Party Clubhouse Tour: Invisible Ring 🥤🎈

Howdy Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Invisible RingEnjoy!

Hello everyone and welcome back! I’m Invisible Ring and I am astonished! Am I at my 3rd clubhouse tour already? I can’t believe I made it this far. After what went on in room one and room two, there’s no telling what’s inside Room 3! Even I’m at the edge of my seat here!

Ok, I just gotta take a deep breath and pull the lever again. Let’s see what we got. 

It looks like some sort of diner. Oh good, a drinking fountain! That’s exactly what I need right now! These tours really made me parched.

Soda Jerk: Hey, princess! Can I get something for you? It’s on the house! 

Me: Please, call me Invisible Ring. I’m done with the castle tour, so I’m not a princess now.

Soda Jerk: It’s your clubhouse, Ring, so it’s still on the house. Take a load off and have a soda or something. You look like you could really use it!

*slurp* …The soda jerk was right — this is just what I needed! I’d better go sit down somewhere and enjoy this drink.

This booth looks as good a spot as any to sit. Ahhh, this is nice. I don’t think I’ve felt this relaxed since last summer vacation! I guess I hadn’t realized how much those last clubhouse tours have taken out of me.

Ok, I feel better now! Enough chit-chat; let’s see what this diner club has got.

Gypsy: I can help with that, child. Come sit a moment and gaze into my crystal ball. 

Me: Um… ok. Never done something like this before so I might as well try it out!

Gypsy: I see you have been around in Poptropica for a good long while. Your favorite place, is it not? It seems like it’s your passion, if I say so myself, and I believe this passion is what sets you apart from the millions of other Poptropicans in the world.

Me: Holy moly how do you know me so well?

Gypsy: I see it very clearly in your expression, child. Not to mention the magnificent job you have done with this clubhouse. Now for your fortune… my, my, this is interesting. I see more surprises in your future! 

Me: That’s no surprise. Everyone’s future is full of surprises, right?

Gypsy: Trust me… you haven’t seen anything yet! 


Biker: Oops! I hope nobody saw that.

Space Lady: Now look what you did! You crashed our bus right into this restaurant!

Ninja Girl: Yeah, what’s the big idea? I said hit the brakes, not the gas pedal!

Me: Whoa! Now that’s a surprise I didn’t see coming.

Biker: Um… Yo, what up, dude?

Space lady: We were on a joyride when someone crashed the bus in here!

Ninja girl: Yeah, sorry about that. We crashed the party too, didn’t we?

Me: A party? That’s a great idea! Let’s get this party started! I’m going upstairs to see what we got.

Wow, look at this! Balloons, Ice cream, beach balls, and trampolines! Looks just like my kind of party! WHEEEEE! Look how high I can bounce!

Biker: That kid is something else. We crashed right into her club and she acts as if nothing happened. And now she wants us to start a party?

Space lady: We’d better do as she says. It’s the least we can do for her.

Ninja girl: Yeah, we should be thanking our lucky stars that she isn’t calling the cops on us!

Ooh look, a ping-pong table and water balloons! Hmmm… no reason to throw any water balloons right now. I wonder what’s just below this platform…

Wow, a toy station? Look at all these toys! Which one do I try first? I know! The basketball! Slam dunk! BOO-YAH! The crowd goes wild!

Me: Oh hi, everyone! Great outfits! Are those band outfits? Oh my gosh, you guys are a rock band and you’re gonna perform? Oh yeah!! Now the party’s really getting started! WOOOO-HOOOOO!

Biker: That kid’s enthusiasm is like nothing I’ve ever seen before…

Space lady: She’s quite the character, that’s for sure. I like it!

Ninja girl: Less talking, more jamming! Let’s take it from the top!

Pop Star: There’s a bus in this diner! What happened here?

Dancicorn: Hey look, a dance party! Let’s hit the dance floor!

Bully Bot dancer: I’ve never been to a party in a diner before. This is gonna be great!

Me: Oh yeah! More dancers have shown up! This just keeps getting better and better! I never thought my clubhouse tour would shape up into this! IT’S PARTY TIME!

Pop Star: She says this party house is hers? Wicked!

Dancicorn: It’s no wonder; the vibe of this place is screaming just as loud as she is!

Bully Bot Dancer: I think we all know who the life of the party is here. Look at her go!

Everyone: GO! GO! GO! GO!

Oh boy… How did I draw so much attention to myself? Don’t panic — just keep dancing like no one is watching and keep having a great time! *gasp* Shoot, I forgot how tired I get when I dance like crazy. I gotta stop and take a break, but how can I divert the attention away from me so I can do that? 

I have an idea! Hey, let’s give it up for the restaurant’s new rock band! Bus riders, give it all you got! 

Rock Band: You heard her, ladies! A one-two-three-four!

*Whew!* It worked. Now I can finally take a breather and get a drink. *slurp* Man, that was awesome! But there’s nothing more tiring than partying like you never partied before. I’d better check out and call it a night. 

Soda Jerk: You going already?

Me: Yep. It was a blast, but I’m tired now. I’m outta here!

Soda Jerk: When are you gonna pull that lever?

Me: Later. The next clubhouse tour will be my last and I gotta rest up and make it count.

Soda Jerk: What about all the new customers and partygoers?

Me: I trust that you and the new rock band will keep things under control until the party’s over. Oh, that reminds me — I think I’ll take a commemorative photo!

There! That’s going in the album! Good night, everybody! Hope you all had a blast with my 3rd clubhouse party! …I mean tour. Whatever it is. I’ll be back later to present my final clubhouse tour, so catch you on the pop side!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Invisible Ring. If you did, you might also enjoy other clubhouse tours we’ve featuredConsider sharing yours, too!

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7 thoughts on “Party Clubhouse Tour: Invisible Ring 🥤🎈”

    1. Thanks, Dangerous Dragon! It sure was fun to find out how wild the party could get! WOOHOO

    1. Thanks, Jake! I’m glad you enjoyed both of them! I’ll be showing my final clubhouse tour soon. I bet you’ll like that one too!

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