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Clubhouse Tour: Dangerous Dragon 🏡

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Dangerous DragonEnjoy!

Hello Poptropicans, I was just heading to my house, which is fully constructed! I’m going to the opening ceremony, so I’ll talk to you later…

Phew! So much work! I met my friends there and I cut the ribbon now I’m inside. Anyway, it’s your turn to see…

When you enter, on the ground floor to the right there is a gaming room for playing Poptropica! It comes with two chairs so that anyone who visits can also sit with me. My Alexa smart speaker makes it easy for me to control my equipment. There are two speakers for high audio, and you might see some customization on the fridge. I put a gaming poster on it. It looks pretty cool! What other customization do you think I should add?

To the left is a peaceful place to relax and watch TV. I’m putting on my favourite movie: “Wreck It Ralph 2: Ralph breaks the internet.”

Let’s go up… Above my TV room is a reading room. Just enjoy reading and increase your knowledge!

And over to the right side you have my bedroom! A simple bed and my place to keep my laptop and write for Poptropica. It is lit with candles.

Over to the next floor we have my pet girl Joy’s home! There is the kennel which has her bone. I have a game for her and a ball of yarn to chew on with the bone!

Let’s exercise! In the final room, we have a trampoline, a motivating poster, a hoop, a drink machine for energy, and a water cooler too.

Before I go, did anyone notice my new look? What do you think?

And finally, I have posted a mini writing competition in the comments of the PHB’s Community page! The challenge is to write your own Poptropica side quest. I’m pushing the deadline to April 15, so read the challenge guidelines and keep the entries coming!

That wraps up my house tour. Do visit; my username is AxrnavKrumar on Poptropica! This is DD popping out. Keep popping, Poptropicans!

~DD 💜

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16 thoughts on “Clubhouse Tour: Dangerous Dragon 🏡”

  1. I love your house, and your new style is sick (which in this case means awesome)! I am so excited for the side-quest competition!

  2. I like your clubhouse! Also for the side quest competition, how many side quests can we send? I already made one but I planned to make more, but wasn’t sure if it was allowed.

    1. Um you can create many but u will need to send the best one that u like and then leave it to me to check! You can create real digital art to make it look real in the quest! Remember to send art if u can!

      1. Sorry about the questions, I am just a little bit confused. So do we have to send them by April 15, or do you want them by the end of today?

      2. Even after u have sent me the Doc you can still edit if u want! Just something that seems important.

  3. Hey DD,
    Posted my side quest yesterday! I love your clubhouse. It looks very beautiful! (I mean that) I’m friends with you, and saw it in person, and I have to say… it looks great!
    Pink Panda

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