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Pop Petition: Craving the crate and bothersome bugs off the menu 📦

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Dangerous DragonEnjoy!

Hi Poptropicans, DD here! (Gosh, it’s been a while.)

So I’ve been seeing MANY MANY comments appearing everywhere about how Poptropica should stop making everything modern. Yes, I think that too. One of the things I’m surprised about is how they changed our nice little crate menu. So let’s get into it!

Poptropica has had this cool crate for a menu for years, and even before this version of it, each menu item had a nice little icon. But why change what wasn’t broken? I thought this was one of the best parts of the game; it was fun opening the menu and seeing all those icons…

…but with the latest Home Island update, the Creators replaced it with a modern-style hamburger menu. Basically just THREE LINES. That’s so boring. Now we just click the button and seeing the extremely long list. I don’t understand what the point of this change was.

Anyway, now let’s go to some of the other issues that have cropped up lately. There have been some really annoying bugs…

Let’s talk about those 30-second full game screen unskippable ads. Ok, I know this is Poptropica’s way of earning money, but there is one problem. Sometimes when you’re patiently waiting for the ad to end, it comes to the end and freezes near 0:01. Then you have to reload everything and watch it again. Come on!

Likewise, while editing your clubhouse, the screen often freezes. (It happened to me a thousand times!) Then, when you reload the screen and come back, most of the things are not saved. This needs to be fixed!

Unskippable ads dominate the game screen

Another issue that’s been happening to a lot of people is the black screen of death. Basically, sometimes when you log in, you get stuck on a black screen that never goes away and the game doesn’t load. When I first got it, I was literally crying and I remember sending the PHB a panicked email. Fortunately, it usually fixes itself by the next day. But it’s still disappointing!

Load, load for eternity…

You can also sometimes get around this by logging in on a different account. Meanwhile, wait until the next day to log into your regular account, and send a message to Poptropica support to get them to resolve the issue for you!

Last but not least, the plain pet glitch. For weeks now, pets have mysteriously been stripped of their clothing and custom coloring, and all pet clothing has been missing from our items. Plus, ever since the pet barn disappeared from Home Island, we haven’t been able to use the pet colorizer at all, making for some rather boring, uncustomizable pets. When will Poptropica fix this?

That’s it for this post. What do you think of the new menu? Have you been getting these annoying glitches? Share in the comments, and thanks for reading!

Keep Popping,
DD 💜

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Dangerous Dragon. If you did, you might also enjoy his other posts, such as DD’s clubhouse tour.

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7 thoughts on “Pop Petition: Craving the crate and bothersome bugs off the menu 📦”

  1. Thank you! I feel the exact same way! My beautiful gray kitten is now plain orange! I just miss the old stuff. Why do the creators leave the bugs, but change the stuff we like?
    White Fox mentioned in another post about the ads, and this relates to it in that the ads can mess up the game when you just got to an important part, and the freezing of it at the end it pretty annoying.
    I think you’re absolutely right. Good job pointing that out!

  2. I don’t like the glitches either it even does that in the middle of an island and when I get back to the game the things I need to win the island disappear please fix this 😫

  3. One day I logged into my Pop account and found out that my usual black pants turned into an awful shade of gray-ish teal, AND THERE’S NO CHANGING IT BACK. Every time I try to do so, it just automatically goes back to that ugly color. Ugh.

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