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The Official Guide to Poptropica!

It’s EP here for a new post. How’s everyone doing? Cruising? Enjoying the summer? That’s nice! I’m almost too lazy today to get out of my video game lounge playing meh xbox to type up a new post :P. But here it goes, the creators have announced the official guide to Poptropica.

Merchandising for the game was hinted some time ago, around a year, in a post on this blog about future products like backpacks and books. I don’t remember who posted it or how they got to it, but I remember the clue was inside a post about a news article on the web interviewing someone that worked on Poptropica. Well, now it’s finally here! Check it out:

Announcing the Poptropica guidebook!

It’s true: Poptropica: The Official Guideis coming! This full-color guidebook contains walkthroughs for most Poptropica Islands, behind-the-scenes looks at how an Island is made, and quotes from the Poptropica Creators. Poptropica: The Official Guide will be released on October 13. For a special sneak preview, visit the Poptropica guidebook page on for a special preview: an interview with Jeff Kinney, Poptropica creator and Diary of a Wimpy Kid author!

October 13th??? Whatttttt? Are they not done editing it or publishing it or something? We’ll have to wait months before we can get an actual copy of this book. I can’t wait to find out what’s inside. I don’t know if they’d include island guides, but maybe only tips and info on the islands. A guide might spoil the fun and surprise perhaps.

On the cover of the book is a Poptropican swinging on a rope…don’t fall. I just felt like saying that ;). The cover also shows various Poptropica characters and a location situated on Mythology Island. You can get read an exclusive interview with Jeff Kinney on the amazon webpage. Cannot wait to obtain my own copy of this book now :). What do you think?ย Will you buy it?ย Comment below.

12 thoughts on “The Official Guide to Poptropica!”

  1. Nice post!
    I’m enjoying my summer so far. I’ll be going to Lithuania(it’s in Europe) on Monday. Sooo excited!
    Back to the post, as far as the guidebook goes, I don’t think I would get it. Would you guys get it? And I’m guessing that the book will have island guides, tips, tricks, and apparently a full-color poster.
    Oh, and if you look at the cover, you’ll see that in the corner it says that the cover design is not final. I think it’s fine the way it is, but thats just me.
    Did you notice the Poptropican on the cover has shoes on? Well… I guess it WOULD be weird to have a barefoot mascot on the cover of a book, huh?
    Anyway, hope everyone in the PHB is having a nice summer so far,


  2. my sister has the book but she is not letting me use it and she dosent have a account!!! (im thinking she is doing this to bother me and boss me around)

  3. i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed that guide poiptropica is my favorite website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the first person in line to get that guide will be ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Heh, heh. I just noticed a typo, and it’s pretty funny. It’s on page 43. That’s in the section on 24 carrot island.
    “You’re not an authorized bunny drone, so a trap door will open up beneath you. You’ll land on a conveyor belt in a new factory room. Travel across the conveyor belt, being careful to avoid being squished by the carrot presses, or splashed with hot rabbit juice.
    What in the world is rabbit juice?

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