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Community is where you can find places to connect with other Poptropica fans online, through conversations, creations, and more. Whether you’re a new or longtime player, the Poptropica fandom welcomes you!

💬 Chat Server (Discord) »

The PHC, or Poptropica Help Chat, is a fun, safe space for meeting friends (including PHB staff) and hanging out to talk about anything.

🎨 Fan Art (DeviantArt) »

Admire the creations of Poptropica fan artists who draw from scenes in-game or even create their own original characters (OCs); plus, make and share your own work!

💻 Fansite Directory »

A directory of web links all over the Poptropica fandom community, including PHB sites, Creators’ official sites, VIP sites, and more.

🎁 Free Poptropica Membership »

Want to become a Poptropica member for FREE? We’re giving away a free month of membership to one lucky Poptropican every month!

👫 Friend Finder »

Looking for more friends to add on Poptropica? The Friend Finder lists usernames of interest, plus you can share yours for others to add!

🕹 Game Guides »

You can meet and challenge Poptropicans in multiplayer rooms, but if you want to win, you’ll want to brush up on these tips and tricks on how to win the games!

📰 Magazines »

Browse through the archives of The POPCORN, a giant mixture of Poptropica stories, artwork, island ideas, and loads more from the imaginations of Poptropica fans!

😁 Poptropica Help Blog (PHB) »

Right here on this very site, you’ll find tons of Poptropicans reading the blog and sharing thoughts in the comments. Plus, we often host parties, contests, and other fan events!

🎏 Tribes »

Learn about and join one of the eight tribes of Poptropica!

🐦 Twitter »

Follow @Poptropica_Help on social networking site Twitter to keep up with what’s going on around Poptropica with links to PHB and Creator’s Blog posts.

📹 Videos (YouTube) »

Subscribe to our YouTube channel (username: MyPoptropicaHelp) and stay tuned for our Poptropica Help Videos, plus other videos in organized playlists!

🌟 Keep on popping on, Poptropicans! 🌟

17 thoughts on “Community”

  1. The Poptropica community is full of amazing people with joy and passion to share. Get plugged in with the platforms listed above, and share about your favorite parts of the Poptropica community in the comments below! 😀

  2. I have a problem. I know i should’ve addressed this years ago but i was small. Back when the Arabian knights map came out, i played halfway through it and then went into the multiplayer room. Spent about 5 mins there and when i left the game froze and i had to restart it. But when i did, the game had lost my character and replaced me with a female one. (the name stayed the same and i had all of my items). I continued playing the game with the female character but i want my male character back. Just to note i haven’t played this game in years (my fav game in the world!!!) i’m 15 BTW . The female character was also in the multiplayer chat room so she probably has my character. Please contact me to help me.

    1. I really dunno about the thing with Arabian Knights, although, I do have a sort of solution to your char. gender problem. Simply go and use any of the ASGs that are in the “Glitching” page. The steps on using them are on there. 😉

    1. Oh yeah, they’re curently being SUIed for the time being. Although, they can still be accessed through the old island transporter including the ones that were originally non-SUIs. (But I forgot where the link is, probably should be uploaded in the Glitches page along with the old-friends page transporter.)

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