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Steam Site Confirms Return of AS3 Islands 🏝

Poptropica announced last month that a selection of old islands would be returning, not on their own game site but through Steam, the video game distribution platform. We’ve since learned that the Steam bundle releases this month, and now, we have an exact date, islands, and more!

A Steam page has been discovered by Poptropicans poking around, confirming a major fan theory about the upcoming returning islands and revealing some new info as well. 👀 (Thanks for the tip, zett & Oof!)

According to the page, there will be 17 islands in the Steam bundle: Mythology (classic), Shrink Ray, Poptropolis Games, Monster Carnival, Time Tangled, Mystery of the Map, Virus Hunter, 24 Carrot, Galactic Hot Dogs, Mocktropica, Escape From Pelican Rock, Reality TV: Wild Safari, Timmy Failure, and including the four full episodic islands of Survival, PoptropiCon, Arabian Nights, and Mission Atlantis. 🏝

All of these islands are on the newer end of the spectrum of old islands and built with AS3, confirming the frontrunning fan theory for such islands based on previous hints from the Pop Creators. Although 17 islands is more than the original 13 promised, the extra four are not exactly “returning” islands as they already exist in the current game: 24 Carrot, Time Tangled, Escape From Pelican Rock, and Timmy Failure.

Operating System: When technology meets talent, anything is possible.

We hadn’t matched any of the Creators’ hints with the returning, but somewhat unpopular Reality TV: Wild Safari. Meanwhile, another short AS3 island did not make the list despite an earlier promise for its return: Monkey Wrench. 🙈 Still, Poptropica hasn’t ruled out the possibility for more islands to be added to Steam in the future.

On top of all that, many of the returning islands were once playable on the Poptropica mobile app for free, before they were erased at the beginning of this year to match the app with the desktop game.

The bundle releases in less than two weeks on Wed, May 25, so get ready to download with a free Steam account, 2 GB of available space, and cash to spare! While the Steam site doesn’t mention a price yet, the Pop Creators have shared that the Steam bundle will not be free. 💸

Although some Poptropicans have already been enjoying these islands for free with Flashpoint, the post-Flash fan-run preservation project, the Steam bundle offers a few differentiating features. One of the islands, likely Monster Carnival, is expected to come with a new twist. The Steam bundle will also be playable on Mac computers (except M1 Macs — for now?) in addition to Windows PCs.

Pat on the Back: Don’t know about her paintings, butter sculptures are amazing.

An internet connection is also mentioned on the page, despite the Steam game being a download. However, perhaps it may work like the app, where you can download islands to play offline, then reconnect online for multiplayer features. Update: A tweet from Poptropica confirms that the game will be online as it could not work offline.

The Steam game also includes the build-your-own-world Realms and other features from the original game: costumes, clubhouse, pets, store, and common rooms. ✨

Now that we’ve got this rundown of what to expect for the upcoming Steam bundle, how are you feeling on this scale of 0–10 Poptro-pain? 🤯


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Steam to come for Pop Girl Summer ✨

Get ready! As the shamelessly unhinged tweets continue on Pop’s Twitter, one particularly noteworthy bit sticks out: confirmation that Poptropica’s upcoming Steam bundle releases this month! 🚂

Throughout April, we’ve been given hints for what this bundle will entail, with all signs pointing towards the newer (AS3) old islands, though no confirmation has come through yet. 🏝

Fan art of classic Shark Tooth Island by snibsnobs, retweeted by Poptropica

But stay tuned with us for more details to come. It’s shaping up to be a Steaming Hot Pop Girl Summer, for any gender really! 👯‍♀️

In other news, the Baron is about to set sail, so grab this month’s Jade Scarab wares while you can! Plus, the monthly costume contest is kicking off again — share your outfit idea with Pop and it might be the next one to arrive in the Baron’s pop-up shop. Have fun creating! ✍️

Pop on, Poptropicans!


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Mighty Hints Toward AS3 Steam Release 💥💨

After two weeks of island-based riddles, the Pop Creators dropped the thirteenth and final clue for Poptropica’s upcoming Steam bundle! (Visit past hints: 1234567891011, 12)

“Piece together the powers of one mighty hero to defeat this island’s storied villain. But first, you’ll have to play your cards right.”

The island that best fits this description is the episodic epic of PoptropiCon. In Episode 2: Spoiler Alert, the player partakes in the popular Mighty Action Force card game (“play your cards right”). Then, in Episode 3: Reign of Omegon, the player collects the three Mighty Action Force weapons and becomes Alphaon (“mighty hero”) in order to defeat Omegon (“storied villain”).

Now that all of the hints have been given, here are our final guesses for which islands will be featured in this upcoming Steam bundle:

  1. Survival (hint here)
  2. Mythology – classic version (hint here)
  3. Galactic Hot Dogs (hint here)
  4. Mission Atlantis (hint here)
  5. Shrink Ray (hint here)
  6. Poptropolis Games (hint here)
  7. Arabian Nights (hint here)
  8. Time Tangled (hint here)
  9. Monster Carnival – with a twist! (hint here)
  10. Mystery of the Map (hint here)
  11. Virus Hunter (hint here)
  12. Mocktropica (hint here)
  13. PoptropiCon (scroll up!)

Looking at everything so far, our theory about the Steam bundle only including AS3 islands may be true after all. While it’s nice that these islands will be preserved in the upcoming bundle, it’s disappointing that older classics like Astro-Knights and Skullduggery are yet again pushed to the backburner. Maybe they’ll be accessible in a future DLC expansion? Only time will tell.

Now that the hint parade is over, all we can do is wait for news about pricing and release dates. The official Pop Twitter account stated that we should be getting more info within the next 1-2 weeks, so be on the lookout for that!

UPDATE: Yet another tweet indicates that the upcoming Steam islands may be available for Mac. The wording is a bit odd, as it seems to point toward Steam in general rather than Poptropica’s bundle specifically, but we’ll see! 🤞 If it’s true, that makes it more accessible than the Windows-only Flashpoint unofficial access for old Pop islands.

By the way, happy Earth Day from Poptropica! 🌳 You might recall this Twisted Thicket postcard from last year, but sadly, it doesn’t look like this classic island will be among those returning soon.

Anyway, which islands do you think will be present in this Steam bundle? Which islands do you hope make a return in the future? Leave a comment down below!

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

—Gentle Dolphin 🐬

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Mega hints for a mocking island

‘Allo Poptropicans! We’ve arrived at the penultimate point of the Steam island hints! (Visit past hints: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.)

Here’s hint twelve: “Devise a plan to reverse a mega bot-ched op. Virtually everything is on the line!”

We’ve got a good hunch on this one, although the Creators’ Blog hints that this could “be applied to two other islands.” Besides the seemingly obvious, we might venture a guess for PoptropiCon, with its hench-bots serving the robo-suited Omegon, or Game Show, where we’ve got to reverse a robot domination.

However, the Mega Fighting Bots reference (“Mega Bot-ched”) points us right in the direction of Mocktropica, once again an AS3 island.

…wait. Mocktropica?

How A Bot That: Nobody told these guys about Asimov’s three laws of robotics.

While a cult classic, Mocktropica has become notorious for its unintentional prediction of what Pop was soon to become. Many aspects of the story take a jab at the obsession with surface-level gaming gimmicks like costumes and pets, as well as removing any challenging elements.

Adding on references to former Pop Creators who had been let go by management, this island may be an odd (albeit welcome) addition to the pack. At least we can enjoy the pretty musical theme in-game again!

What do you think about the current Pop reviving this past island? Do you have ideas for other islands that could fit this riddle? Let us know, while I sulk in the corner about the Astro-Knights neglect!

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles

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Eh-Steamed Hints of the Eleventh Hour 🕚

We’re nearing the eleventh hour of the Steam island hints, and the eleventh hint is upon us! (Visit past hints here: 123456789, 10.) 

“You must resist a biteless bug that few can see or wait some time for reality.” Will you take the bait, or wait for an answer?

Among the fandom’s guesses, two popular candidates stand out as strong possibilities: Virus Hunter or Mocktropica. The “biteless bug” could be a virus or computer bug, while waiting for “reality” could refer to situations that emerged since the islands’ first releases: the Covid-19 global pandemic or Poptropica’s pivots towards gaming gimmicks. (But would the Creators be so bold as to put the latter out there?)

However, we previously guessed both of these in hint #8! If it’s not one, it could be the other, which balances things out on both ends. Still, the vagueness of hint #8 also leaves room for other possibilities.

One option posited by Tough Spinner is PoptropiCon, which also follows the AS3 islands theory. Now that other episodic islands have been hinted at for Steam, PoptropiCon could be one of them — seeing as, following the eighth hint and the events of Episode 3, you solve a “puzzle” to save the Mighty Action Force heroes from Omegon, a “dire fate.”

Unmasked: A costume is good for what’s alien you.

Now that we’ve gotten a lot of guesses going, let’s take a moment to round up what we’ve got so far, if our guesses turn out right:

  1. Survival (hint here)
  2. Mythology – classic version (hint here)
  3. Galactic Hot Dogs (hint here)
  4. Mission Atlantis (hint here)
  5. Shrink Ray (hint here)
  6. Poptropolis Games (hint here)
  7. Arabian Nights (hint here)
  8. Virus Hunter, PoptropiCon, Mocktropica, or older islands (hint here)
  9. Monster Carnival – with a twist! (hint here)
  10. Mystery of the Map (hint here)
  11. Virus Hunter or Mocktropica (scroll up!)

Fans following the AS3 islands theory have been checking off the list, and among those that remain are Monkey Wrench, Reality TV: Wild Safari, and any of the possibilities mentioned for hint #8 that turn out false. Then again, maybe this theory will be debunked at the reveal of the 13 Steam islands later on. Here’s hoping! 🤞

With two hints left to go, we’ll be following along to find out which ones make the cut, and which were just wishful thinking. Stay tuned!