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Free Shrink Ray gun, comics app, & a happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Poptropicans! The Creators haven’t yet mentioned this on any of their usual news outlets, but if you head on over to the Store, you can now pick up the Shrink Ray gun for free (a gold card item previously worth 250 credits)! If you press space bar, the gun will shrink any character you point it at. Hehe. >:D (Thanks to kurtbushg for the update!)

Shrink Ray Island was recently re-released as a fully sound-updated island (SUI), and you can read a little more about the update here. Right now, it’s in early access for members, and non-members can play a demo. Check out our Shrink Ray Island Guide for a walkthrough!

Over on Twitter, Poptropica has just hit 1000 followers – congrats! The PHB’s Twitter is getting pretty close too, with about 800+ followers at this time. If you’re on Twitter, be sure to follow us (@Poptropica_Help) or check out the Twitter feed in the PHB sidebar for the latest news, which is usually retweeted there first before it gets blogged about here! 😉

The Creators have also tweeted that they’re trying to decide whether they should go with Poptropica or GHD-style eyes for the upcoming Galactic Hot Dogs Island. Hopefully the replies advocating the signature Poptropica look will sway them in the right direction – I know some ‘franchise’ islands (e.g. Wimpy Kid, Big Nate) take on their respective art styles, but personally I would rather see them adapted with the distinctly unique Poptropica look – so my vote is for Pop eyes. 🙂

pop or ghd eyes

Also, Poptropica has come out with a surprise launch of a new iOS app for Poptropica Comics! It’s free to download on the App Store for those of you with Apple devices. The misadventures of Jorge & Oliver are currently on a little hiatus, but they’ll be back in 2015.

comic app

Lastly, just before heading off for the long Thanksgiving weekend, the Creators posted a little thank-you on their blog for “the Poptropicans who play the game, who write fan blogs, who share their feedback with us, and who spread the word among their friends.” (Read the post here.)

Aww, we love you too, Captain Crawfish (and all the other wonderful Creators, of course!). ❤ Here, have some turkey… it doesn’t have crawfish stuffed in it… I think. No guarantees. 😛

poptropica thanksgivingHere at the PHB, we’re thankful for all you readers who visit our blog and give us an audience to write for! Have a great Thanksgiving, and even if you don’t celebrate it – do take the time to be grateful for the good things you have while they’re here. 🙂 Stay popping, Poptropicans!

16 thoughts on “Free Shrink Ray gun, comics app, & a happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving guys! *tries to think of Poptropica relevance* Um… Here, Have a Wimpy Kid Macy’s Parade balloon.

    Hope you guys have a nice holiday! 😉

    1. aaugh! *tears hair out in frustration* My brother used all my credits to get that once and now it’s free! augh! *stalks off muttering to self*

  2. Hey I just realized! If you look closer at the Poptropica t-shirts icon on the holiday wish list, look at the Poptropicans on the t-shirts- four former PHB authors: Green Boa, Icy Comet, Shaggy Tornado, and my old friend Super Thunder! ^_^

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