Shrink Ray Island Guide


A young genius has invented a ray gun that shrinks anything it touches – including you! But when the scientist and her invention go missing, you’ll have to keep the shrink ray from falling into the wrong hands, and find a way to bring yourself back to normal size. To solve a problem this big, you’ve got to think small!

For walkthroughs on Shrink Ray Island, scroll down.

Released: June 30, 2011 (for members)
or July 28, 2011 (for all)
Common Room: Sweet Dreams Candy Shop
Preceded by: Red Dragon Island
Succeeded by: Mystery Train Island

Resources on this page: Island Extras | Synopsis from Poptropica | Video Walkthrough | Written Walkthrough | Album Photos | Trivia

Island Extras: Map | Official Tour | Video Playlist | Shrink Shot MiniQuest Guide | Champions Map

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page!

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written by Rainbow Dash
Special thanks to: Slanted Fish, Spotted DragonHungry Fish, & theredburger

When you arrive on Shrink Ray Island, go directly to the school and into the room where the science fair is taking place. All the other science fair displays are up, save for one: turns out, the star student, CJ, is missing! Talk to CJ’s father next to the empty stand on the right and ask how you can help. He’ll tell you to go check in on their apartment in Avenue A.


CJ’s Apartment

Now head down right to Avenue A. Go to the house at the far end. A cat will get in the house, and you will have to shoo it out! Chase the cat around the house, until it enters the bathroom. When you come out of the bathroom, the cat will have mysteriously disappeared, but his paw can still be felt if you pass by the front door – so every time you do pass that door later on, be sure to jump!

To solve a problem this big, we have to think small…

Now we’ll have to check the house for clues on CJ’s disappearance. Go to CJ’s bedroom to the left and click on the microscope, where CJ has left you a note saying that her invention has been stolen and you will need to think small to find it.


And then a man will come with a gun and shoot you. You will be shrunk down to miniature size!

shrink ray shoot

Now, travel through the house to the kitchen on the right. Along the way you will see drawers, pieces of fuzz, books, and all sorts of big things (but that’s because you’re tiny now).


Inside the kitchen, your goal is to reach a scrap of paper with clues sitting unreachably on the table at the far right. First, enter the right area of the kitchen (there are two parts; left and right).

Push the brown rolling pin towards the kettle, and the kettle will start steaming. The steam of the kettle should push you onto the top right shelf, containing flour, sugar, and oil. Tip the can of oil over, and it will drip oil down to the ground.


Jump down to where the cat food bowl is, and push it to a spot where it’ll be directly in the path of the bag of cat food above. Next, hop over to the bag of cat food and click on it to drop the food into the bowl.

When the cat food bowl is full, move it towards the bottom of the table, get on top of the food bowl, and jump! You should land on the farthest right table and pick up the Piece of Paper. Move the cat food bowl again, this time placing it under the grapes on the table, and jump again to grab a grape – which you will now be carrying.


Now go back to the left side of the kitchen. Jump up to the open drawers and pick up the Screwdriver. Next, take the toaster’s cord and plug it into the outlet. Carrying the grape, you’ll now have enough weight to jump onto the toaster switch – wait a moment as the toaster gets heated, and you’ll be flung up to the shelf above.


Push the salt shaker on the shelf to the far left end until it rests on the bottom of the spatula. Next, jump on the other side of the spatula, and it will fling you to the top of the fridge, where you can grab the Remote Control!

Dumpster Diving: Into the Trash Can

Jump back down to the kitchen floor and up the drawers to where the sink is, then click down to enter the trash can below. Inside, it’s a bit of a mess, as well as a bit of a maze – to get to certain areas, you will have to click on objects to move them. Scroll down below for help with this maze.


Follow these steps carefully (careful, one false move and you’ll be squished!):

  1. Right at the start, move the can of tuna to the right.
  2. Jump down and move the next piece of cheese to the left, so the column does not collapse on you.
  3. Jump up through the top and keep going! Move the next can of milk to the right and follow it down.
  4. Next, go left and push the cheese left out of the way.
  5. Jump over to where the tuna can is, and push it right so it falls down. This gives you something to stand on.
  6. Stand on the tuna can and pull the next can of tuna out left. As you do so, run right so you don’t get squished!
  7. The column should collapse, allowing you to walk over the top of it to a new area.
  8. Go right, pull out the final can of tuna to the left, jump on it, and jump up to grab the Torn Page.

Once you’ve grabbed that slip of paper, you can allow yourself to get squished to bring you back to the beginning, where you can then exit the trash maze.

Living Room

Head to the living room (left of the kitchen) and use the Screwdriver while standing near the toy truck to unscrew the battery case. Take the Battery and stick that into the TV remote on the table just above the toy truck. Now go to the remote and press the big green button. It should turn the TV on.

Go up to the top of the TV and collect static from the antennas. Once you’ve got static clung to your body, jump over to the green balloon, and the static will allow you to stick onto it as you float over to the pictures on the wall.

Jump onto the picture frame, then jump left to reach the shelf with fish food.

Pour the fish food downwards, and it will fall into the fish tank below to mollify the fish. Turn off the tank’s aqua filter, jump into the tank, and grab the Diary Key in the treasure chest.


CJ’s Bedroom

Now jump down and exit the living room, through to the next room, and reach the diary on the top shelf by jumping up the bookshelf to the plant on top and then to the top shelf to reach it.


Use the Diary Key to unlock CJ’s diary. Inside the diary, you will that one of the pages has been torn out – which matches the Torn Page from the trash can!

Use the Torn Page where you’re standing to reveal this message: “The thief is right out the door! I’ll shrink myself to get the shrink ray and then get him later.”


There will be a simple formula below that: lemon + paper + light. Jump down to where the lamp is on the desk and place the Piece of Paper under the lamp light. Jump on the lamp a few times so the light is shining on the paper completely, and click the switch on the lamp to turn it on.


A message will reveal itself on the page: look for me at the school coordinates.

While you’re in the computer area of CJ’s bedroom, jump up to where the thermostat is and run on it until the setting is pointed at the red spot, heating up the room.

Go to the telescope at the far end of the room and jump onto the X/Y switches. On the X switch, run right on top of it and set it to 87. On the Y switch, set it to 16. The school coordinates are X87, Y16 – this information can be found on CJ’s cork board in the bedroom.

For this part, you’ll also need the Morse Code Key, which you should get from on top of CJ’s bed. You’ll also need the thumb drive from under CJ’s bed. To get that, jump onto the fan so it goes lower so you can reach the switch. Hit the switch, and the fan will turn on and blow away the dust under CJ’s bed. Turn the fan off and grab the Thumb Drive.

Go back to the computer and plug the thumb drive in. The password for the laptop is the name of CJ’s hero, Marie Curie, with numbers in place of certain letters for added security. Type in m4r13 cur13 – with the space – and upload the data on the thumb drive to the laptop.


Now, go back to the right side of the bedroom and tip the trash can over on the way. The rubbish scraps should float up because of the heat coming from the vent, and you will be able to get across. Go back to the telescope and look through it.

From the school, CJ will flash you a message with her flashlight. A morse code translation mini-game will occur, but if you don’t want to analyze the codes she’s flashing, just wait for her to flash each letter and then select the right one, spelling out the message: flush the thumb drive. She wants you to flush it… literally.

Bathroom Break

Now, head left, all the way until you reach the half-open bathroom door (you can see the green tiled walls beyond) and enter. Jump up the half-open drawers to get onto the countertop, run past the sink, and keep going until you reach two switches. Jump down on the switch to the right to turn off the ventilation fan.

By the way, if you do stop by the sink and turn on the hot water faucet, you can let the mirror steam up, revealing hints for CJ’s password. But we already told you that (above).


Anyway, run over to the hair dryer on the rack left of the sink. Jump onto the red switch to make warm air come out. Then, jump on the right of the hair dryer to make it tilt. Now, jump directly in front of the hair dryer. The heat should push you up and into the shower!


Once in the shower area, go to the water dispenser in the bathtub and turn the warm knob. Water will start to fill the tub. You’ll also need to push a soap bar into the tub from a fixture on the wall.

Now, jump onto the bar of soap, then onto the rubber ducky, and finally out of the tub to the left where the toilet is.

Standing on top of the toilet bowl, use the thumb drive to drop it in. Then jump on top of the toiler paper and click on the flush handle. As soon as you flush, a voice will come from the living room calling, “Drat, where did she hide that darned thumb drive?”

Never too young to be driving a toy car!

Go back to the bedroom and head for the telescope, making sure the dials are set to the school coordinates: X87, Y16. CJ will flash you another message: Thief is Mr. Silva.


You will see a dark figure pass through the science classroom where CJ is flashing you the message! You have to get back to the school to save her.

Now, get back to the toy car in the living room. Take the battery out of the TV remote and put it back into the toy truck so you can power it. Hop into the toy car and drive it all the way to the bedroom, until you see a stack of books blocking the way. Climb up to the bookshelf and push the book titled Tess’ Tree down. That will act as a ramp for you to ride over!

shrink ray car ramp

Then, a short cutscene will play – you’ll jump across the ramp and break straight through the window. Like a boss!

Now it’s time for another mini-game. Keep driving the car through the streets, but as it goes, watch for things that you should avoid like sewer drains, leaky fire hydrants, and shoes – but do hit the ramps for an extra boost! Eventually, you’ll make it to the public school, PS101.

Shrinking Silva

Inside the school’s science room, CJ will tell you that while Mr. Silva has always been a great teacher, he’s betrayed her and stolen the shrink ray for himself.


A mini-game will begin. You must run from the evil teacher, Mr. Silva, who’s holding the shrink ray and threatening to make you and CJ even smaller! For the final showdown, hide behind any object that will cover you, so that when the shrink ray is pointed at you, it will shrink the objects instead.

While hiding whenever the shrink ray draws near, make your way to the far end of the room and climb up the shelf. Then, jump up to the table and run right, hiding behind the earth globe. When the shrink ray hits the globe, instead of disappearing like the other objects you hid behind earlier, the globe will simply get smaller. Push the globe to the chair in the middle of the room, and jump on it to reach the chair.

Climb up from the chair to the table, then hide behind the lunch box for cover. Once Mr. Silva’s ray shrinks that, quickly dash right and hide behind the mirror. Your next move will be the winning move! Wait for the ray to fire again, and… this time, because it hits the mirror, the laser will bounce back and shrink Mr. Silva instead! He’ll land inside a nearby ant colony container – tiny as can be.

Now, go down and flip the switch on the shrink ray device to “grow”, bringing you and CJ back to normal size. She will award you the Island Medallion and credits to spend at the Poptropica Store. As for CJ’s science project, it’s a prize-winning display starring Mr. Silva as “The Incredible Shrunken Man”!


Congratulations, you’ve finished Shrink Ray Island!

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photos

These pictures appeared in a former feature known as the photo album.


  • Shrink Ray Island is Poptropica’s 20th island. There was a countdown timer on the homepage for its release on June 30, 2011 for members with a demo version for non-members. On July 28, 2011, it was released to the public.
  • In early November 2014, in anticipation of a SUI re-release, a Shrink Ray desktop wallpaper and printable poster were added to the revamped Tour page, and two new Store costumes were added for members: the Milk Box and Bottle Cap costumes.
  • On November 20, 2014, Shrink Ray Island was re-released as a sound-updated island (SUI) for members, with music, a bigger screen, and all the benefits of a SUI – with a demo for non-members. The Shrink Ray SUI launched to the public on December 4, 2014.
  • Shrink Ray Island was re-released for Steam on May 25, 2022.
  • There was a Shrink Ray gold card available in the Poptropica Store, a handheld item that makes characters shrink when you press spacebar while pointing it at them. It was released on July 21, 2011. It used to cost 250 credits, but to celebrate the release of the Shrink Ray SUI, it became free around November 2014.
  • Common room: Sweet Dreams Candy Shop
  • The book in CJ’s bedroom which you push down to create a ramp for the toy car is Tess’ Tree, an actual book by Jess M. Brallier, who is also the publisher of Poptropica.
  • CJ’s bookshelf contains some titles suited to her tastes such as The Jules Verne Collection, The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, Genetic Soup, Black HolesCalculus, and Geometry Made Difficult.
  • CJ’s hero is Polish-French scientist Marie Curie.
  • CJ may have a love interest named Joey, as shown with the message “Joey + CJ” on her bedroom mirror, and coordinates to Joey’s house on her board.
  • Inside the trash can, there are disposed bottles of Sports Nectar, a Poptropica-invented brand first seen on Cryptids Island.
  • In CJ’s bedroom dresser, there’s a Shark Boy plushie, one of the last remaining traces of Shark Boy.
  • Shrink Shot is the preview game for this island, released on June 10, 2011. You can still play it by getting the gold card in the Poptropica Store. For getting a certain amount of points, you’ll reach a rank, each rank with its own costume prize: Hard Helmet, Bounce Ball, Propeller Hat (members), Spiked Hard Helmet (members), Spiked Bounce Ball (members). Other prizes include: Shrink Ray Balloon, Crayons, Grape Gum, Soda Bottle, Sparkle Power (members). For more details, check out our Shrink Shot Guide.

think small


670 thoughts on “Shrink Ray Island Guide”

  1. i cant get past the part where you use the salt and the spatula to catapult yourself on the fridge. Ive restarted the island several times to see if i had just glitched the game but it doesnt work for me. As Soon as i jump on the other side of the spatula, my feet are on the shelf as if i just bypassed the spatula and nothing happens. Ive followed the steps very precisely but im going to see if i did glitch and i just need to reset my island again. Could i be doing something wrong?

    1. i cant get past the part where yo go dumpster diving the part right after you push the milk carton, right after this part; Jump over to where the tuna can is, and push it right so it falls down. This gives you something to stand on. because there are like 300 tuna cans sooo.. yeah you should specify weather you should go left right up or down.

      1. its easy just just try to move the tuna can on the left the move away then one block away from the tuna can you just stack anything you can find so you can get up to the note!!!

        TIP when you go on the ballon stick on the bottem 🙂

    2. I cant get past this part: Stand on the tuna can and pull the next can of tuna out left. As you do so, run right so you don’t get squished! it wont give me the option to pull

    3. I can’t get passed the fan part. I put it down, put then I can’t go back behind the fan again… Do I need to reset the level?

    4. i can’t hide behind the lunch box cuz its so fast i get shrinked and the place where i needed to type this in “Thief is mr silva” it kept doing nothing But i gave up on that 34 times trying to get it right and for it to not glitch

    5. Omg I agree it won’t work I found a way to get on top of the fridge a different way then I had to restart and I forgot how to do it so I gave up 😦

    1. did you ever find out how to do it? If not you have to
      * Go to backpack
      * Click the flash drive
      * Then jump on the toilet handle

    1. Our island guides (we’ve got one for every island) were written by different people (names are mentioned at the top of each written walkthrough). If you mean this website as a whole, that would be me (Slanted Fish). But lots of Poptropicans have helped along the way, which you can read more about on the PHB’s History page.

      1. The nickname is a pun on my Chinese name that someone gave me many years ago. I also like it because it alludes to other parts of me: my perpetually slanted posture, and my love of fish. 🙂

    1. Did you ever end up being able to jump the car, mine said I’d need a good reason to do something like that.

  2. I need help getting the grape. I do everything that the blog says but I just can’t seem to jump high enough…any help would be great!

  3. I can’t get passed the trash maze because there is an extra milk carton. When I get to the bottom after pushing the first milk down, there is a milk carton above the cheese on the straw. I can’t move on without getting squished! Please help!

    For those who have the extra milk carton, you have to pull the milk out from the bottom right, and then jump up to the top tuna can, and push that over, then pull the sponge on top, making the stairs to advance. Hope this helps!

    1. You need to stand on top of the lamp to bring it down to the paper then turn the lamp on by flicking the switch (also on top of the lamp).

  5. trying to play and where you move the stuff in the trash can to get the paper there is a extra milk carton the is not showed int the walk through

      1. You need to jump from the T.V not the anttena, and you jump on the bottom of the balloon not the side

  6. the “final boss” part (the part where you are running from the shrink ray) made me rage hard. but i finally got it. very hard part for a flash game.

      1. click the eye in the lower left corner. It allows you to see the whole trash can so you can find your way out. Also, watching a video walkthrough helps.

  7. How tf do you get past the balloon part… I’ve tried about 50 times just to get on the balloon

  8. It won’t let me into the toy car. Whenever I try to drive it it says “I don’t have anything to control this with” any help?

  9. i can’t get passed by the part when you have to get on the ballon and jump on the frame. HELP MEEE!!!!!

  10. I noticed CJ might have a boyfriend named Joey, since on her bedroom mirror, there’s a message with “Joey+CJ”, and her board has a coordinate to Joey’s house.

  11. I’m trying to get the part where you enter the coordinates correctly, even though I got the morse code and flushed the thumb drive.

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