A tasty new island is on the horizon…

Hi Gs,

We’ve been getting some vibes of Galactic Hot Dogs from Poptropica’s Twitter recently, and now it seems to have finally been confirmed (or at least we now know that a GHD island is in development). Check out the picture below of a couple of logo designs from a recent tweet –


Does this confirm Galactic Hot Dogs Island? I’d say so, but the description of the post seems uncertain – “Guess what we’re trying to figure out….” Anyway, Galactic Hot Dogs Island would be the first sponsored island in ages, the previous being Wimpy Boardwalk (released in 2012). 😛

Now, about the title (what, you thought the title was about Galactic Hot Dogs? 😛 )… Poptropica has once again changed their filing system, and as of now I can’t view any of the upcoming islands as they’re now considered “bundles”, whatever that means. Anyway, what I do know is that there will soon be a Halloween themed island (titled “halloween1”, “halloween2”, and “halloween3” in the files).

There will also be a – wait for it – pie island? Or that’s what it says, anyway (see below). For now, that’s all we know, so check back soon for more info on these upcoming and strange adventures. 😀


Update: Slippery Raptor suggested in the comments that the Halloween/pie bundles are perhaps costumes for the Poptropica app, which is definitely possible. Strange that they’re listed with island names, though!




15 thoughts on “A tasty new island is on the horizon…

  1. Slippery Raptor says:

    Hey HP! I think the halloween1, halloween2 and halloween3 is the costume bundle in the app. While the pie looks like an upcoming costume?

  2. Spotted Dragon says:

    The bundles seem strange… but I like Slippery Raptor’s idea of them being costume bundles in the app!
    Anyway, yeah, this definitely confirms GHD Island. I have even seen Daily Pops that may suit it! Take a look at “Food Stand” to seem what I mean.

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