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36 thoughts on “Community”

  1. The Poptropica community is full of amazing people with joy and passion to share. Get plugged in with the platforms listed above, and share about your favorite parts of the Poptropica community in the comments below! 😀

  2. I have a problem. I know i should’ve addressed this years ago but i was small. Back when the Arabian knights map came out, i played halfway through it and then went into the multiplayer room. Spent about 5 mins there and when i left the game froze and i had to restart it. But when i did, the game had lost my character and replaced me with a female one. (the name stayed the same and i had all of my items). I continued playing the game with the female character but i want my male character back. Just to note i haven’t played this game in years (my fav game in the world!!!) i’m 15 BTW . The female character was also in the multiplayer chat room so she probably has my character. Please contact me to help me.

    1. I really dunno about the thing with Arabian Knights, although, I do have a sort of solution to your char. gender problem. Simply go and use any of the ASGs that are in the “Glitching” page. The steps on using them are on there. 😉

    1. Oh yeah, they’re curently being SUIed for the time being. Although, they can still be accessed through the old island transporter including the ones that were originally non-SUIs. (But I forgot where the link is, probably should be uploaded in the Glitches page along with the old-friends page transporter.)

  3. Hi everyone pls pls pls see this! Slanted Fish, Other staff writers, guest posters, artists and everyone else!

    Design Your Mini Quest Writing Challenge

    Hello everyone! DD here and today I have a competition for you! I’m hosting a side quest writing challenge. If you would like to participate here are the full details.


    You have to design a side quest based on your idea. You can use your full creativity to design it. Note that this is a writing competition but if you also send art your chances of winning increase! This is a fun competition and it’ll end at the end of March. So you have time. Think creatively and do your best!


    The Judgement will be based on:-
    Creativity- 5 points
    Originality- 5 points
    Quality- 5 points
    Quality and Creativity Of Your Side Quest’s Name-5 points

    You can get 5 bonus points if you submit art too!

    There are some rules to be followed. Keep them in mind..

    1. The entry should not be after the due date. It will not be considered.
    2. The idea should be small. This is only a side quest.
    3. No copying of already made quests or you will be disqualified.
    4. You cannot copy but you can take inspiration.
    5. The idea should be out of the box!
    6. You can team up with one more Poptropican.
    7. That’s it!

    How do I send it to you?

    1. Create your mini quest. Feel free to add art!
    2. Give it finishing touches and review it. Add any special thanks.
    3. Reply in the comments below this one with your mini quest. You can give a link to a public Google doc. Include your name. Done!

    Also add any special message you want to share to the community. If you win, I will let you know and hopefully share it in a future post. Hoping that everyone will participate, especially the staff writers of the PHB! That’s right Slanted Fish you too..

    Well, Thanks. Remember to be creative and do as much as you can. From writing to art. Be free!

    Thanks and this is the end of this!
    Bbye! DD Popping Out!

    Keep Popping Poptropicans!

    P.S. If you partner up with another person you will both be mentioned! An idea is that if you are good in writing but not in art, you can choose someone who knows art and it’ll be better, vice versa.

      1. Ok, thanks! I just wanted clarification because the wording kinda confused me. I already have an idea set, just need to make art for it!

  4. Submission: Help! Someone stole a bag of credits. Poptropicans want you to get it back! So, you follow the thief into a quiet jungle. But, the thief was just a panda who thought the bag of credits was bamboo. As a reward, you will earn 500 credits!
    Pink Panda

    1. Nice! Can u share me a link to ur doc with a drawing if u can. I u don’t want to it’s fine. share it in a doc

  5. Aight so random question I’ve been thinking about, can a player see when someone has shrunk them with the shrink ray in a common room? You used to be able to, but obviously Pop is very different nowadays, and while I do still have my shrink ray, I haven’t been able to get ahold of one of my friends long enough for us to test it. I opened my little sister’s account in a tab next to mine in the same common room to test it. On her account’s end she didn’t shrink, but the system didn’t like it much, the two players were laggy and half the time they didn’t show up for the other, so I can’t be sure that’s an accurate test. It would be far cooler to go around shrinking folks if they can see it, even if it’s a temporary effect, particularly since it doesn’t affect their jump height or anything so it’s merely a fun visual. Feels rather lonely if I’m the only one who can see it.

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