Proving that good things come in small packages, the Nanobots are programmed for victory. Will you help them execute the gold-medal download?

official tribe colors:ย pink & white

Common room

~thanks toย Poptrickiaย for the image! click to enlarge.


The award for best interactive element among all the tribe rooms might just go to the Nanobots for their beatmixer machine! On the second floor, you can select the desired volume for the kick, snare, hi hat, and clap sounds, as well as the tempo (speed/BPM).

However, the floor above that is where all the magic happens. Click to turn a square from blue to red (and vice versa). A blue bar will move horizontally across the board of squares, and all the red squares will make a sound corresponding to the row they’re in. Make sure your volume is turned up so you can listen to your jam! You can change the sequence as much as you like to keep mixing music.

Creatingย nanobots or locating Frankenstein’s brain…

Check out this gallery of Nanobots concept art from the PHB’s Daily Pop sneak peek archive, plus take a look at the Nanobots’ beatmixer music-maker in action!

According to a 2012 post on the Creators’ Blog, the Nanobots have the best overall scores in the Poptropolis Games. Go go Nanobots!

visit ourย Tribesย page to learn more about the other tribes!ย ๐Ÿ™‚
fancy yourself as a Nanobot? show your support in the comments below!


599 thoughts on “Nanobots”

      1. No.
        I am a member of the Black Flags.
        Nanobots is my next favorite
        Flying squid
        then Wild-fire
        then Nightcrawlers

      2. Honestly, what’s your problem? This is a video game for kids. Why does it matter which Tribe is best? Is there really any true measure of which Tribe is “best”? You are simply stating an opinion. On matters of which is better or worse, there is no true answer, as an opinion cannot be proven and is rarely universally shared. Like a very intelligent human being once said: “A fool tells you what he will do; a boaster what he has done. The wise man does it and says nothing.” Try being the wise man for once.

      3. Please don’t say that. No offense, but that’s rude. Besides, why did you say that?๐Ÿ˜ก

      1. me 2,i am in nanobots,and so is my sister(though i think she joined the nanobots for that pink outfit

  1. Kinda cool ๐Ÿ˜€
    I belong to the Black Flags. What do you belong to Fishy?

    Slanted Fish: Flying Squid! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Go Pathfinders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have beaten every island. friend me, my username is polymon1

      1. Wildfire FTW I beat Poptropolis Games 4 times, and I’ve completed every single Island. Also, are we gonna chat on the PHC?

    1. Power goes outโ€ฆ. Nanobots are helplessโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ Pathfinders walk in destroy all the stuffโ€ฆโ€ฆ Nanobots watch helplesslyโ€ฆโ€ฆ. You get the idea. PATHFINDERS FTW!!!!!!!!!

      Sent from my iPod

      1. Nanobots are awesome! Haven’t u seen the common room! It is off the hook! ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Gentle Spinner, I believe we have heatd enough, even the members go to the Black Flags because you won’t hush

        *loads up cannonball*
        *goes so high a star falls on brave tomato*
        BT puts little star on cheek*
        Hits pathfinders
        PAth finders are helpless
        Super Thunder and the others escape

        You write stupid comments and is swept away by the water
        you get carried away to my foe, Captsin Crawfish.

      1. I have to say, the common room is really cool. I’m just worried that if I join the tribe, the electricity will go off. I dont want to be helpless. PATHFINDERS FTW!!!!!!!

      1. Oh,you’re back.
        Well…BLACK FLAGS FTW!!!!!!,I have completed all the islands and my user is knucklehead5249 and I’m a member with almost 2000 friends (1845) ๐Ÿ™„ so I’m the best.

      2. Yes, I’m back. You do realize that this is the Nanobot page, not the Black Flags page. And yes, I will agree that you are the best at being a knucklehead5249. PATHFINDERS FTW!!!

    1. One wire gets broken in the music machine…….. It blows up…… Nanobots are crying because their only toy is broken…….. PATHFINDERS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Nanobots use their electrical powers to shut down Pathfinder’s pathfinding machines to shut down permanently…they also rebuild the nanobot machine….the nanobots have undergone misery by being the 2nd least popular…but it used it’s strength and won more,and more,and more than every other tribe! Don’t risk your lives against it!

      2. The Pathfinders are people who show a path. We are the ones who are going to lead Poptropica to victory and no bees or robots are going to stop us! PATHFINDERS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Friend me my username is polymon1. Besides, Sticky Clown, the pathfinders do not have pathfinding machines. They have the pathfinding skills in their genes! I’m willing to risk my life against robots,bees,squids(No offense, Slanted Fish)and worms.

      3. Well ,Black Flags will shoot their cannonballs and will block your path….
        Eventually, one will fall on YOU. ๐Ÿ˜›

      4. We find the path to the Black Flag territory and drop a nuclear bomb before they shoot those lousy old-fashioned cannons.

        Courtesy of White Paw.

      1. Ha thats funny! Heres one about the yellowjackets,the tribe that Strange Clown is in.
        What did the guy in Flying Squid say to Strange Clown?(No offence, she’s the only Yellowjacket I could think of)

        “You are a humbug!”

      1. *Super Thunder and Perfect Dolphin come in leading a army of Pathfinders**Nanobots get overwhelmed and they rescue me**We march off with victory and stolen credits while Nanobot factory blows up behind us with Pathfinder logo in the air* PATHFINDERS FTW!!!!!!

      2. *keeps dancing*
        Raymond: Wilbur, don’t say bad words! *saves Gentle Spinner*

      3. Yes, I am a Nanobot. Of course Rust in Peace! I haven’t showered myself for 2 weeks! I’m filthy!

      1. Okay, nanobots. We MUST wash many times a week, not no showers for two weeks. Also, Wilbur said that he did not shame the nanobots.

      1. Haha Funny thing is, after you told me that you threw up on me(gross) I actually was feeling kind of sick in real life. *you get run over by a tank manned by Pathfinders*

      2. *I use a pearl and float into LA* *I pop right next to you on the boardwalk* *you jump on the Ferris wheel and ride it up* *at the very top it breaks and stops moving* *cheetahs gather around the Ferris wheel*

  2. Nanobots room is cool but the PEOPLE of pathfinders are like, way cooler!
    (but Gentle Spinner, you don’t have to freak out on every tribe page that Pathfinders is cool in at least 10 exclamation marks because all of us know–and you guys should know.)

    1. I’m agreeing with supernicewhitepaw, and I had stopped using that catchphrase because I realized it was getting super annoying. So if you read it, just ignore it. Sorry.

  3. BLACK FLAGS AND WILDFIRE FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. and then…. *I kick you all in the shin* and we dont just have old timey cannons, we have swords,fists, guns…. more swords ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Well, Pathfinders can’t find their paths if….
    Flying squid has their squids suck them.
    Wildfire burns them to a crisp
    Yellow jackets sting them
    Black Flags shoot some cannons at them
    Night-crawlers worm minions eat them
    Seraphim flies them away to an ice berg with a hungry polar bear
    Nanobots hook them up to a wire so the pathfinders can be their slaves

    What’cha gonna do now??

      1. At school, there are emergency toothbrushes. So he take it and his teeth are as shiny as his name! Ha!

      2. But he didn’t have his backpack and lunch with him! How is he going to study at school?

      3. *facepalm* How did you get in this role play? *you disappear* *SK becomes normal* *he realize that this is Sunday and goes back to bed* *his mom kicks him out the door because he’s late for his football coaching classes*

      4. *trys to sneak in back window* *falls off window sill and into mud* *his dog chases him out of his yard because he doesn’t recognize him* *he walks down yard and sees his girlfriend walking down the sidewalk torwards him*

      5. *SK wakes up in his clothes*
        SK: What happened?
        *I come*
        Me: I don’t know. Your mom’s mean, right?
        SK: Maybe.

      6. *SK calls for his mom* *lights turn off* *SK panics and jumps forward* *European visitor hears glass shattering, he starts screaming because he thinks the snakes broke it* *Lights turn back on* *SK is in the snake tank* P.S. MK, why are you protecting SK? Are you his sister or something? P.P.S. This is so funny, Iโ€™m going to write a sum-up and post it on Off-Topica, maybe. P.P.P.S. This is the longest comment Iโ€™ve ever written.

      7. *teleports myself to zoo* Guys, I’m trying to help SK. *walks to SK*
        SK: Oh, she’s the one for me!
        Me: Just pay attention to where your mom’s going! *walks him to the reptile house and yells at people blocking my way*
        *GS and Kitty grab me*
        Me: But I was trying to help him!
        *These guys let go of me* *sees boyfriend on the ground rolling*
        *gasps* Oh my gosh! Are you okay?
        CK: I got wrapped up by snakes. I was waiting for you to help.

      8. *MK doesn’t help her boyfriend* *snakes eat him* *SK comes out of snake tank* *he goes out and sees his mother* *SK tries to see her,but the place where she is is private and you have to have a pass to get in*

      9. *boyfriend comes back to life and zookeeper traps the snakes* *CK gives me a pass and we both walk out* Guys, I was helping.

      10. *wakes up from dream in Billards in RTV Island* *boyfriend comes with Kitty and GS*
        Me: *sees these guys* I was helping you guys.
        *SK comes*
        SK: Thanks for leading me to my mother. You helped all of us.

      11. *wakes up from dream at Billards again* *grabs the prank cans and uses them to prank you guys* *all your weapons fall in the lava pit*

      12. *comes back to life and teleports back up from the pit* *you try to kill me but I teleport really, really, far from you*

      13. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        *wakes up from dream still having my powers* Okay, guys. It’s all over. *uses gangsta’s bling to clear everything* *comes back wearing armor so strong that I am very hard to kill*

      14. No. *steps back from the atomic bomb* *it explodes but I use my flying power to get over the clouds* *lands safely* Enough with the fighting. *grabs the boombox from my house and turns it on*

      15. *climbs back up the trapdoor* *takes the net and uses it as a trap* *you guys try to chase me but you get trapped* *all your weapons fall out of the trap*

      16. *a club falls on you and you get knocked out* *we escape the net* *we take you to a mental hospital* *’doctor,this girl is mad.put her in a straitjacket* *they throw you in a room and strap you in a straitjacket*

      17. *SK rescues me*
        SK: She ain’t mad! *gets me out of straitjacket*
        Me: Thank you! Okay, guys. *turns on boombox and everyone dances*

      18. *wakes up from dream*
        *sees SC and GS* Guys, I have a surprise. *walks out of house and sees chicken on street* (I didn’t do it, some guy did.)

      19. *wakes up from dream* Oh, man! I have another surprise- *you guys come out and see lots of friendly puppies*

      20. *SK comes back and saves me from the slemmer*
        SK: She did nothing bad!
        Me: *comes back* Who wants the ball? Fetch! *throws ball at puppies* You catch it, you get this! *holds up bone*

      21. *wakes up from dream* Finally! *sees SC and GS on the other side* *this time I cross the street legally* I have a surprise for you both- *we walk to Billards and see Hippie Man*

      22. *shouts at people throwing tomatoes at him* STOP IT! *they stop and go home* *wakes up from dream* Guys, I have a surprise. *turns into Nyan Cat*

      23. *SK comes back, turns me back to normal*
        SK: There you go, girl. *puts on pumpkin head that scares the Nyan Dog away*
        Me: Whew. Guys, I want to show you something. *I open Billards door and you guys see all the contestants of RTV but the creators*

      24. *Shiny Kid comes back and saves me*
        SK: *launches calming potion to the Great Booga*
        Me: You know what? *turns on boombox and everyone dances*

      25. *but I come back to life and teleport out of SC*
        Shiny Kid: Okay, Meg. Now you’re safe. Let’s get out of here! *launches calming potion to SC* *wears pumpkin head that scares GS away*
        Me: *looks at watch* Dang. *walks away*

      26. *you look in a mirror and get so freaked out by the pumpkin mask, you accidentally jump into the pit from earlier* * meanwhile, me and SC are coming back with a tank
        โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–‘โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆ ]โ–„โ–„โ–„โ–„โ–„โ–„โ–„โ–„
        โ—ฅโŠ™โ–ฒโŠ™โ–ฒโŠ™โ–ฒโŠ™โ–ฒโŠ™โ–ฒโŠ™โ–ฒโŠ™. โŠ™โ–ฒโŠ™.โ–ฒโŠ™ / \ *

      27. *comes back to life and teleports out of the pit* *takes off the pumpkin mask and hops in the tank* Okay, guys! *turns on boombox* *lava pit dissapears*

      28. *comes back to life and teleports out of the pit*
        *meanwhile, me and SK come back with a giant tank that runs over the bunny and your tank*

      29. *computer is fixed* *wakes up from dream again* *finds myself in the reptile house in the zoo from later*
        SK: Hey, Meg.
        Me: What happened?
        *soon SC and GS come in and grab me*
        Me: Hey…
        *they let go of me* *soon all the snakes escape from their cages* *we all run away from the reptile house*

      30. Can we end this story? I think it’s getting too long. (I’m not trying to be rude)

      31. Also, I am NOT just Muddy Kid, I changed my name to Muddy Kid the Power Retro.

      32. Just as an FYI, Pirates will rule over explorers any day. GO BLACK FLAGS!!!!!! *I kidnap all tribe leaders and they wake up tied to the mast of the black flags pirate ship. boom! Literallly! I aim a cannon at you all!! and… BOOOMMM!!!*

      33. *I already teleported all the people and myself in a hiding place before the cannonball hits us*

      34. *We build a gigantic Nanobot ship together and then shoot a cannonball at your Black Flags ship*

      35. *rewinds* SC… I thought you were a Nanobot, because I saw your previous Nanobots vs. Pathfinders conversation with GS.

      36. *I suddenly come back to life and become so enraged, my skin turns red and I grow taller than you* *I pick you up and eat your head for what you did to me with Gentle Spinner* *burp*

      37. *I use my telekinesis to lift those anvils before they smash me* *I throw them right at you, lift you up, and shake you extremely hard many times*

      38. *I throw you down to the ground* *You turn around and see Shiny Kid very angry at you about what you did to me, and he starts beating you up*

      39. (reply to SC) *I was actually a robot in disguise* *I come back to life and shock you, also causing your computer to explode*

      40. It’s not over yet!
        *breaks out of the room so enraged, I become a monster and pick you up, shaking you extremely hard, then I throw you down into the lava pit*

        THE END

        Nailed it.

      41. Oh, yeah?
        *I teleport away from you just before you pull me into the pit* *A fire resistant animal comes and eats you up* *I come back, with fire resistant power*

        There. Now that’s THE END. Bai

      42. *I turn into the fire resistant animal and escape* * I throw you into the lava pit along with some TNT* *BOOM*


      43. *before you throw me in, you noticed that I have teleported far away from you, so the lava pit has grown bigger and you fall in with your TNT*

        There. End of Story.

      44. *You escape from the lava pit and again see Shiny Kid angry at you* *he chokes you to death*

      45. No more games, Miner.
        *when you turn around, I am not anywhere, and then you fall to the ground and I reappear* *you try to attack me but I teleport away* *an anvil falls on me but I lift it with my telekinesis and the anvil hits you*

        Ok. Now that’s THE END. Bai. Get it? Bai.

    1. Reply to Shiny Kid: You’re not detailed enough. The thing is… other tribes are nice so we CAN find our path:). But they’re not nice, but you still did not have the continuation:

      We all take the squids back for dinner
      We use the fire to cook the squids
      Bees all die because their barbed stings are caught in our bodies
      We find the path to the hospital
      We find the path to the Black Flag territory and drop a nuclear bomb before they shoot those lousy old-fashioned cannons
      Worm minions are fed to squids (who are dead, but whatever)
      We feed half the squids to the hungry polar bear (other half for our dinner)
      We eat or dinner, we become fat
      We’re so heavy the wire broke!

      1. If you’re so heavy the wire broke, shouldn’t that be a lie? I mean, you’re the PATNFINDERS. Shouldn’t you be in shape? (I wasn’t trying to be mean)

      2. If you eat all the squids Flying Squid can give you, you would obviously be heavy. Gee. (not trying to be mean, but just justifying my point and keeping my reply-poem cool) ๐Ÿ˜€

      3. Gosh should I be a pathbot or nanofinder? My first poptropica account is a nanobot and my second one is pathfinder. The first became a pathfinder and the second became a nanobot. and my third still can’t decide. Hm? (ROTFL)

  5. Pathfinders FTW & Black flags FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I friended you gentle spinner !!!!!! DO YOU LIKE MY GRAVATAR (wolf picture I.D. thing) ?

      1. thanks! I’m 13, I’m probably going to be a pathfinder by the time you read this!!! I’ve been changing tribes a lot lately and I think this ones write!!! (never been a nanobot)

  6. Once,in Europe,near Sweden and Norway,people thought that the earth was flat,and did not travel too far,because they were scared of falling off it’s edge.But there were three brave explorers- Fenrir,Jonathan,and Zlatos. They thought that the earth was round,and set out to explore it.Their relatives gave them their best wishes,and hoped they came back alive.

    Fenrir steered the ship southeast.One week later,they saw land in the distance.It was the country of China!Jonathan took the honour of being the first to set foot on it.Suddenly the ground under him collapsed,and he horribly fell to his doom and died in a ravine. His two friends tremendously grieved for what seemed like ages.but they went and saw the Chinese Emperor himself!

    The emperor felt sorry for both of them,so he gave them some exclusive treasure from the marvelous country.The two friends’ spirits lifted up a little,but not completely.They went back to their ship and started to steer it. Zlatos steered it North west,and went to where Seattle would be in a few centuries!Unfortunately,Red Indians lived there,and they didn’t appreciate travelers invading their land.

    They started chasing the duo.Fenrir was too slow,and was killed by them. Zlatos felt even more grieved.How could this have been?He sailed off in a direction no one has found till today,and he landed in Rome!Now,if you may know,Rome is the capital of Italy,and was also a home of Italian food.In one hour,he was taking a tourist trip through the ancient Parthenon,after eating a buffet of pizza (too much anchovies) ,pasta,(too much veggies) and lasagne (too much perfection).

    He had a successful trip through the city and soon went back on his ship.He was ready to go back home and scoff in his favourite manner at his friends and relatives that there was no such thing as the edge of the earth.He had learnt that it was round!He was so high and mighty looking to himself.The only problem was,he didn’t get to tell them that.

    His ship fell off the edge of the earth.

    The End.

    1. hi. Please note that i'm made of chocolate,so that means i'm edible. PLEASE DON'T EAT ME because i'm actually your candy god angel. but you can call me magic snowball since that;s my poptropican's name is. says:

      wow cool story Sticky Clown!!

      1. hi. Please note that i'm made of chocolate,so that means i'm edible. PLEASE DON'T EAT ME because i'm actually your candy god angel. but you can call me magic snowball since that;s my poptropican's name is. says:

        lol ๐Ÿ™‚
        path finders is cool??

  7. hi. Please note that i'm made of chocolate,so that means i'm edible. PLEASE DON'T EAT ME because i'm actually your candy god angel. but you can call me magic snowball since that;s my poptropican's name is. says:

    Song for nano bots
    beep beep boop boop
    we are small
    very small
    but that does not mean
    were that to defeat
    Were programed to win!
    and were gonna win for sure!
    yeah oh oh beep boop

    1. lol cool song magic snowball! (hi. Please note that I’m made of chocolate, so that means I’m edible. PLEASE DON’T EAT ME because I’m actually your candy god angel. but you can call me magic snowball since that’s my poptropican’s name is.) And awesome name!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. hi. Please note that i'm made of chocolate,so that means i'm edible. PLEASE DON'T EAT ME because i'm actually your candy god angel. but you can call me magic snowball since that;s my poptropican's name is. says:

        thanks! add me as kkool223

  8. Pathbots! Pathbots! Pathbots! FTW!
    Nanofinders! Nanofinders! FTW!
    Yellowflags! Blackjackets! Pathflags! Blackfinders! Nanojackets! Yellowbots! Yellowfinders! Pathjackets! Flyingbots! Flyingfinders! Flyingjackets! Flyingflags! Nanosquid! Pathsquids! Wildcrawlers! Nightfire! Flying Crawlers! (flying CRAWLERS!?) Nightbots! Nanocrawlers! Pathcrawlers! Nightfinders! Flyingsquid!!!
    XD completely random indeed.

  9. hi. Please note that i'm made of chocolate,so that means i'm edible. PLEASE DON'T EAT ME because i'm actually your candy god angel. but you can call me magic snowball since that;s my poptropican's name is. says:

    i’m just making up random songs for the tribes! Add me as: kkool223

    1. hi. Please note that I’m made of chocolate, so that means I’m edible. PLEASE DON’T EAT ME because I’m actually your candy god angel. But you can call me magic snowball since that’s my poptropican’s name is.
      Add me!

  10. hi. Please note that i'm made of chocolate,so that means i'm edible. PLEASE DON'T EAT ME because i'm actually your candy god angel. but you can call me magic snowball since that;s my poptropican's name is. says:

    I think purple robots would be nice

  11. EVERYBODY! Stop all your fighting and face the fact! Nanobots is the awesomest tribe! Always have been the best tribe, always will be the best tribe.
    NANOBOTS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. hi. Please note that i'm made of chocolate,so that means i'm edible. PLEASE DON'T EAT ME because i'm actually your candy god angel. but you can call me magic snowball since that;s my poptropican's name is ( add me as kkool223) says:

    okay I will add you!

      1. hi. Please not that i'm made out of candy,so that means i'm ediable. PLEASE don't eat me because i'm actaully your candy god angel but you can call me magic snowball since that's my poptropican's name (add me as kkool223) says:

        thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Director snowball is having fun today at the pool in the secret nanabot hide out where only nanabots know where it is. says:

    P.S Sticky clown, are you the unofficial leader of the nanobots?

  14. Birdy, birdy flying high,
    dropped a message from the sky,
    and what did that message say,
    NANOBOTS WILL WIN TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Turn on the radio, what do you hear?
    You hear nanobots, nanobots give em a cheer!
    we’re gonna beat them,
    bust them,
    that’s our custom,
    GO NANOBOTS!!!!!!!!

    Just some songs from my sports team at school. I have WAY more.

  15. Dear Tribes,

    Please forgive my comrade, Gentle Spinner of the Pathfinders for the rude comments. I know that pathfinders is 1 of the tribes with the least members. but I want to highlight something else.
    The creators only created tribes for fun, but i think we got the wrong idea by making fun of other tribes. In my honest opinion, they should delete the tribes and give poptropolis a similar but diffrent plot. (like poptropicans against invaders or something, just saying. I think thatโ€™s a weak plot too.). *salutes poptropicans with no tribe* Iโ€™ve been to all the tribesโ€™ common rooms and theyโ€™re all as nice.I stand beside all poptropicans fighting for peace and are against tribal war.

    Yours truly,
    Friendly Lion of the pathfinders, flying squid, wildfire, seraphim, yellowjackets, black flags, nightcrawlers and nanobots.

    p.s. Thanks for reading it. Iโ€™m honestly a neutralist, so the order of the tribes is just by coincidence.

      1. Girls, girls – you’re both very, very pretty. Can you guys stop bickering now? x puts a box of make-up in both their hands x

      2. I’m only going to accept this box of cattle excreta if there’s a bomb hidden in it. That’s one of my rules when it comes to make-up.Never liked it,never will like it.

        But I do like bombs,so…

      3. Rasuke: Uh… x thinking x Adsuke…PLEASE tell me you ACTUALLY put a bomb in there…
        Adsuke: x thinking x I know what Rasuke’s thinking… I so did. x smirks x
        Sasuke: x reading Adsuke’s thoughts. Smirks. Thinking x I love you, Adsuke!
        Itachi: x thinking x A BOMB?! Oh great. After that – we’ll all have a TEA PARTY!
        Sasuke & Rasuke: x can’t hold back their laughter x B…B-B-B-BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! x falls on the ground laughing x AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHH!
        Adsuke: x face palm x
        Itachi: It’s a pressure bomb. Don’t open it or else it will go–
        Rasuke & Sasuke: x immediately get up and shout x KA-BOOOOOOOOM! BAHAHAHAHAH! x falls on the ground again laughing x AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHH!
        Adsuke: x thinking x Those bakas…

    1. Adsuke, did you say tea party? Because I think you awoke the monster.

      *The ground shakes, and a giant popular Viner rises out of the ground*


  16. Nightcrawlers rullleeee!!!!! Being bait, we will lead you guys to the wrong path and then we will win!!!!!

    1. This is what I have to say about your comment, Jumpy Bear. *Feed your tribe to the sharks at booga bay* There. All done.

  17. Um, Fishy, the offical colors are PINK and white, not Red and black

    Slanted Fish: Alright, it’s been updated. The jersey is pink & white; the logo is red & black. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Wildfire’s song:
    We are each a Phoenix waiting to be released.
    Look inside your self and believe
    That you are different and special
    So be yourself.
    We will win! Don’t give up!
    Try hard and look up.
    Because WILDFIRE RULES! =)

    1. A short story about Nanobots:

      It was a windy night in Steamworks Island…even through it was night. The stars sparkled in the dark sky which embraced the Earth. The moon shined on Naomi’s face. ‘How very peculiar.’ She thought. It was very laconic despite the hassle her 3 brothers (Ned, Nico and Noah) had caused. Naomi was happy where she was. Her island was ruled by the very sweet, kind-hearted and giving one and only Queen…Queen Nora. Her Highness Queen Nora cared for her people more than a greedy merchant would for every last jewel of the world. Naomi was very joyed she had a sincere Queen ruling over the entire island. Everyone loved their island. Of course; Queen Nora had connections…a bright light was seen. The light had formed an even brighter figure of a man in a white and blue dress. He had leaves in his hair unlike all of Naomi’s people and friends who had steam-punk outfits. The light then faded and the man was solid once again.
      “Who are you? Why are you wearing a dress? Why do you have leaves in your hair? Why are you–”
      “You ask too many questions. I am Hermes; Messenger of Gods. What I am wearing is NOT a dress. It is a ROBE. In my culture; it is crucial to wear leaves in your hair. Now, then…may I see the Queen?” He asked. How strange…a man with LEAVES in his hair?! A man wearing a DRE–err…ROBE instead of a steam-punk suit?
      “You are talking about me, yes?” A woman with a soft, regal and husky voice asked from behind…HERMES. He turned around and Queen Nora and her big, sincere smile.
      “Good to see you too, Nora!” He said.
      “You don’t usually visit often, Hermes. Is there something important that is in needing of discussion right away?” Queen Nora asked.
      “Not…IMPORTANT as such, more of…a gargantuan competition in the whole Poptropica! Your island has been nominated to participate! Cook up a team, Nora. The competition takes place in Poptropilis Island. I hope to see a team of your island, Nora!” He said; disappearing into thin air.
      “…A team? A competition?” Naomi asked.
      “Yes. Yes, indeed. I shall think of a worthy name. You, my dear, may inform the people. If you don’t mind, that is.” She said.
      “Oh, no, no. Not at all. I can inform people!” Naomi said with exhilaration.
      “Thank you, my child.” The queen said; taking off.


  19. Beginning of the Wildfire:
    “It was a crystal clear night on Mythology Island. Everyone had gone to sleep… except for a girl named Rebecca. She was reading when she heard a noise. It wasn’t just a tiny noise like the last crackle of a fire or a mouse skittering across the floor. No, it was a loud rumble like thunder. Strangely, Rebecca was the only person to hear it. She decided to investigate. Athena had given her the power to fly so Rebecca silently opened the window and flew out. She heard the noise again and turned around in the direction she heard it. She saw an enormous volcano and flew two inches closer. It felt the same so she kept going until she was directly over the volcano. Then she noticed that she was being sucked, ever so slowly, into the volcano. She peered down and saw Athena herself in the volcano. Without thinking, she rushed in. Only when her feet touched the bottom of the volcano did she realize what she had done. She screamed and flew up until she was out and then she rested on the nearest cloud. She looked up, and she saw Athena on the next cloud. Athena said, ‘Rebecca, you are going to start a tribe. There will be a contest to see which tribe is best. It is called the Poptropilis Games. Call your tribe the Wildfire in honor of that volcano. Please, do it, or Hades will kill us!’ With that, Athena vanished. Rebecca turned to the volcano then she looked at her house. She narrowed her eyes and said, ‘Long live the Wildfire!’ and went to the Poptropilis Games.”
    That is the story of the Wildfire. WILDFIRE FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. If it’s something you made, good job. If it’s something somebody else made, good job to them. Still, long live the Nanobots!

  20. a song on nanobots we will overpower you we may be small but we rule when it comes to the poptropious duel ah yes typos in the program they include other tribes we will we will we will delete your program progress downloading nanobots win overall and done

  21. Newks


    Not catching viruses

    Octopus NO

    Being the gold medaillion holders

    Out of reasons to loose or join


    Simply perfect

  22. I really like nanobots and pathfinders but Iโ€™m sad ๐Ÿ˜ž because the arguments and fights itโ€™s ok if I keep seeing those but I really wanna stop the fights and arguements

    SC and Gentle Spinner pls reply if you agree

    1. There are disagreements about which tribe is superior, but I don’t think we have legit arguments among each other. The conversation usually doesn’t get out of hand. I think it’s okay as long as we’re still respectful.

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