Shrink Ray Island

Sound-updated Shrink Ray Island (SUI) is out for members (with demo for all)!

Frustration alert! The new Shrink Ray SUI has a lot of glitches. 😦

shrinkray sui members banner

Hey everyone! The Creators just announced the re-release of Shrink Ray as a SUI (sound updated island) – made even more fun with new music, sound effects, and a bigger screen! Right now, only members can play the new version of Shrink Ray Island. No word yet on when it’ll release for all, but non-members can play a demo right until the point where you’re hit with the shrink ray.

shrink ray shoot

Also, now that it’s a SUI, Shrink Ray has joined all the colored islands at the front of the Map, so you don’t have to scroll through all those pages to play. If you need a walkthrough, check out our Shrink Ray Island Guide, complete with pictures!

Unfortunately, as I warned you guys above, the new SUI is pretty glitchy. So far, I’ve had to restart 3 times and have spent 4 hours on it – I even missed dinner! But if you do make it to the end, remember to check your finish ranking on the World Champions Map!

Anyway, I did enjoy the new music on this island – I just wish it hadn’t been so glitch-heavy. 😛

24 thoughts on “Sound-updated Shrink Ray Island (SUI) is out for members (with demo for all)!”

  1. Arabian Nights part 2 is revealed :lair of thieves : In the den of the 40 thieves, danger lurks around every corner. To outwit the most dangerous thieves in the desert, you’ll need a little help evening the odds-and you’ll find it in the form of incredible magic power!-perhaps a genie?

  2. Shrink Ray has a lot of Physics glitches. Nothing like going through platforms, falling off light switches that won’t turn on… And the part with the flushing the thumb drive, the dialogue messed up a bit. And also, trying to fly the hair dryer had just become so FRUSTRATING.

    However, this SUI had the same problem as Mythology Island at one point with the music. It doesn’t change when the thief finds you- even as an end scene. I kinda was awkwardly left with the calm music again as something pretty dramatic happens. Other than that, I did like the music (although I wasn’t expecting Super Power’s villain theme to pop up in the finale, even though I should’ve XD).

    Anyway, this island has some nostalgia points from me- it was during my first year as a Poptropica blogger (and my version of the island guide took forever to make). However, this island was more so a meh for me, it always was. Heck, Mr. Silva had that awesome costume for only 10 seconds in the entire island. Also, a villainous teacher in general had just become… Odd to me. Maybe when I was younger, I liked it more, but… It’s okay.

    1. My glitches were: When you have static and you are trying to jump on the balloons. Instead of going up to the picture frame, I went straight down to the ground, I restarted 2 times because of that and it’s still not fixed as of this current moment. The other glitch was the password on the computer. After blowing the dust away and getting the thumbdrive, I try to plug the thumbrive in and it would say “I can’t store any data until I log in” so I typed in m4r13cur13 (now memorized because I did it so many times) and it said incorrect password. So I couldn’t complete the rest of the island because of that too. sigh

      1. Actually with the Marie curie one, you now have to add a space between Marie and Curie.

    2. LOL the island is so glitchy, this has never happened to me before: I was going to the right side of the kitchen, so when I was going to start at the right side of the kitchen, it actually put me on Night Watch Island. So I had to go back to Shrink Ray LOL

      1. 🙂 IKR, I got stuck put on supervillain island! And when I got back, it made me restart the island!

  3. I hate SUI’s… They add sound and they think it makes up for major glitches, like:

    Absaloutly NO followers on SUI’s

    Absaloutly NO handhelds on SUI’s

    My mouth HAS TO stay as the ‘o’ mouth on SUI’s

  4. It was fun to be honest. 😛 Except for the boss battle because the suspense music is killing me. )’: Am I the only one who didn’t experience any glitches, not even one…? SUIs have been working fine for me lately, so I don’t find it a problem.

      1. My computer’s software is Windows 8. I use Google Chrome btw. 😛 Also if your browser tells you to update you should because I learned that the hard way… xD

  5. I really want to complain to Poptropica about this SUI Shrink Ray Island and other SUI

    1.Shrink Ray Island Problems
    I has finished Shrink Ray Island 2 times before but now I have to finish it the third time!
    And then I had to stuck at the shrinking part?! The developers should have a script that check if player has finished Shrink Ray island!

    2.Re-completing SUI Islands
    When you finished a island like Time Tangled Island and must finish it again because upgrading the island in to a SUI?That would be FRUSTRATING! cause’ you’ll want it to be in a finished status when you came in.That what most people wants.

  6. Been awhile since I commented. But, although I didn’t beat it, my membership expired during October, and it let me play it? Anybody else encounter this?

    1. Everyone is able to at least visit the new SUI. Non-members get to play a demo up until the point where you get hit with the shrink ray and try to exit the room – at least in my experience. Were you able to complete the whole island? 😛

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