Shrink Ray Island, Sneak Peeks

Shrink Ray Island’s Tiny Map

In today’s small post, the Creators revealed the small map for the next new island, Shrink Ray, which is open this Thursday!

Shrink Ray Island map revealed!

Shrink Ray Island is coming this Thursday, June 30. Here’s your first look at the Shrink Ray Island map.

You’ll explore much of Shrink Ray Island as a teeny tiny Poptropican. Good thing we didn’t shrink the map, too!

Looks interesting! One of those looks like it connects to the science fair place, and the other I guess connects to the lab?

There’s even a countdown timer on the front page of Poptropica so you’ll know all the way down to which SECOND that Shrink Ray Island is released! (Smart move – now people won’t get confused about the very exact time of release!) The image to the right shows what it looks like.

Anyways, I can’t wait for the new island! ๐Ÿ˜€ Hope you all have fun out there being small, and possibly getting stomped on! XD

11 thoughts on “Shrink Ray Island’s Tiny Map”

  1. Omg for members only!!!

    Thought it was for all!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Hijuyo: Actually they never said it was members only…

  2. Has anyone noticed the Shrink ray island countdown timer on the main log in/new character menu?

      1. Happy birthday. Man, that’s creepy. Psychic creators….
        BTW, has anyone noticed the creator clips in the Pop? I don’t believe it… my fave author Rick Riordian is a Poptropica creator!!!
        No doubt he was possibly the one who came up with mythology island (my fave island).

        Hijuyo: Creator Clips don’t necessarily mean the person being mentioned is a Creator; it just means they had some kind of influence on the game.

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