Choosing your tribe for Poptropica is no small decision. You’ll fly your tribe’s colors in the Poptropolis Games! Each tribe also (once upon a time) came with an exclusive common room to be shared only with other members of the tribe.

About the Tribes

There are eight tribes in Poptropica. Click on a name or icon to learn more about a tribe and its description, common room, and colors.

Support your favorite tribe in the comments, and don’t forget to help them win in the Poptropolis Games!


Flying Squid

This tribe hopes to have more than an inkling of victory in the Poptropolis Games. (You’ll never dismantle us cephalopods!)



Winning a competition as tough as the Poptropolis Games takes more than talent. It takes a burning desire to win.



Usually when you call somebody โ€œyellow,โ€ youโ€™re calling them a scaredy cat, but this tribe takes it as a compliment.



Feeling lost?ย Thereโ€™s only one route to the gold medal, and this tribe thinks they know which way to go.


Black Flags

This tribe intends to plant the flag of victory in the heart of Poptropolis โ€“ and we suspect theyโ€™ll stop at nothing to do it!


The Nightcrawlers might look like pushovers, but theyโ€™re used to being used as bait. Watch out so they donโ€™t hook you!



This tribe will rise and fall on the wings of their dreams. Maybe you can help them achieve such great heights!



Proving that good things come in small packages, the Nanobots are programmed for victory. Will you help them execute the gold-medal download?

~thanks to Poptrickia for the flag images!

How to choose (and change) your tribe

You can select your tribe by going to your personal profile on Poptropica. To do this, log in and and click on the Friends icon in the top right corner, which should look like your Poptropican’s face. Look for the box about your Tribe.


TO CHOOSE: It should say “Tribes” if you haven’t selected one. Click on the box, and it will prompt you to choose one of the tribes. Don’t worry, you can change it later (see below).

TO CHANGE: If you already belong in a tribe, it will show your tribe’s emblem in the box. Click on it, then click on “Change Tribe” at the bottom of the pop-up to switch to a different tribe.

Select tribe

Also, when you start on theย Poptropolis Games, you’ll be prompted to choose a tribe to represent if you haven’t already selected one. Once you make your decision, you’ll be given a jersey with your tribe’s colors on it.

Tribal Common Rooms

Once you’re part of a tribe, you can enter its exclusive common room, which is only open to the other members of the tribe! It’s bigger and better than the ones you’ll find on Main Street. To get in, click on your tribe’s logo, and click “Join Room.”

It’s a great way to meet and befriend new tribal mates. Each tribe’s room looks different and has some hidden interactive elements, which you can discover in the PHB’s pages about each tribe listed above!

Video Tour

For more Poptropica videos, check out our YouTube channel,ย Poptropica Help Videos.

Of course, you can also change your tribe (instructions above) and visit all the different tribe rooms! Have fun chatting, battling, and befriending new people!

Visit the different Tribe pages listed above to learn more about each one! ๐Ÿ™‚
To which Tribe does your loyalty lie? Show your support in the comments below!


351 thoughts on “Tribes”

  1. Here’s a song for the Seraphim (credit to Shy Popper for writing the lyrics):
    We are the greatest,
    We are the best,
    We are the Seraphim, beating the rest.
    We got the wisdom,
    We got the zest,
    Winning Poptropolis Games is our quest.
    We can throw the javelin,
    We can make you STOP,
    You might think you’re better, but we’re the ones on top.
    We will win the games; y’all know our name; Seraphim’s already on the way to fame.

  2. I CAN NOT BELEIVE THEY STOPPED TRIBES (and before I even got to join one) but I would choose either wildfire or black flags??? but I haven’t seen the common rooms so…. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ )

    1. You can find common room pictures! Scroll to the top of the PHB and you’ll see a ribbon across the top, under the picture of the PHB team. Hover your cursor over ART, and you’ll get 4 options: Community Creations, Digital Wallpapers, Look Book, & More. Click Digital Wallpapers, and scroll down a little bit. You’ll see pictures of all the tribal rooms ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. My ranking of the Tribes (My personal opinion):
    Black Flags
    Flying Squid

    In General:
    Black Flags
    Flying Squid

    (sorry, Nightcrawlers)

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