under the one and only… Governor Ridley! This dude was one of my favorite characters from Skullduggery Island back in the days of Flash-based Poptropica, so I put a picture of him in my house over a velvet couch. To the right is another couch, and a table with all my island trophies on it. Confession time: I’ve only ever won Greek Sea Odyssey in Poptropica Worlds. 😂

Even farther over is… DR HARE’S FACTORY! RUN!!!!! Or, you could, you know, go in. On the right, you’ll see that over the door is one of those creepy LED lights Dr Hare has, and over here is where I get to chop up carrots. Hooray!

Above is… The Chair of the Hare! …with a window showing outer space. Don’t worry, that window is fake. I’m not actually in outer space. Or am I?

Head to the left of the rope, all the way across that floor from the Hare Chair, and you see a tiny planter where all the carrots grow. Down the rope, and you are in front of all the carrot shipments, courtesy of Dr Hare’s Revenge from Poptropica Worlds.

Oh, right! Can’t forget my bedroom! On the right you will see my favorite couch. Are you getting tired of couches? Oh, well. I’m not! Anyway, head up the rope to the actual bedroom part of my bedroom. Keep an eye out for my painting of Pelican Rock!

In my bedroom is a canopy bed, a nightstand with a hotel-style lamp, and a statue of Athena. I figured I owed her something after she helped me on both Mythology and Greek Sea Odyssey Islands. Right below is a simple window showing a wonderful view of the beach outside. I also have a potted plant and a chandelier there.

Whew! I think that’s enough for our tour! Remember: Never make a deal with Dr Hare for a ton of carrots in exchange for a factory in your house. He’s pretty bad about holding up his end of the deal. Thanks for reading!

White Fox

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by White Fox. If you did, you might also enjoy other clubhouse tours we’ve featured from Poptropica Worlds, like this one from the PHB’s Spotted Dragon. Consider sharing yours, too!

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Clubhouse Tour: Dangerous Dragon 🏡

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Dangerous DragonEnjoy!

Hello Poptropicans, I was just heading to my house, which is fully constructed! I’m going to the opening ceremony, so I’ll talk to you later…

Phew! So much work! I met my friends there and I cut the ribbon now I’m inside. Anyway, it’s your turn to see…

When you enter, on the ground floor to the right there is a gaming room for playing Poptropica! It comes with two chairs so that anyone who visits can also sit with me. My Alexa smart speaker makes it easy for me to control my equipment. There are two speakers for high audio, and you might see some customization on the fridge. I put a gaming poster on it. It looks pretty cool! What other customization do you think I should add?

To the left is a peaceful place to relax and watch TV. I’m putting on my favourite movie: “Wreck It Ralph 2: Ralph breaks the internet.”

Let’s go up… Above my TV room is a reading room. Just enjoy reading and increase your knowledge!

And over to the right side you have my bedroom! A simple bed and my place to keep my laptop and write for Poptropica. It is lit with candles.

Over to the next floor we have my pet girl Joy’s home! There is the kennel which has her bone. I have a game for her and a ball of yarn to chew on with the bone!

Let’s exercise! In the final room, we have a trampoline, a motivating poster, a hoop, a drink machine for energy, and a water cooler too.

Before I go, did anyone notice my new look? What do you think?

And finally, I have posted a mini writing competition in the comments of the PHB’s Community page! The challenge is to write your own Poptropica side quest. I’m pushing the deadline to April 15, so read the challenge guidelines and keep the entries coming!

That wraps up my house tour. Do visit; my username is AxrnavKrumar on Poptropica! This is DD popping out. Keep popping, Poptropicans!

~DD 💜

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Dangerous Dragon. If you did, you might also enjoy other clubhouse tours we’ve featured, like this one from Slanted Fish. Consider sharing yours, too!

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Clubhouse Tour: Silver Horse 🏡

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Silver HorseEnjoy!

Hello, fellow poptropicans! This is your friendly neighborhood ASG-maker, Silver Horse. Every once in a while, I like to re-decorate my clubhouse — even on the outside, with umbrellas from the Wimpy Boardwalk and Poptropolis Games statues. Hop on in and enjoy the tour!

Our first stop is the relaxation corner, where I sit on my red beanbag and open treasure with a juice, because why not. It’s also where I like to paint (with kinda messy results on the door). There’s also a small section for music with a microphone, bongo, and a saxophone!

Next up, we’ve got the study area and dining room, on two floors each. The dining room comes with its own trampoline, as well as a cozy fireplace, where I eat pie (wait, do Poptropicans eat?) among other things.

On the floor above, the study room is a cozy place to read, relax, and research the strange customs of Shark Tooth Island with a Booga statue. There’s also a claw machine, popsicle poster, and old-fashioned TV, which I use to store books!

After that, here we have the upper floor of the relaxation corner. In this area, you can see my secret gem hoard, which was offered to me by the coin collector from Arabian Nights: Episode 2, along with a Trojan horse to guard it. Behind that, we have my fish tank full of wondrous fish (which my Poptropican may or may not want to eat, considering he is a purple unicorn dragon cat) as well as a unicorn beanbag and a poster from last year’s Trolls World Tour ad.

Right next to that we have an animal encyclopedia, from foxes to birds to fish that somehow miraculously survive on land, to armadillos, to mythical beings, and many more. Next to it, you can spy a mini Poptropica blimp, and above, some posters, as well as a stained glass window leading into the bedroom.

We are now up to the final area, the bedroom. Here, I’ve got a unicorn plushie to hug, a laptop for playing Poptropica in-universe somehow, a scratching post and ball of yarn for my tabby cat (some real Goofy-Pluto energy going on here!). There’s also a cozy bed, because even if my Poptropican is a purple unicorn dragon cat, they still sleep on a human bed! Then there’s a statue of Poseidon on a seahorse and some red curtains. (Hopefully the potion doesn’t fall on the scratching post!)

Welp, I hope you guys enjoyed my first guest post! If you would like to see this for yourself, friend me: bugsbunny96. Until then, see you!

~Silver Horse

P.S. Here’s what my clubhouse looks like as a whole, courtesy of idk!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Silver Horse. If you did, you might also enjoy other clubhouse tours we’ve featured, like this one from White Fox. Consider sharing yours, too!

The Poptropica Help Blog welcomes interesting Poptropica insights from anyone in the Poptropica community with thoughts to share. Interested in writing for the PHB? We’d love to hear from you! 📰✨

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Good luck in store for customers and creators 🍀💵

Top of the morning, Poptropicans! Today, we will be looking at a few store updates as well as a recent message from a special someone. Let’s take a gander now, shall we?

Let’s start things off with a long-awaited clubhouse update. Here is the current clubhouse store lineup which includes four new furniture items: a star wall decoration, a gaming PC, a sound speaker, and a cat-shaped cactus pot.

After decorating your clubhouse, why not gift your pets some St. Patrick’s Day costumes? Sure March 17th has already come and gone, but you can still dress your pets in festive green gear. Lucky pets can wear a Leprechaun Hat, a Clover Face, and a Green Backpack. 🍀

Moving on from the game to the real world, the official Poptropica Zazzle store has gone through some changes. There are some interesting new(ish?) items, like this Poptropica 8-bit Pixel Mug ($15.95) of Drs. Beev and Hare with a heart between them, a Poptropica Dr. Hare Button ($2.25) and even Dr. Hare Poptropica Wrapping Paper ($20.95).

Sticker prices have been lowered with most going from $4.95 to $2.15! Also, a Zomberry Clown Postcard is now available for purchase for just $1.10 (now the cheapest item in the store!).

To cap off this post, we a have a special update coming from the creator of Poptropica himself, Jeff Kinney! Yesterday, Jeff tweeted a photo of himself visiting three other OG Pop Creators during his recent book tour. It’s nice to see Jeff acknowledge Poptropica, even if he’s already moved on the greener (and richer 🤑) pastures.

That’s all for now. What store items (real or digital) are you looking to buy? If you were to meet Jeff Kinney or any Pop Creator, what would you ask them? Leave your comments below!

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

—Gentle Dolphin 🐬